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  1. 1. Burroughs 2. Varner 3. Dlagnev 4. Metcalf 5. Scott 6. Dake 7. Pico 8. Kennedy 9. Foster 10. Stieber 11. Taylor 12. Oliver 13. Gavin 14. Russell 15. Humphrey note: the only reason I have Taylor as where he is, is because almost winning doesn't cut it
  2. Well A. Emeev got teched by an 17 year old from the U.S, and is currently Russia's number 2 guy at 66kg. He is also ranked 5th in the world by Fila. I don't put much stock in the Fila rankings, but I do put stock in Emeev being Russia's number 2 guy, and him placing second in the toughest tournament in the world: the Yarygin. Edit: My point being, we have some tough guys coming through the pipeline as well
  3. While lean during his college years, Johny Hendricks has developed a bit of a gut (for a 170lb UFC champion).
  4. Like I said, very subjective. I remember the situation armspin is talking about in the 55 kg gold medal olympic match. Khinegashvilli gets no point for his effort, but Otarsultanov gets 1 for his. I understand the tripod 1 point scoring situation, but not the appreciation/effort point, as it leaves a lot of subjectivity to the referee and mat judges. Is this rule still in place as it was before the rule change? Is it worded differently?
  5. With the old rules the pity point was awarded when "good technique" was used, but the wrestler didn't score. Is this still the case for current rules? This rule is just plain stupid and extremely subjective.
  6. Interesting, that first link kind of sounds like deal that Pico signed, except the team obviously upped the ante on a 2 time D1 champion. Thanks Tbar
  7. I think a nice car is the first thing I'd buy if I struck it rich like Johnny. Personally, I would have went with a Ferrari instead of a truck out of twisted metal, but hey, his choice. Good for him!
  8. Man I just can't see Nelson in the WWE, having to talk trash and be a bad guy. Can't really see him acting like any of the pro wrestlers.
  9. Thank you for explaining SalvatoreG. I believe I'm starting to get the picture. In a nutshell, it's a mess. I honestly had not heard about all the kids getting in trouble because I don't follow the program. Let's just hope things work out for everyone. Hopefully UNC can get a good wrestling coach, and he will run a tight ship and get things in order.
  10. If he (Gable) got on top the kid would be screwed. Give Gable a year to train modern techniques and he'd be a a NCAA champ.
  11. Ok hold up I completely misread/misinterpreted this thread. I had watched the match online and was under the impression Hooker had made the finals against Bisek...my bad...walking away with head between legs.
  12. I haven't read any other threads on this forum talking about the coaching situation at UNC, so I don't see how it's been discussed ad nauseam. I had no idea kids were showing up 20 lbs over weight with alcohol issues. I just thought UNC simply wasn't getting it done. Christ, sorry to waste 60 seconds of your day.
  13. Love it when a relatively unknown no one has heard of comes out of nowhere and beats people he shouldn't. Reminds me of the Gable days at Iowa.
  14. Interesting idea! Seems like a good resource. I'm not coaching anymore so I didn't watch the entire episode, but it seems legit. I know so many coaches at the MS-HS level who don't have that core system and therefore their program has no direction. Good luck with your venture!
  15. I know you don't go somewhere because of a coach (cardinal rule, but happens all the time), but you do buy into a program, and as an associate head coach, Kolat was a big part of "the program". So if you are a UNC fan (which I'm not...but I am a Chip Ness fan and want him to succeed at the D1 level) is this a good thing in the long run? Do you guys think there will be an entire overall, with Mock leaving as well? I don't keep up with UNC wrestling, but I do know they aren't doing well. Perhaps I could get some insight to someone more knowledgable than me. Thanks in advance.
  16. You never answered any of my questions. And don't say it's not relevant. You get into these verbal pi**ing matches in every single thread you involve yourself in. I'm trying the carrot instead of the stick.
  17. If the kid spent more time wrestling, and less complaining to the ref and making gestures to the crowd, he might have won. Edit: This guy had to have went to DF's summer camp. I suspect at the very least he will be a guest speaker/technician at this summers camp.
  18. I wonder how some of the 2014-2015 recruits to UNC feel about this. Kolat had to be a big reason why some of them chose UNC. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for Kolat. I'm just concerned because one of Georgia's (and the nations) top recruits, Chip Ness, is committed to UNC.
  19. "Mean" is a good way to describe Perry on top. Perry was coming through college when I was coaching middle school wrestling, and I remember specifically telling my wrestlers to go watch some Mark Perry, when teaching them how to ride legs. I always taught that it was ok to be mean and aggressive as long as you did it within the rules, and Perry was a good example all around for learning that. (though he did go overboard once...didn't show them that match)
  20. When you really think about it, It seems strange that the IOC will not allow OT in wrestling due to time constraints, but in other sports they do. They don't seem to worry about time constraints in sports such as tennis, ping pong, volleyball, etc..I would argue that these sports are no more popular than wrestling at the Olympics. A tennis match length can vary in a measurement by hours, but they won't give us a few minutes for the few wrestling matches that go to overtime? Baffles me...
  21. Does anyone know what "hold" he used to restrain the kid? From what I see it just looked like he doubled the kid to the ground and just held on to the double.
  22. I have some questions. They might help me, and others why you conduct yourself the way you do. I have tried to steer clear of you for the most part, but my one or two encounters with you were quite unpleasant and annoying. Superold, how old are you? Have you ever wrestled? If so, what did you accomplish during your career? Do you interact with people in the real world the way you do in these forums? If so, how do people respond? Lastly, why do you think that you win a debate by asking a lot of questions, and inevitably getting the last word in makes you the winner, as if this is a contest. You alluded to this "taking on" four other members and outlasting them as if it were a good thing, in your response to Rossel. You do realize he is not serious and views these traits as negative, do you not?
  23. I think DF has a little too much in common with Patrick Bateman. But I vote he stays.
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