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  1. I'll have a go at it. Sent PM with email in it.
  2. It's kind of bad news for MSU because now Minkel looks like he's competitive in the eyes of the AD, and will keep his job no matter what. But heck, the wrestlers can't help that there coach doesn't give a crap, so I'll tip my hat and say good job and congrats to the MSU wrestlers.
  3. Don't forget about Sarah McMann taking on Ronda Rousey. It's a tall order but I would love to see McMann, who is such a class act, beat the crap out of Rousey, who is a whiny little b**ch!
  4. This is awesome! Televising every round and showing every mat online throughout the entire tournament is going to make following your entire team easier, as opposed to just being able to watch the guys who make it to the quarters, semis, and finals. I thought the last few years coverage was as good as it gets for the NCAA championship coverage, but man, this is truly as good as it gets. btw I'm not trying to make a "point" concerning the dual championship vs no dual championship (it's been beaten to death). this is seriously the first I've heard of the new coverage plan and this is great news!
  5. Hehe pinned twice in the same round of a tournament!
  6. Granbytroll, Kolat had beaten his Iranian opponent 4-1 and had his hand raised. The Iranians protested and the judges declared that the Iranian should have won the match. So, they decided they would re-wrestle the match to declare the winner. Kolat lost the rematch.
  7. I think UNI could be competing for a team trophy. If things go right for them they could grab that 4th place trophy. One of the big 4(Iowa, PSU, OSU, and Minnesota) would have to falter a bit, but that is not unheard of. UNI is my dark house to get some team hard wear.
  8. No, that would be akin to what happened to Cary Kolat at the Olympics, assuming the question was serious. We would need to re-wrestle the entire dual from the point at which the mistake was made.
  9. Ryan, haven't you heard? Tbar is Cody Sanderson.
  10. Agree with everyone, even though I did miss the Iowa homerism. Shane Sparks is young, full of energy, and knows his wrestling. I say Jim Gibbons, Shane Sparks, and Anthony Robles would be amazing in the booth for the NCAA tourney. The wrestling community should flood ESPN with Emails calling for this. P.S. I think this is the first B1G broadcast (that wasn't a student broadcast) where I didn't hear ,"Now usually in these scrambles it is the guy who keeps his head up that comes out on top", multiple times. Seriously, you could make a drinking game out of that and Chris Taylor (RIP) couldn't make it through an entire dual.
  11. tobusrex, Where have you been? They show the quarters, semi's, and finals, as well as the last two consolation rounds live, and have done so for the past few years.
  12. Great dual! Big Grats to Minnesota and Grats to Mcintosh. This season may be the wildest and most fun I have witnessed. Another #1 goes down in Schiller, and the #1 team goes down!
  13. I think Green tends to wrestle to his opponents level sometime, but not to the degree that he did yesterday, with his opponent having such a bad record. That, plus Salazar came to wrestle hard = what we saw last night.
  14. Lol at the bias against Iowa wrestlers in this thread. If they were wearing any other singlet Lofthouse, Moore, and most definitely DSJ would not even enter anyone's mind in this thread. But the TS did say he wanted to hear who the "best" are, so maybe it is a compliment. You guys must think Lofthouse and Moore are better than the likes of Howe, Perry, and Nelson(all NCAA champs). You think they are todays Kellen Rusell? (which is what the TS wanted to know) Wow, quite a compliment! I don't even have them finishing as high as you guys must be predicting and I am an Iowa fan.
  15. Wow what a great win for Michigan. The BIG tournament is going to be crazy fun this year. Well, it always is, but this year is going to be especially great. From the championship finals all the way to the "win or your season is over" matches, there are going to wars!
  16. I always thought it was his horn, or perhaps his wings.
  17. I watched some matches from the late 80's-early 90's a month ago and wondered the exact same thing. It seems like a good way to discourage stalling. When and why was this rule/practice done away with?
  18. In other news, Alexander Karelin will be Holding various camps throughout the U.S, entitled "Double legs, Single legs, and high crotches", with an emphasis of getting in on the legs and finishing.
  19. I buy an expensive female escort just to change my colostomy bag.
  20. Lincoln Mcllravy vs Gerry Abas NCAA finals match. More recently...Jay Borschel vs Chris Henrich in the 2010 NCAA semis.
  21. I've been guilty of watching college paintball while channel surfing. That's about it.
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