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  1. I went to a Minnesota camp with Melvin Douglas as a guest coach and I would not have been half the wrestler I was in high school without the duck under. Melvin is the guy who sparked that interest. He had some nasty stuff he did with duckunders. Regular duck, misdirection duck, set ups for high crotches and sweep singles, etc....such a great move. My team drilled the duck under just as much as we did doubles and singles. The thing I love so much about it is it can make a slow wrestler fast. Once you have that muscle memory and have the "feel" for it, you can hit it lightning fast. I'm not so high about the"super-duck". It just seems like one of those moves that coaches should not be teaching new wrestlers. Kind of like a spadel...a new kid sees a stud hit it and then they go out trying it all the time. Maybe it's just me because I could never hit it.
  2. Just to add to Pinnums remarks on Atlanta, it is a descent hotbed as far as youth through high school is concerned. And we are working on college. Won't be long until we have a d-1 program....possibly by 2015. And we have of hardcore fans here that will come out. I don't know why we are worrying about attendance. We could hold the event in Antarctica and it would still sell out a venue. Bring it to Atlanta. It will be great for Ga wrestling and ultimately what is good for Ga wrestling is good for wrestling in the U.S.
  3. I'm hoping for some Hawkeye magic for this match (ala Ramos over Oliver last season). I'm trying to be unbiased here so I say Steiber wins this one 4-2. If Ramos can keep from being ridden and get his escape soon he could win. That's the key really. Stay off bottom and get a takedown in regulation for the win Otto send it to overtime. If Ramos can't do that then this match will look a lot about their meetings last season: Steiber gets his TD, rides/turns Ramos, Ramos gets frustrated but still can't get away and Steiber tacks on his RT point at the end as Ramos has words with him. Hopefully I'm wrong and Ramos can win. Could be big for the meet. Go Hawks.
  4. 2009 Caldwell and Metcalf would have beat Dake IMO. Caldwell beats him by 3-4 Tds. Metcalf a little closer, but still convincingly.
  5. Thoughts and prayers go out his family. He is in heaven now, with a new body in his prime, wrestling the angels and showing Jacob how it's done. Jeff you will be missed.
  6. 1.Andrew Alton-PSU 2.Kenny Courts-tOSU Edit: first pick was taken but missed it.
  7. Well folks, it's official and confirmed: Dake vs Taylor is on! I am extremely pumped about this matchup, as I'm sure many of you are. This is the first time I have ever posted about "Dake vs Taylor". I have no dog in this fight, in fact I don't even like either of them. But I know their are many people on this board who feel very passionately about who is the better folkstyle wrestler. With the endless debates, hundreds of threads(and hijacked threads), and thousands of posts I thought I would make one of my own to end it all, for those that are so sure they have the better folk wrestler. So here is my big question: Assuming that this will be their only folkstyle meeting (Dake stays at 157), will this finally decide who is the better folkstyle wrestler? I want everyone who is so sure that their guy will win to step up to the plate and say that if Dake wins he is the better folk wrestler, and if Taylor wins he is the better folk wrestler. Who will put their money where their mouth is? Feel free to debate all you want in this thread, but step up and say that "if my guy wins I was right, and if your guy loses I will admit defeat and admit I was dead wrong." There will be no excuses after the match such as: he had a weight advantage, he had a bad day, it's early in the season, or it's only an exhibition. I will revisit this thread after the match if it takes off. Who will lay it all on the line my friends? David Taylor or Kyle Dake?
  8. No i cant name any but that is only because by the time a wrestler has made it to the UFC he has already hung up his wrestling shoes, competitively speaking, at which point they need to spend a lot of time learning BJJ and not as much time wrestling because they are already do far ahead of the field in that aspect. Josh Koscheck has stated he spends only about 10% of his time training wrestling. Jon Fitch and Jacob Volkmann are examples of this as well, as they can and do enter many BJJ/Grappling tournaments on a regular basis. But why would they enter an open wrestling tournament when their goals in wrestling have already been achieved or passed them by? It's definitely not to hone thier skills...they are already so far above the field in that aspect. Jon Jones is a little different. He did not finish his four years of college wrestling before entering MMA, and never even made it to D1. So is it that far of a stretch for him to want to hone his wrestling skills by entering a wrestling tournament, much like the names above enter BJJ tournaments? I'll ask you again, why would they let fighters under contract compete in BJJ and not wrestling? Show me something Dana has said or something in their contract which says they can not. There is none. If Jones wants to enter midlands no one except his trainer/manager will stop him.
