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  1. It's almost as if Dake reached out to Chael Sonnen and asked for a sht talking 101 lesson.
  2. You must have an outstanding knowledge of the qualifying processes for all Olympic sports in every country over the past 80 years to reach such a broad conclusion.
  3. How can one determine Dake tolerates this and Zain/Gilman do not?
  4. You're terribly confused as to why wrestling is not a popular sport.
  5. Second best thing behind the actual wrestling, is reading the inevitable sycophantic posts about why a guy shouldn't have lost.
  6. While Dake clearly had a better overall college career, it's not clear to me that as a senior he was better than JB as a senior. JBs developmental trajectory is almost unprecedented.
  7. FYI: Green is 10-0 against Dake in freestyle fantasy matches. He's basically a baby Burroughs.
  8. Was Dake good enough to win a world title the same year he graduated college? I know someone who was......
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