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  1. Mmmmm.....doughnuts!!!
  2. Yeah I was a little wizzed off a few months ago when he did it but apparently it cracked Lewis up....still a little lame IMO
  3. Hawks are soaring!!! Great round!
  4. Looks legal to me. Just a simple neck wrench.
  5. I'm impressed once again by Lalovic. Interested to see what he takes away from the tournament.
  6. Awesome for the Michigan wrestlers to take time from their busy post season preparations.... And that picture is priceless.
  7. Stieber uses this quite a lot and scores backs and pins from this move. His series with this seems very effective against top D1 level competition.
  8. I like Derek St. John at 157 at 5-1 much better than Cory Clark at 125 at 6-1. I would throw some money on DSJ if I were a betting man.
  9. "Superior" ride is what we called it in HS. We had a whole series we used from it. If I'm not mistaken we are talking about pinning the arm behind the back. It becomes illegal after it breaks 90 degrees forward. One of my favorite moves from this we called a "lawn mower". You basically pull the wrist violently to the side and toward you(to make sure the ref knew you don't come anywhere close to illegal), like cranking a lawn mower, and catch the wrestler on his back as he turns toward you. I wrestled in GA from 2000-2004 so I am not sure if this move is still legal, but I know the "superior" ride, or whatever you want to call it is still legal. You don't get it from pulling the fingers though. You use a 2 on 1 on a flattened out opponent to dig the arm out and pin it to their back by the wrist. My coach coined the phrase "superior ride", when asked by the local newspaper what the move was our guys kept pinning people with. He replied that we call it the superior, because if you have your opponent flattened out with their wrist behind their back, then you were in a pretty superior position. Don't know if he heard that from somewhere or came up with it, but the newspaper went with it and that's what we called it. Anyone else ever heard it called that?
  10. Kendall Cross was a good one, though he was better at it in freestyle than folk.
  11. I thought Oregon State looked fair, but they are going to have a tough time at NCAA's unless some of their wrestlers pick it up. Sak and Meeks didn't look good in the finals. Delgado was really the only one that impressed me, wrestling above his level. Overall though I just don't see enough of their wrestlers going deep enough at the big show to score any substantial amount of points.
  12. You forgot one....call the wife and make absolutely sure she isn't recording other shows that will mess with the DVR settings to record all rounds.
  13. I think they said he was in the Japanese military, and I'm not really sure how their military-athlete program works. I agree that he was very fun to watch and I would have liked to see him able to wrestle more after the Olympics. Very explosive and very active.
  14. It's officially that time of year again. It's championship time, and all of the loons and fans that only pay attention to wrestling for two a few weeks are coming out and making their presence known on the boards.
  15. "To me it's not a sacrifice, it's a choice....Anything you WANT to do....I'm not wrestling for any reason other than I want to wrestle." -Dave Schultz
  16. Does anybody remember the end of the rap battle scene from Scary Movie 3. Come on guys accidents like this happen with hoodies all the time!
  17. Formula 1 would only work for the fastest weight classes....something like 125-157 or so. The rest of the weights would need to use NASCAR rules.
  18. Mitch Clark....sure his length helped him, but I honestly believe that if he were 5'5" he would have still been amazing on top. He was just that good at controlling people on the mat.
  19. Make refs call stalling like they did in the 80's-early 90's, like I mentioned in the "turn clock" thread I made. That really is the easiest way to fix this. I know refs have meetings before and after the season starts. At this meeting stress that next year is going to be different and we are going to call stalling by the books. If you are stalling in the first period, then refs are going to hit you. Then, if you are still stalling 10 seconds later, you get hit again in the first period. If you stall out, then you lose. It seems like Referees really only enforce the stalling section of the rule book correctly at the very end of the third period. Every second of the wrestling match should be called the way refs are calling the last 30 seconds these days.
  20. I was going to post this in the "shot clock" thread, but I didn't want to hijack it. People are constantly complaining about wrestlers riding an ankle for 3 periods and not attempting turns....And then there are the people who complain about bottom man not moving when they are wrestling a David Taylor. To be honest I love college wrestling the way it is, which is why I usually don't make remarks or enter discussions about "so and so did nothing on top (or bottom) the entire match". I was just shooting an idea out there for the ones that do debate these issues. The ideal solution IMO is to keep everything like it is but get the refs to change. If we could just have refs collectively go back to the way they called matches in the late 80's-early 90's, with a few changes (no quick stalemates to allow for scrambles, etc), I think wrestling would be perfect. They weren't afraid to call stalling in the first period....and then they weren't afraid to hit you again 10 seconds later if you continued.
  21. Just an idea , but what do you guys think about implementing a "turn clock" to encourage more action on the mat in folkstyle? Here is my proposal: As soon as the wrestlers hit the ground they have a certain amount of time to turn a person. If they are able to get a 1 count or even if the bottom wrestler rolls through a turn (or of course if they get back points), then the clock resets and they continue to wrestle on the mat. If the "turn clock" hits zero without any of the aforementioned happening (or the bottom man gets a reversal), then they are put back on their feet with neither wrestler being awarded any points. This would take the referee out of it and encourage action from both wrestlers, since they only have a certain amount of time to get back points, or escape/reversal for the bottom man.
  22. ^As another recent example, I will never forget in 2010 an unranked Fred Santaite knocking off Troy Nickerson in the second round with a last second takedown. That year at 125 everyone was looking forward to a senior showdown in the finals between Nickerson and Escobedo, but a couple of freshmen had different plans!
  23. Anyone can lock up a cradle(or some other pinning combination) at this level, and anyone can catch fire and can wrestle above their normal level. See Iowa wrestlers in the 80's and 90's. Also see guys like Larry Owings, Steve Marranetti, J Jaggers, etc...NOBODY is a lock. That's why the NCAA tourney is great!
  24. Congrats to UNI and their fans. Solid team up and down with some definite AA's and possibly a champ.
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