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  1. Perhaps we should not do a "Jadidi photoshop tourney" this year, and instead hold a "where in the world is Abbas Jadidi" tourney, in hopes of finding him.
  2. It wasn't that long ago that Flo was comparing itself to ESPN. I'd imagine that ESPN turns a bigger profit than Netflix. So if they, themselves, are comparing their company to such a large revenue company, why can't I?
  3. Great point HuskerDu...it takes a certain amount of critical thinking skills to understand it, but his humor and "anti wrestling" statements are very relevant to the sport of wrestling. Sure some posts are just funny(which also take a bit of critical thinking to get), but in a lot of his posts he is making valid points about our sport, you just have to use your head a little bit to find the real point he is trying to make.
  4. Exactly potdangerous. I have been a Netflix subscriber for years. If they can turn a profit at 8 bucks a month flo can too. If flo got it down to 8 bucks I would subscribe, but not at 20. This has nothing to do with cable bills to watch NCAA's, or paying to go to see a movie at a theatre. This is an online service from a company that claims to be "all about the wrestling". Add that to the horror stories about service issues substandard commentating and it is certainly not worth the price....Not even close for me.
  5. He and his father must have loved those tough Wednesday conditioning practices. Hump dayyyy!
  6. Sounds great...too bad it's behind flo's greedy wall of sh**...I meant pay wall.
  7. ^I saw him hit that last night. Wow! Romero looked just as athletic as he did 10-15 years ago in freestyle. And he looks better each time he steps in the cage, fighting against a tougher opponent each time. That's pretty rare for someone his age who is not on PEDs.
  8. Happy Easter! That is some awesome photoshopping! Btw, medicine I have not forgotten about the awesome Avatar you made for me. I'm saving it for my 1000th post!
  9. In a perfect world I would like unlimited OT as well, but with the IOC I just don't see that happening.
  10. I agree with Angryfish. If still no score after two minutes, then go to criteria, but change the criteria to last point scored so the wrestlers, coaches, and fans know who the heck is winning.
  11. Metcalf has actually done pretty well at top international tournaments. He just hasn't done good at worlds. I don't think this weight is particularly weak domestically. I just think this weight class is loaded from top to bottom on the world stage. At worlds last year this weight could be wrestled four different times, and have four completely different medalists each time.
  12. He may beat Burroughs but I don't see anyone taking his spot before 2016. Taylor and Dake may be getting better but it's not like Burroughs has plateaued. Burroughs has learned to peak for WTT/OTT and the world championships/Olympics, and I just don't see anybody getting the best 2 out of 3, AND placing higher than him at an international tournament (which would probably mean having to beat him again) to take his spot.
  13. He's a D1 national champ and two time finalist. You don't get there by being lazy. The Bubba hate in this thread is ridiculous.
  14. Metcalf seems to be the guy to beat. He hasn't faded. In fact, he's getting better and winning in dominant fashion. He's even adding new moves to his game, which is rare for someone to do at this point in their career (from America). .
  15. So much for Varner getting beat by Bergman.
  16. With a full year worth of training freestyle Ruth is going to be scary good...like world medalist good.
  17. Really glad to see McDonough doing good with his shoulder fixed and up a weight.
  18. I think Lewis would have won regardless. He had beaten the soviets number 1 guy at the weight. But that guy got hurt, so he would have had the number 2 guy. He also had wins over the top 2 guys in the world from the other countries that didn't show. Randy was the best in the world at that time and would have proved it if the other guys would have shown. I'm with MSU, in that I'm sick of people denigrating what wrestlers from 1984 accomplished.
  19. In high school I had 2.6% bodyfat and was a state placewinner. Same goes for my cousin...and he went on to wrestle in college. He had to get a special doctors note each year to certify for any weight.
  20. Hahaha please tell me that nickname is a joke.
  21. You are right, "DavidTaylorgangordie". I will fix my predictions accordingly.
  22. 57kg: Graff over Escobedo (can Graff make weight and recover in enough time? I say yes, and he will be a beast at this weight) 61kg: Scott over Colon 65kg: Metcalf over Oliver 70kg: Marable over LeValley 74: Burroughs over Taylor (no, not close) 86: Foster over Reader 97: Varner over Bergman (it's been a while since they have met, and I think Varner shows up in shape) 125: Dlagnev over Fortune
  23. Tough call...I haven't seen enough of Zain wrestle freestyle to make an educated assessment, but I will say that anyone who has not proven themselves against the top senior level competition (Metcalf, Russell, Oliver) will have their hands full against Pico. Should be interesting.
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