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  1. 8 minutes ago, BigTenFanboy said:

    Dean was given much more well deserved respect than Rivera is being given now. Bottom line.

    Dean was a freshman who beat a 2x returning NCAA Champ who hadnt lost a match since his freshman year.

    Rivera is a junior returning AA who beat a 1x returning NCAA Champ. Which one is a bigger upset?

    The "he was sick/injured" response for Ruth was nowhere near that Spencer is getting. The orignal claim was that PSU fans would be doing the same if one of their studs lost. Clearly that is not the case.

    Not to be "that guy", but Rivera is soph.

  2. Hard to say. They have only wrestled once on a level playing field and Dake outwrestled him. The idea that the challenge tournament being wrestled the same day as the best of three is not a serious disadvantage is denial. Dake had to wrestle Imar and Ringer. He is exerting energy, and eventually fatigue is going to set in, your step is going to be that slight degree slower. The athletes cannot speak up for themselves because they get attacked for "whining" and "excuses." Well this is just plain old reality. You cannot have it both ways, claiming that the system is designed to give the incumbent a tangible advantage but then say "stop making excuses" when an athlete comes up just short going uphill in a very competitive series of matches.      

    It's not.

  3. And Dake outwrestled him. Two pushouts to one. Oh and multiple passivity calls that went against guess who? I know I get accused of conspiracizing but go look at the comments from that match; people do not have difficulty seeing the favoritism. Even Burrough's fans on here admitted that Burroughs was getting the champion's preference in the calls. I always come back to this, but when you create a system that is primarily about spot protection, everyone within it know who the powers that be are pulling for. US Wrestling wants Burroughs because as a second-rate wrestling power they want to maximize their medal chances. Burroughs is still the golden boy. People can say "but what about" all they want. I think the impulse in US wrestling's quest for crumbs to protect Burrough's spot is tremendous.


    All that said, maybe Burroughs is just better. Although he certainly did not show it the one and only time it was a square match. Even so we have a third-rate qualifying system and all the corrupting influences it exerts.   


    There is no argument. Either admit this is about protecting spots and choose by committee or do away with the sham competition and have a fair tournament.  

    Ya think?

  4. Look, there is simply no way to defend the way US wrestling does things. This could be the worst qualifying system in the history of Olypmpic sports. Bottom line is that it leaves people feeling cheated. Because it is a cheat. In the history of Olympic sports point to any other sport, or better still any other combat sport, that imposes a direct physical disadvantage on a competitor. Judo? Boxing? Anything? These matches are being decided on a razor's egde. Does not matter if you think your guy is better (if he is then he should have no difficulty just winning straight up), whether you think it is whining or fanboyism or if you can point to an outlier. The fact remains that US wrestling is the only national sports federation that has come up with a qualifying system that completely needlessly imposes a physical disadvantage on the challengers when the fix is incredibly simple. Not just in wrestling but in the entire Olympic sports universe. Well done. Just fix it for pete's sake.  

    You must have an outstanding knowledge of the qualifying processes for all Olympic sports in every country over the past 80 years to reach such a broad conclusion.

  5. Straggler, why don't you complain about DT losing to Cox.


    I don't see how Dake's position is any different from Gilman's or Retherford's. They all went through the mini-tournament, and two out of three of them won the team spots. You argue that their respective opponents aren't on the same level of Burroughs, but they're not wrestling Burroughs. Each one of them have to beat the guy in front of them, which is a well-rested opponent.


    I'm not even in favor of the system itself, but you've targeted Burroughs endlessly in the past that I've seen, I'm just asking why is it any different than the roada other wrestlers in other weight classes have to undertake.

    One word: Fanboy.

  6. I'm very interested to see if JB can get it done at least one more time so in that sense I'm not upset about the result. That being said, how can many of you not find JBs antics disgraceful? It just irks me that this is what he has to resort to in order to get it done. Nothing wrong with a little chippy wrestling every now and then but blatantly open palm slapping your opponent is ridiculous. These things would absolutely not be tolerated by someone like Gilman or Zain. End of rant

    How can one determine Dake tolerates this and Zain/Gilman do not?

  7. How about the number of NCAA titles? Or the number of Hodge winner's they beat? Of the number of championships their finals opponents won? Or who red shirted and who didn't? 


    Accuse me of hating Burrough's but I never said Dake was better than him in International wrestling. On the other hand all the goalpost moving on earth will not change the fact that Dake had a far superior college career. It would be like me saying that Dake is better in freestyle regardless of what Burroughs has accomplished. 

    Was Dake good enough to win a world title the same year he graduated college? I know someone who was......

  8. In folkstyle I would take Dake 10 out of 10. Don't see any way Burroughs could win even with the two and half year age advantage.


    In Greco I would take Dake 10 out of 10.


    But the Olympic style is freestyle. 

    I've read some crazy stuff on the internet. This is right up there with the best of them.

  9. But they also have a private school championship I think?  Their private schools would be more appropriate for that.  Schools like them.


    NJ does not have a private school individual championship. They do have a "Non-Public" Team Championship. There are some 'prep' schools which do not partake in the NJSIAA tournament ALA Blair and Lawrenceville Prep, St. Benedict's...etc.  But, as far as I know, they do not have their own state championship for those teams. If they do, it has nothing to do with the NJSIAA.


    It's also important to remember that if you really think about it, it's only a few of the non-public schools that some people want separated. A large majority of the non-public schools in NJ aren't much better than the local public schools in their area, generally speaking. Quite a few of the non-public teams can't even field a complete squad. Hard to lump them into the same conversation as Bergen Catholic or Don Bosco (who used to have sub-par wrestling program until recently)

  10. Having a single champ is hurting CA. Foley Mailbag on I intermat does a good job addressing this. I would bet the same is true in NJ. Moving to 2 classes has clearly benefitted NY in getting more exposure and more guys to college level.

    Maybe in a state like CA, Foley's criticism has merit, due to the immense size/population.


    I do not think the same logic applies to NJ.

  11. Is it true that Logan Stieber took a middle school "red shirt"? That is, is it true that Logan was held back a year in middle school in order to get an advantage over his opponents? I've heard this a few times, but have not been able to confirm if it was true or not.



    Any inside info Ohio wrestling fans?

    Someone once told me Logan took a neo-natal red shirt.


    Parents decided to keep him in the womb an extra 9 months to give him a leg up over the other infants. 

  12. It's big for him to get up there as a freshman. I remember Winston coming so close his freshman year, only to regress each year after that. I think Ashnault will keep improving his own game, plus the level of wrestling in the room (Theobold and Perrotti have solid futures as well). 


    In non-Rutgers news, happy to see Clagon from Rider AA. Not sure if he was on many colleges' radar in high school, but he is incredibly strong and determined. 

    Clagon was a 4x NHSCA National Champion. I think a lot of coaches had him on their radar, but can't say for sure.

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