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  1. KTG, good call. I feel that Jeff McGinnis is often overlooked in many conversations. What he did was quite impressive, winning at a lower weight, not placing the next year, then red shirting and winning a title up two weight classes. And to add to that he defeated two very good wrestlers, and future champs in the process.
  2. Man I was trying so fast to edit that post lol, but headshuck beat me to it! I realized what I did the second I hit send. Still, we did veer off topic quickly...was this thread even ever on topic?
  3. Lol yes it was. We got so off topic I forgot who started this thread and what it was about.
  4. Oh you called me out by expecting me to go through every one of your negative posts? Sorry I have better things to do. Maybe a better word would have been "constructive". I will concede that not every single post is negative as I just read one that was not in the "NCAA des Moines" thread that wasn't. I will say that 90% of your posts are not constructive and do not contribute to the conversation. Even if I did take the time to go through and prove that your posts are negative/not constructive it would be pointless, as you would just disagree and say that "this is not negative" and "that is constructive", when in fact they are negative and are not constructive. I'm not wasting anymore time on you. I apologize to the person who started this thread by continuing to stay off topic.
  5. I said your posts were Trolling, hijacking, and yes most of them are negative. You really think I'm going to quote every one of your posts? Nice try. I'd be so depressed and annoyed my head would hurt if I had to read through all of your posts at once. It's common knowledge that you are here for trouble and to be generally malicious.
  6. Just let him keep trolling JB...the smart members will keep ignoring. While creating multiple threads on the same topic, hijacking other threads, and being generally negative (seriously every post is negative...haven't seen one positive or constructive thread/post) is quite annoying, I can live with it until he inevitably hangs himself.
  7. 133 was pretty dang stacked last year, and I could see Steiber a spot ahead of Taylor for the reasons Gonzo mentioned above. Everyone thought Oliver would dominate this weight class during preseason, but we had some studs show up( some new faces, and some vastly improved wrestlers from the previous season) and shake things up. Nothing against Taylor, just a huge strength of competition difference, which of course was not his fault.
  8. Down here in Georgia we don't have the luxury of attending very many "high profile" collegiate duals/tournaments without significant travel costs. With that being said, we are making huge strides compared to how things were 10 or even 5 years ago. I will be attending many duals at Darton college(juco), as my younger cousin received a scholarship and will be a true freshman this year (I don't mean to brag but can't help but to be proud of him, among other Georgia wrestlers who are finally getting well deserved opportunities to show what they got). Look out for Darton in the JUCO rankings....they have some studs and a great coaching staff. I also plan on attending some Appalachian St. duals to see some of our boys. Hopefully, if my finances will allow (fingers crossed), I will be able to make the trip for the Iowa (my favorite team)vs. Oklahoma St. Dual, and of course I hope to make the NCAA INDIVIDUAL tournament (both fingers crossed) as well.
  9. Thanks for your effort JT. With a more formal tournament maybe we can get more people involved. I love fantasy sports and I love wrestling so sign me up! Again your time and effort is greatly appreciated. I respect you immensely and you are one of my favorite members. Keep doing what you are doing!
  10. My 1st round picks: Cael Sanderson Mark Schultz Dave Schultz John Smith Dan Gable Jordan Burroughs Kenny Monday Nate Carr Dan Hodge Ben Peterson Chuck Jean Yojiro Uetake Ed Banach Tom Brands(Terry was disqualified for more flagrant misconduct than Tom. This one was basically an MMA fight) Lincoln Mclravy Robin Reed
  11. I really like this idea JT1. This is the first I have seen of the topic or I would have responded sooner. It will take me some time to do some research on the wrestlers that were way before my time but I will definitely vote. I'm in!
  12. Man I didn't realize Cody Yohn was already a senior! Time flies I guess. I do agree that if he keeps his head on straight he should make the podium. I'm looking forward to seeing his matches with my man Evans from Iowa. They were back and fourth last year and should be interesting to see them go at it this year, as they will likely see each other a lot. I think both will AA this year.
  13. I like Fletcher's idea. It would be nice to have a place to post where people can not hide behind anonymity and/or multiple usernames. I doubt a lot of these troll members would be so bold if that were the case. The number one rule should be the rule of thumb that I go by on the Internet: Don't make a post or comment to a person(or group of people) that you wouldn't say in public or to their face. Also, on the subject, there is a difference between a "troll" and posters like Mudflap, DF, etc...They have genuinely funny stuff and don't try ruin other people's experience. There are a lot of people who are just here to hijack threads, bait people into arguments,make other posters look bad, and are just genuinely malevolent. That is a troll IMO. I really wish something would be done about this. I would probably post more often if I didn't know for sure there was somebody waiting to cut me down so that they can sound intelligent and feel good about themselves.
  14. Also, maybe he just doesn't want to cut too much weight. Some wrestlers are better when they are not worrying about sucking down so far.
  15. Even though he's not huge for 157, he just doesn't look like he has too much body fat to spare. I'm not sure a move down would be possible. I'm just going on what I see and my experience with cutting weight and coaching it, but some wrestlers just look smaller at their optimal weight than others.
  16. http://www.amazon.com/b/?node=332040011 Just type in wrestling in the search parameter at top of page It looks like they have gone to amazon, but I got to that page from this one: http://www.ncaaondemand.com/
  17. You can order prior NCAA championship finals videos in their entirety from the NCAA website. Kinda pricey at $25 dollars a price. My two favorite "motivational" movies are the documentaries "Takedowns and Falls", which is on Netflix, and "Veritas".
  18. Varner is the man! Toughest weight class in the world: Olympic Gold. I am a proud fan of Varner because I love American wrestling. But ISU and their fans should be very proud also for producing such a beast of a talent. -from a diehard Hawkeye fan
  19. He's probably in the stabin' wagon binging on Viagra and young women. Lol Give him time people.
  20. Terry Brands vs Jesus Wilson. Most of you have seen it so I don't have to describe it to you. Brands wasn't in a huge hole but Wilson did have a decent lead (at one point) for that level of competition. The last half of the match is entirely Brands literally running at him with Jesus running away, finger poking, singlet pulling, and "5 on 2ing" him from neutral.
  21. Mental toughness. How to deal with pain and suck it up. Right after my wrestling career ended I was diagnosed with a very, painful, and life threatening disease that I am still dealing with after 4 surgeries. Had I not wrestled I have no doubt I would be dead.
  22. Zeerip and Heflin wasn't even a bad judgement call on the officials, as these others were. Zeerip was not hosed, he was sprayed down with a pressure washer!
  23. Iowa vs. Oklahoma State (the first time they met). It was a tough one to swallow for an Iowa fan but some dang good wrestling.
  24. Wow I did not know Neil deGrasse Tyson wrestled. I watch his specials on the science channel and listen to his lectures all the time. He really is one of (if not the most)the worlds most renowned astrophysicists. He is such an interesting person to listen to and learn from and I'm excited to hear that he wrestled for Harvard. If you have never heard him speak you should look him up on YouTube or the science channel. Edit: typo
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