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  1. I actually thought they performed quite well at EIWAs last year. Taking 3rd behind Cornell and Lehigh. At least better than I expected.
  2. Really good thread you started here. Keep it up.
  3. http://www.mmafighting.com/2014/9/3/6102201/henry-cejudo-accepts-dana-whites-offer-to-move-up-to-bantamweight
  4. Bronze medal match. http://www.dartfish.tv/Presenter.aspx?CR=p85865c79339#!AQECAAECAes1AQABAQEAAAEBAQICAQACAARUb3VyCkZpbmFsZSAzLTUAAQEBFHA4NTg2NWM3OTMzOW0xNzI2OTgwAAAA
  5. IMO he capitalized on the Russian's aggressiveness more than he did his own.
  6. i think he's pretty funny. the intentional misspelling of the american names is a signal. it means he's not being serious so we shouldn't take him seriously. lighten up dudes. :) Most trolls say what they say not because they believe it to be true but because they want to get a reaction. His misspellings don't concern me. The content of his posts is what I'm more focused on. He is clearly wading in troll waters.
  7. what does tsargush's controversial victory over daved have to do with this thread? this topic is about daved and kile, losing to tsargush (who, if you didn't know, was a WORLD MASTER at 74 kilos before Burroughs] has nothing to do with these two's rivalry Hey mods, how much more evidence do you need this guy is a pure toll?
  8. taylor is the most dominant wrestler in the country, he barely had a match thats not a major decision his whole career, perhaps you should consider that first Arguably, Taylor isn't even the most dominant guy on his team. Ed Ruth managed to beat everyone he wrestled last year, something Taylor didn't do. Admittedly he didn't have a Kyle Dake caliber guy at his weight, but you can only wrestle who they put in front of you and he dominated pretty much everyone put in front of him.
  9. You are over emphasizing Jordan's freshman and sophomore years and discounting his junior and senior years. Not really fair at all. He did come back and dominate Caldwell in the NCAA finals. Not to mention Dake only beat Caldwell 2-0 at NCAAs this year. So the fact Burroughs beat him 2-1 doesn't really mean anything.
  10. Dake beats JB 80% of the time? The things that must go through some poster's heads baffles me. Pass it to the left.......
  11. Aren't you the guy who also thinks the younger generation should ditch wrestling and watch baseball & basketball if they can't pay for a FLO membership?
  12. Hard to simulate a guy who has a very unique (pretty much one of kind in Burroughs case) combination of skills with a single person. Would have to be several people with strengths in different areas. Sort of like a championship boxer sparring with multiple guys who all have different areas of strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure Koll has some ideas up his sleeve.
  13. My post is gone and it wasn't even inappropriate. Sweet job mods!!!
  14. FLO is officially part of the establishment now. Did you see some of the comments about FLO underneath the youtube videos? Lol Sums it up nicely.
  15. Only if JB retires. Or gets retired. I guess we'll see. He's definitely the top dog right now, but He hasn't before had competition like Dake and Taylor coming into their prime. 2016 is a long ways off, staying on top isn't easy. It'll be fun to watch regardless. Tsargush, Gourdazi and Aliyev aren't better than Dake or Taylor?
  16. I think its safe to say, Dake just isn't the most diplomatic of interviewees. He's proven this several times over the years. Could be maturity issues, could be his personality.
  17. FLO has changed up their model from providing a great user experience with quality video for free/small nominal cost, to full out monetization of all their content. I hope they can find the proper balance, cause if you focus on one and ignore the other, you lose what made you great in the first place; great user experience.
  18. Taylor just dominated that kid. nice.
  19. Should Dake be the favorite against JB?
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