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  1. Great list MSU and I am indeed very excited about next season. Agree with you and Bucky...the only team you disagree on seems to be PSU. Are we sure that PSU are planning on RSing their "studs"? If so, I agree with Bucky, but of they don't they will definitely be front runners. Can anyone confirm what PSU will do with Megaludis and Retherford, and any other returners that may RS?
  2. The mustache paint smear = impetigo = the kid still didn't get to wrestle is my favorite part. Classic!
  3. Our returning national champ wrestled poorly, failing to even make it to the consi-finals. Then we had two wrestlers who were definite placers, on paper, flop and not even place in Lofthouse and Moore. In fact I thought Moore could make the finals. You just can't have three of your big guns fall apart and expect to be in the title hunt. Moving forward for next year I think we will be right there in the hunt. Gilman and Clark will fill in nicely at 125 and 133. We need Moore to not blow it at nationals again. We bring in Brooks to replace Lofthouse and he should AA. Maybe we can get some points from from Dziewa and Grothus and a possible Low AA. 157 will be weak. Evans, Burak, and Telford will be about the same with maybe a little higher place on the stand. I think we are looking good. Obviously we will need to improve on our placements, but I think we can be champs next year. we are definitely "in the mix", with a slew of other teams that could win it, should things go right for them. Penn state losing Taylor and Ruth knocks them out from being the "sure fire" favorite. Next year should be fun with so many teams in the mix.
  4. Tom Brands...hard work, nothing fancy, always moving forward and shooting, and mean as a mofo on the mat.
  5. He brought the kid down easily...no slamming or anything like that. The students said the boy hit him and one girl said he was stabbing him with a pencil. What is he supposed to do? Sit there and let the kid stab him? No harm no foul. He subdued the drug dealer with the minimum amount of force possible. I really hope he gets to keep his job. Glad to see he has the communities support.
  6. What Walter said, plus Dake has never won a hypothetical match in his career (on this forum).
  7. Already thanked you in the other thread, but thanks again and great job!
  8. Wow, this map is awesome! Job well done and thank you Hasek!
  9. Hahaha speaking of mustaches....did anyone notice that Joe Colon shaved his stache after his loss to Graff? I couldn't help but to think that Colon sold his soul for third place? He should have kept the mustache and taken a dive/defaulted to 6th place.
  10. I didn't say who raised it. I said he had it raised...and if you look closely the ref has his wrist around Jadidi's arm, when Jadidi raised his hand. Lol I'm sure someone has a still photo of what I'm talking about. (didn't you get the memo? Everone is pretending they are Superold for 24 hours and arguing every minute detail to prove they are right)
  11. Did you see how much money DF paid DSJ to take a dive after he got put out of the main bracket? Little did you know that way back in middle school DSJ attended DF's "State Champ Camp". Heck even DSJ had forgotten until he saw DF in the tunnel reminding him it was time to pay the piper. Its a shame too....Tom, Terry, and Gable chewed DSJ before his 5th place match. It took that much to keep him from pulling another Jadidi.
  12. I think the better question would be which ref, who already has a beer belly, gains the most belly weight.
  13. Jadidi did have his hand raised after the gold medal match....that usually means Olympic champ. Right? In any case Jadidi was not a wrestler who faded silently into the night, thanks to the tireless efforts of DF!
  14. I was not speaking about being proven wrong in this thread, because I, along with everyone else who are socially acceptable, dropped it when they read Mr. Maples post. Yet you continue to support what I said about you my previous thread (sociopathic behavior) by continuing to state that you are right. I was speaking in general. You think you are right all of the time (sociopathic behavior) and anyone who says differently you start a long drawn out argument about minute details. No, let me rephrase....you think you are right 99% of the time, because you will no doubt write a two page essay on the few times where you conceded a small portion of your "argument". You enjoy arguing to the point of insanity and are incapable of having a normal conversation on an Internet forum(sociopathic behavior). You do not care or have any respect for a sick person or their family. (once again, sociopathic behavior)
  15. No I didn't miss your posts Superold. It's the fact that you continued to argue your point and say that you are right, in spite of what Mr. Maple wrote, in posts after the first one in which you claimed your position. You didn't drop it after you found out. Any decent person would have done so. You are a sociopath.... And no I'm not calling a name, I'm making an observation You always think you are right, even when proven. You have no sympathy for others. You live inside your own little set of rules and think that everyone else lives in there with you.
  16. There are some things you just don't do, Superold. One of them is continuing the argument you had put forth about Maple, after his father gets on here and tells us he has a possible serious illness. It's tasteless and morally unacceptable. You know those times they teach you about in grammar school where if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all. This is one of those times. I can't believe I am having to spell this out to a grown adult, who after having no sympathy or respect whatsoever for Kendrick Maple or his father, gets upset because someone calls him a name.
  17. Matburn155


    Abas vs Bunch could be interesting. Amazing that Abas can still compete at such a high level. (even though he was quite winded last time, still pulled it out)
  18. I think a RS would be a good thing for Megaludis. He was thrown right into the fire from the get go because he was so good, but how much better would he be had he RS'd his freshman year. He has a earned a year away from the grind to just concentrate on getting better technically. Plus, his nemesis Delgado will be gone. It would be a shame to see him finish up without a national title. Would remind me of Chad Zaputil, which would be hard to swallow no matter what team you root for.
  19. Team: Northwestern Individual: Nathan Burak
  20. Wow you'd think somebody as big as flow would already have a customer service rep....heck they need an entire department. Id love to get some of their premium services, but I am honestly afraid to give them my debit/credit card number. I am not trolling or trying to put them down. I'm an honestly concerned potential customer.
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