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  1. This thread will be deleted in 3......2........1....
  2. Can always go back to the Howe>Dake>Taylor chain. In freestyle anyway.
  3. Don't forget about Trevor Melde, either. He was the 17th overall recruit according to Intermat his senior year.
  4. I would take the true freshmen version of Winston over the 5th year senior version. His offense against the top guys is pretty much non existent over the past few seasons. Just cant seem to pull the trigger.
  5. Me thinks, if the shoe was on the other foot, and Bethea just celebrated like that and shh'ed the entire NY bench after pinning, you would think differently. Depends on perspective, I guess. It definitely wasn't in good taste, but it wasn't as bad as some made it out to be. He was pumped up for the moment with his emotions running high. At worst I would say it was less than sportsmanlike, but there are worse things that could be done.
  6. Marty, Calas wouldn't be the underdog against Peacock or Koll. Calas is pretty good himself and could end up being a 3 time state champ. I wouldn't just assume Koll or Peacock would beat him. Not saying they couldn't or wouldn't, but at best it is a toss up.
  7. Let the record show, initially it was a PA poster who threw out the out of shape argument. The NJ poster just agreed to it. An important distinction.
  8. What's your over/under for NCAA titles/finals appearances?
  9. Perhaps Dake will feel like this is a personal challenge and decide to move up to 165 to oblige Mr. Taylor. Can't see Dake not wanting to challenge himself against the defending Hodge Trophy winner.. It would be great for the sport as well.
  10. Considering Buvaisar has won 3 Olympic golds and 6 World Championship golds to Adam's 1 Olympic gold and 2 World Championship golds. It is very hard to make the argument Adam is better than Buvaisar.
  11. Kurgan, I have to be a stickler, as I am a pretty big football fan, and correct you on your statement that Walter Payton was the best ever. Would you call Emmitt Smith the best ever, now that he has the record? I think not. Most football historians believe Jim Brown and Barry Sanders to be better than Payton. Holding the record and being the best aren't necessarily one and the same, this being a prime example. I have also seen lists and arguments that Earl Campbell, Gayle Sayers and Eric Dickerson as being on the same level as Payton. They just didn't play as long as Payton. Most would not call Barry Bonds the best baseball player of all time simply because he has the home run record.
  12. I don't think it makes much sense to say Caldwell didn't win any titles his first two years and then say that makes Dake better than Caldwell was as a freshmen and sophomore. Would Dake beat Ryan Lang and Derek Moore as a true freshmen? Dake is very good, and has 2 titles, but he didn't have to wrestle anyone as good as either one of those two last year at 141. Would Dake have beaten Metcalf, Palmer, Jenkins, or Burroughs as a sophomore at 149, which is who Caldwell had to deal with? Certainly can make the argument he probably does not. It's all relative to the competition at hand. Caldwell seems to have had tougher competition at his weights his first two years when compared to Dake. That doesn't take anything away from Dake, it is just facts. It can also be argued, if Caldwell doesn't get hurt, we aren't even talking about Dake right now having two titles. I know scribe will probably have some sarcastic comeback for this because he takes offense, but it is what it is. No one can take his 2 NCAA titles away from him, but we can all talk about what if's.
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