  9. This is very good news. A lot more people can be heard, opinions can be discussed, and the details of the plan can be ironed out as opposed to pushing it through to a deadline. This is the first post I have made since the original news came out. Most posters on this forum have a very strong opinion on this matter, whether for or against it. I can say that I do not fall under either category. I am undecided. After reading dozens of articles, and hundreds of posts (literally have read about every single post, in every thread), from both sides I can honestly say I am undecided, but am starting to slightly lean toward being for it(60/40). I love my beloved NCAA individual championship the way it is, but I love college wrestling, as a whole, even more and do not want to see it fade into oblivion. I think the best thing to happen is for this thing to be tabled, for the reasons mentioned above, and then I can make a more informed decision, when all of the information and talks behind closed doors are available to the public.
  10. Exactly my point, thanks Fishbane. I could literally site dozens of instances such as this. And logically a BJJ, or any type of submission wrestling tournament, is more dangerous, or in most peoples opinion more dangerous than a folkstyle wrestling tournament. Guys, I'm just trying to be optimistic about this because this could be huge for our sport for the reason mentioned earlier. If nothing else it will bring a lot of media attention our way.
  11. Tec, As I said earlier in my posts, the UFC allows UFC fighters to compete in BJJ tournaments, and they even let them do it leading up to a fight. In fact I have heard Dana say he has no problem with such things. The risk of injury in BJJ/submission wrestling is much greater than that of folkstyle wrestling. Combat Sambo is a whole different monster. It allows striking and is basically MMA with pads, with a few different rules and scoring procedures. And the main reason Fedor did not get signed is because his managers and handlers wanted ungodly amounts of money, special privileges that no fighter in the UFC gets, and in Dana's words Fedors people were "impossible to deal with". If Jon Jones doesn't compete at Midlands it will not be due to Dana White or the UFC, it will be due to him not being able to make room in his training/media schedule, or not being at a good weight to wrestle at HW, or this being some sort of miscommunication with his trainer making it nothing more than a rumor.
  12. I think he will do fairly well if he shows up. As jerseyjoe mentioned he out wrestled Bader. He also out wrestled Vladamir Matsushenko(sp). I don't think he can win but he can definitely make the podium. As was also mentioned he walks around at 230, which isn't scrawny in today's HW field. He is also very lengthy, deceptively strong, and has very good Greco skills compared to most folk wrestlers. I think it would benefit wrestling more if Jones does not win. Your casual MMA fan thinks: "Holy crap, Jones just got beat (maybe twice). I thought he was the best in the world! These wrestlers must be tough, maybe I'll check this college wrestling thing out." Gantry: they let BJJ players fight in their weight division, as well as the unlimited division where many are giving up much more than 30-40 lbs, so I don't see it being an issue.
  13. Gantry, why do you think it is "very doubtful" that the UFC lets him compete at midlands? They let guys compete in bjj tournaments leading up to fights all the time, which they are more likely to be injured in than a wrestling tournament. Not trying to be a smart a**, just genuinely curious(maybe you know something I don't) why you think this.
  14. Man I hope he does this. Shouldn't be a problem with the UFC...they let guys compete in bjj tourneys all the time. As long as he's not fighting under another promotion, Dana is usually fine with it unless its combat sambo or something that involves striking.
  15. "wry amusement"... what a sad life you must live to be entertained by getting kicks from thinking you have one upped people over the Internet. So childish.
  16. Well I already agreed in my first post that L.A would be a good place so save me spot on the floor ocgrappler. Lol
  17. Ah, that one totally slipped my mind. I've been sick (bedridden, hospitalized, multiple surgeries) with Crohns disease off and on for years and this year will be the first wrestling season since I finally conquered my disease. (able to travel very far, work, attend church, etc) So I will definitely make the short trip up to Chattanooga for the scuffle (along with the others mentioned) as long as I don't have a relapse. That field, with the addition of Ok. State is going to make for a great tournament!
  18. Pinnum and Meadows...I'm seriously considering a road trip. I'm sure I could find some friends interested as well. I might shoot you guys a PM when wrestling season gets closer, if and when I decide for sure. I'd love to meet both of you guys for and catch some good wrestling!
