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  1. It's almost as if Dake reached out to Chael Sonnen and asked for a sht talking 101 lesson.
  2. You must have an outstanding knowledge of the qualifying processes for all Olympic sports in every country over the past 80 years to reach such a broad conclusion.
  3. How can one determine Dake tolerates this and Zain/Gilman do not?
  4. You're terribly confused as to why wrestling is not a popular sport.
  5. Second best thing behind the actual wrestling, is reading the inevitable sycophantic posts about why a guy shouldn't have lost.
  6. While Dake clearly had a better overall college career, it's not clear to me that as a senior he was better than JB as a senior. JBs developmental trajectory is almost unprecedented.
  7. FYI: Green is 10-0 against Dake in freestyle fantasy matches. He's basically a baby Burroughs.
  8. Was Dake good enough to win a world title the same year he graduated college? I know someone who was......
  9. I've read some crazy stuff on the internet. This is right up there with the best of them.
  10. NJ does not have a private school individual championship. They do have a "Non-Public" Team Championship. There are some 'prep' schools which do not partake in the NJSIAA tournament ALA Blair and Lawrenceville Prep, St. Benedict's...etc. But, as far as I know, they do not have their own state championship for those teams. If they do, it has nothing to do with the NJSIAA. It's also important to remember that if you really think about it, it's only a few of the non-public schools that some people want separated. A large majority of the non-public schools in NJ aren't much better than the local public schools in their area, generally speaking. Quite a few of the non-public teams can't even field a complete squad. Hard to lump them into the same conversation as Bergen Catholic or Don Bosco (who used to have sub-par wrestling program until recently)
  11. Maybe in a state like CA, Foley's criticism has merit, due to the immense size/population. I do not think the same logic applies to NJ.
  12. NJ does it right with having one single champion.
  13. The rare fantasy Dake victory.
  14. Someone once told me Logan took a neo-natal red shirt. Parents decided to keep him in the womb an extra 9 months to give him a leg up over the other infants.
  15. Clagon was a 4x NHSCA National Champion. I think a lot of coaches had him on their radar, but can't say for sure.
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