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  1. Ditto to that. Camp looked as if he just didn't want to wrestle at points this year. No coach wants that attitude to infiltrate their team. Rutgers has had a few of those over the last couple seasons. Goodale would be best served steering clear of another similar situation developing with Campy. Although, with his potential, it is an extremely tempting proposition to entertain.
  2. How many good wrestlers have to get worse under Goodale for it to not be BS? Just curious as to how many mulligans he gets to use. Is it more or less than ten?
  3. Don't believe anyone is trying to debate that.
  4. Either way, Melde was a very, very good recruit coming in. Win had him at #5 at 140 in their final rankings. Which factored in his loss to Baldosaro. Who even as a soph, was a dam good wrestler. Iowa thought he was good enough to recruit.
  5. I'll rephrase.Brother of 2x AA. For some reason I thought he made the NCAA finals. My bad.
  6. Jerry Rinaldi - Cornell - took 2nd in 2007 I think. Might be off on the year.
  7. Rinaldi was also a top 20 recruit in his weight class coming out. Not to mention the brother of an NCAA finalist. Not very surprising he turned out to be good.
  8. Comparing coaching dynamics in football and wrestling is hard to do. I don't really see much similarity, but I get what you are trying to say. There are only 4 teams inside the top 20 (using intermat rankings) who have head coaches who failed to AA in college. The four are Mizzou, Central Michigan, Northwestern and Binghamton. Mizzou has Sammie Henson, Joe Johnston, Mark Ellis, Schavrian and Marable on staff, all of whom were AAs. Central Michigan has AAs Stephen Dwyer and Jason Mester on their staff. Northwestern has AAs Tim Cysewski, Matt Storniolo and Borschel on staff. Binghamton has National Champion Teyon Ware on staff. IMO, a large majority of the time, to be a successful Div I coach, you were probably a pretty successful division I wrestler as well. And the ones who weren't as successful seem to want to surround themselves with guys who were former Div I studs. In football, the best coaches are rarely former super star players. In wrestling, that doesn't seem to be the case, a majority of the time.
  9. State of Rutgers is stagnation, maybe even a slight regression since Goodale's 4th season, IMO. He has done enough good things to buy him some more time, that and the fact Pernetti gave him an extension, means he is going to get another shot at developing a top recruiting class. If he fails this time, it would be a no brainer to get rid of him and bring someone else in who can use the foundation SG built to turn Rutgers into what Goodale initially envisioned when he was hired; a perennial power competing for a national title on a consistent basis. He has made enormous strides since taking over the program. Now he has to prove he can continue making those strides and elevate his team to the next level. The next couple seasons should provide an answer as to if he is capable of turning Rutgers into the power he said he could.
  10. That is a complete revision of history. You don't get the #2 class (that was a ranking that didn't take into account the Mason transfer) in the country without blue chip talent. You just don't
  11. If Courts could keep it within a major, I would be impressed. Ruth is a destroyer of good wrestlers.
  12. All those NY wrestlers were ranked in the state. You said unranked NY wrestlers who never sniffed a ranking sheet beating ranked NJ wrestlers. Piccininni beat Buttita, not ranked in the nation. Zupan is ranked #10 in the country......Lol Locke, the guy who went 51-0 last season in NY and was the number 1 guy at his weight? This proves unranked NY wrestlers beat ranked NJ wrestlers? I am eagerly awaiting some more of this objective analysis.
  13. Link? Names? Examples of unranked NY wrestlers beating ranked NJ wrestlers would be nice. Not to mention objective.
  14. Marty, the one man crusader against bias and subjectivity.:lol:
  15. Ironic would be a good way to describe that statement you just made.
  16. The best would be when Marty would make fun of everyone and anyone for saying how good David Taylor was going to be. In the next sentence he predicted Arujau would be a 4x NCAA finalist & 2x champ. After Arujua wrestled like 2 college matches. He is amusing.
  17. Which UFC fighters have competed in other grappling venues besides UFC while under contract? Not saying I don't believe you, just curious as to which ones have done it as I can't think of any off the top of my head and am too lazy to do the research myself.
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