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  1. Why do they keep showing the families/fans of the losers here in the semis? They did it to Megaludis, Realbuto, and 1 other family so far that I can't remember. Kind of wierd IMO.
  2. I didn't see a TD. Close, but no TD. Very fun match by both guys.
  3. Taffur, for reasons already mentioned.
  4. Incredible! Must have TD and he got it with half a second left and a toe inbounds!
  5. Yeah Browns entire body was off the ground after Evans popped through that Granby!
  6. Very smart match by Henderson. Good stuff!
  7. Ban, the secrets out. Rooting for your guy when he's doing good isn't going to jinx him.
  8. Colon is looking great. Ramos is letting people slow him down.
  9. I have seen these before for wrestlers who get concussions, but that does Kinda looks like someone taped a green cup upside down onto a normal headgear.
  10. Lazor aka Mr. Postseason happened
  11. Just go to Hooters or a sports bar and ask em if they will turn it on.
  12. DF has already trolled this topic and did 100 times better than you.
  13. Well I wrestled in the early 2000's (and coached a middle school team for a few years after that) so perhaps it was legal then, or perhaps we are calling the same move something different. My guess would be the latter because we called it a neck wrench, but never truly twisted the neck.
  14. Personally I can't quite put a moment on it. It happened sometime in the semis when Iowa started pulling off upsets, so I'll say it was when Evans beat Brown. But somewhere around then I realized we are no longer long shots, and that we are right there with Penn state at B1G's and at NCAA's. We can really walk away with this thing. Obviously it didn't work out, but I honestly think it will at NCAA's.
  15. I think it will come down to day 3. It'll be decided by the end of the medal rounds IMO. Mathematically, it will come down to the finals, but most wrestling fans who know anything about tournaments will have a good idea who will most likely win by the end of the medal rounds.
  16. I was waiting until closer to NCAA's, but Iowa will win it all this year. And no I'm not superstitious.
  17. I nominate Dan Gable as head evaluator of refs. Our stalling problem would be fixed.
  18. I'd like to be a fly on the wall at that meeting.
  19. A lot of people, including myself, get onto Nelson, but IMO this match was worse. Delgado was obviously stalling throughout most of the match. Megaludis shoots, Delgado grabs a leg and waits until stalemate. Rinse and repeat. It's not counter wrestling if you are not looking to score. I don't blame Delgado though, as I have said before, I blame the refs who allow this to happen. They need to wake up. Btw....I don't have a dog in this fight.
  20. Agree with PAnewbie. The day the refs change the wrestlers will too. I may have talked about Nelson being boring in the past, but truly it's the refs fault. Quit being pansies and waiting until the last 10 seconds to call stalling, and go read the entire section of the rule book pertaining to stalling.
  21. Lol nice catch. It seems JRobs wrestlers don't even agree with him on this subject!
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