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  1. thats what Brown loves about these college wrestlers, man. he gets older, they stay the same age
  2. Some of you give DelTrollo way too much credit. Anyone who claims winning Oly gold isn't that big of a deal is trolling hard. If you were in the same room as DF, he would be pointing at you counting near fall points from across the room.
  3. In that guys defense, the only people he has know from the wrestling community are DuPont and DF.
  4. I've also heard other wrestlers being played by actors are Gilbert Godfried as Dan Gable, Jim Carey as John Smith, Ron Jeremy as Randy Lewis, and Mos Def as Bobby Douglas.
  5. I see Askren wrote another post about coaching changes Ok State should make. He recommended that they should bring on Chris Perry as head with Nelson and Delgado as assistants.
  6. You mean the hinkel minkel bowl?
  7. He was also the 1959 NCAA heavyweight runner-up, losing in OT to Ted Ellis of Oklahoma State. No you're thinking of Kid New York. He wrestled out of Philly. He was killed in the ring in Houston. By Tex Colorado. You know, the Arizona Assassin.
  8. Love the pics! Here is a clip of him and one of his former wrestlers that ran into some legal problems reminiscing..
  9. Your first two assumptions are your personal opinions. Your summation premise is self fulfilling. We, the Wrestling Community, are delusional if we think one "him" will save our Sport. However, I, as a multi decade member of that Community, doubt that you are contributing an iota with your bellicose naysaying. Contrary to your opinions of Dana White, I can attest to the fact that he puts his money where his mouth is, often. The compelling question is, will you, I, and many others do the same. I don't doubt for a moment that the "horse's arse" you refer will use his money and influence to encourage, cajole. Man, you remind me quite a bit of a poster from a year ago. Title9 by chance?
  10. Probably Kentucky mudflap always dropping his name as the favorite (in his mind) to replace kj. That mixed with tripnsweep getting a fat-head of perry hung in his bedroom.....and we now have a message board coaching superstar. That being said, I'm sure perry is a great young assistant.
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