  19. I'm about 45 minutes away from Collins Hill, or the "big green machine" as it is known here in Georgia. I see them often at tournaments...always at individual and dual states. They have a great program from elementary age up. I used to coach MS and to people who know what to look for, I could tell they were very well coached, well rounded, and were going to be studs in high school. Their high school team has fared quite well nationally and are a top 25 team in the nation. They do produce many great individuals and even some that go on to D1 colleges (which is rare here, but on the rise). Their dynasty started back when I was in High school in the early 2000's and they have never looked back. They are most definitely the premier team in Georgia. It would kind of be against my HS alma mater to attend a dual meet just to see Collins Hill, but if you watch Georgia HS wrestling you have seen plenty of Collins Hill.
  20. Firvewords....What is wrong with me being passionate about wrestling here in Georgia and bringing up the idea of bringing NCAA's to Atlanta, and also talking about the possible benefits it could bring for wrestling in my state? I am from north of Atlanta. I thought that was obvious in my post as I said "I am biased". What is your point? It is more expensive in general for wrestling fans to travel to Des Moines and I might not be able to go due to that fact, and that....well sucks. Sure if you live closer it's great for you because you are within driving distance. But for the rest of the country (and I'm not just talking about myself in Atlanta) it's not so easy. Fact: Des Moines is not cheap to travel to. Fact: not every wrestling fan is rich. Fact: not every wrestling fan is within driving distance of Des Moines. (or from Iowa) Guess it will take more than five words to make your point, so time to switch to your other screen name.
  21. Thank you so much brother. I truly appreciate it!
  22. Pinnum, maybe I should just fly up their to Pennsylvania during wrestling season and rent a car. I could spend a week or so (from Friday to Sunday so I could be there for two weekends) and tour the entire state, catching as many duals/tournaments as I can fit in. I would be in heaven the way it sounds. It would take some careful planning, as I do not know where places are located, but I could figure it out in advance hopefully. Heck I wouldn't mind catching some high profile High School duals in PA!
  23. The only problem I have with Des Moines is budget issues. It is so expensive to fly their. I could care less about tourist attractions, places to eat, bars etc...I'm there to see wrestling. Des Moines doesn't have as many hotel options but that is not as big of a deal as long as I can find a place with a reasonable price within either walking distance or possibly a shuttle/bus to the arena. Although I am biased, I would love to see it come to Phillips Arena in Atlanta. The main selling point is that it is a transportation hub and easy to catch flights from anywhere in the country. There are dozens of hotels for all budgets within either walking distance, or easy and fast access to the entire city via the MARTA system including right up to the arena. for those that care about the tourist aspect their are multiple attractions for all interests. I understand the "problem" that Georgia does not have any D1 programs and people might be worried about not many wrestling fans around here, but that is not the case. Their are so many people down here, like myself who are wrestling fanatics and we are on the rise, adding multiple colleges that offer wrestling, and I would not be surprised if we did not see some D1 programs being brought back/added in the next 5-10 years. Even if we don't have as many wrestling fans as other states would that not leave room for everyone else in the arena? I also think an event like this would be a catalyst and turn some colleges heads, expose them thanks great college wrestling is, and make them think "hey this wrestling thing is interesting and could be worth a try". This could possibly lead to programs being added in Georgia which would be good for wrestling everywhere. I know a lot of this might be hopeful thinking, but it couldn't hurt. My first point about travel cost and hotels nearby are obviously the main selling points, especially for those like myself where cost is a huge factor in whether they can go or not. I think having the event near the main transportation hubs in America is worth looking at. I would not be opposed to L.A, or obviously Chicago, or Atlanta which would be a dream come true for me. Make it easier for everyone around the country to travel to.
  24. Yeah interesting you mention that Mr Meadows. I always thought everyone was a wrestling fanatic in Pennsylvania. I met some girls from Philly on vacation a few years ago and they knew nothing about wrestling and had never met a wrestler in their life. What was even more surprising was that they were both entering their senior year at Kutztown college, which is a pretty dang good D2 wrestling school. But they had never met a wrestler until me.
  25. I weigh 180(ish) currently (wrestled 130 senior year of high school) so: 1986: Melvin Douglas 177 lb champion Vs 2004: Greg Jones 184 lb champion 3x champ in Jones vs 2x champ Douglas. I've only seen Douglas wrestle in freestyle so I have no clue who would win here. Douglas definitely wins in freestyle. But, since this is folk, and Jones was probably the third or fourth best wrestler of that decade I will go with Jones.
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