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  1. So good to see Georgia up to six colleges,compared to the big goose egg when I was competing. Next goal: get some DIII,DII, and possibly a/some DI programs. Btw, great job compiling this list.
  2. I remember reading somewhere that Leonce Crump went on to become a preacher/Pastor at a church. Don't know how rare this is but found it interesting, as that is the same thing I ended up doing.
  3. I think they would do great. Metcalf would be a Chael Sonnen-like 145 lber. Big takedowns, big slams, insane strength, and nasty ground and pound. Simmons would be nasty too for the same reasons, perhaps even better. At 125 he would be huge, and that weight class isn't really stacked. Plus Simmons has that long lanky body which will help him in the standup and submitting people. Teach him some front chokes and he would be nasty(ala Jon Jones) at them. Ps:I'm typing this post anticipating it will get moved to the MMA section.
  4. Good stuff DF, very good stuff. Not from Iowa, but I still bleed gold and am a huge Iowa and Tom Brands fan....but I still think your stuff is hilarious. I look forward with great anticipation to reading the rest of your anti-heroic march to a state championship! (of course the silver medalist gets all honors, stands higher on the podium, and is the true state champ we all know) I have a question for you DF. What would you consider the most antiheroic act of the 2011-2012 college season? My vote would go to Jordan Oliver's Finals match. He showed his dominance by quickly taking Steiber down with that slide by in the opening minutes...and it was all downhill (or uphill, depending on your viewpoint ) for Oliver from there. He easily lets Steiber out from bottom, when we know he could have cradled and pinned him right then and there. Then with only 15 seconds left he easily gets in on Steibers legs, has both ankles with Steiber on his butt. He had a good 6 seconds to just pop his head out, which he could have easily done, but decides to take the high road and sit there so he could catch his breathe. The ending position reminded me of how a certain 1996 Olympics Gold medal match ended. Oliver was truly paying homage to his hero. "Jordidi" was born in that match and will be on a rampage next season. Can't wait to see him next year! I predict at least two self slams, at least two lung timeouts per match, and now with the new stalling rules (no stall outs...just continuous 1 pt penalties) I predict we will see the first "self tech" in college wrestling by "Jordidi". A true antihero was born that Saturday night and he will be on an antiheroic rampage next season!
  5. Ask me the same question next year. Let's wait until his career is over to see where he ranks among the Hawkeyes.
  6. Let's wait until after nationals this year to put Iowa in the "5-8" range. With that being said, Lofthouse, Ramos, Evans and Telford are going to do nothing but improve(not convinced about Gambrall improving no matter what weight). St. John will be 100%, and keep improving, and we have McDonough for one more year. Iowa will be fine next year with three wrestlers competing for titles (McDonough , St John, and Ramos) with probable AA's in Lofthouse, Telford, Evans, and Gambrall. I think we will be fine next year.
  7. Agreed SHP... "Morningstyle" sums the PSU dual pretty well!
  8. As a fellow Iowa fan JT pretty much summed up everything that's been going through my head. I won't go over each individual, but as a team they need to get their heads out of their butts. With the exception of a few matches I saw absolutely no fire in them at all this weekend. They are letting matches go to overtime that should not, not getting majors that they should, losing to guys who they should beat, getting ridden, getting bullied, not shooting at all, stalling etc etc etc. I could keep going forever. It's like they are doing the exact opposite of the "Iowa style". I am hoping and praying they will get things together. Maybe we can see one of those magical finishes like we had in the Gable days...have one or two guys come out of nowhere and win it all....then our guys who are supposed to do good pull it together, and who knows. I can only hope for the best at this point, but prepare for the worst.
  9. Lol it should be mandatory reading for every high school senior about to leave home and go out into the world.
  10. "if you win you live, you lose you die" -Tom Brands According to Tom brands DF's self slam is just as anti-heroic as Hemingway's self shot. Being a Tom Brands fan I have to agree. Truly epic antiheroism Mr DF. Lol
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