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  1. We added a Highschool Grad Division this year with a special price of $40!!! Registration is now Open www.wrestleusa.com or www.eztourns.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Online Registration is now Open www.wrestleusa.com or www.eztourns.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Online Registration is now Open www.wrestleusa.com or www.eztourns.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Great weekend of Wrestling. Last year Super 32 filled up in mere seconds. Placing at These qualifiers are the only guaranteed way in. We are also offering a Duals tournament the day before to make it a solid weekend of wrestling. Register at www.wrestleUSA.com or www.eztourns.com I can be contacted via text message at 740-457-6200 or email at tommie@team vipers.net
  5. This year.... April 25th and 26th The Viper Pit takes Wrestling to a whole new level. Our Spartan themed weekend is reminiscent of the grueling Spartan Training. The Agoge! The Agoge produced physically and morally strong males to serve in the Spartan army. The men would become the "walls of Sparta" because Sparta was the only Greek city with no defensive walls. Discipline was strict and the males were encouraged to fight amongst themselves to determine the strongest member of the group. The agoge was prestigious throughout the Greek world, and many aristocratic families from other cities vied to send their sons to Sparta to participate in the agoge for varying periods of time. This years Viper Pit Agoge will entail 2 days of wrestling. In Massillons 80,000 SQ ft indoor practice football field. 15 full size mats. With separate Boys and Girls Divisions. The first Day of wrestling.....The Gladiator Duals! 12 Boys Teams will compete in 2 separate pools to compete for 22 real steel fullsize gladiator Helmets! 6 Girls Teams will compete in 1 Round Robin Dual for 15 fullsize Steel shields! All teams will consist of wrestlers grades K-12! Day 2 will be the Viper Pit Revolution tournament. No time for rest! Although you may have given up or you chose to only wrestle the tournament. Sundays Open Tournament may not be a 64 man bracket but no matter the size, it will be one of the toughest you have ever endured! Awards for this event will be a custom sublimated Singlet for each Champion made and designed by CrossfaceGraphics.Com Only the toughest wrestlers are privileged to wear a Viper Pit Singlet! Sorry Princess Daddy cant buy this one! Top 2 wrestlers in each weight class will receive Finalists shirts. This year all four placers will win the coveted Viper pit Resin trophy. Including a new special Girls Resin! To top it all off we are introducing the RUDIS SWORD AWARD. Given to the most prestigious unbeaten wrestler. A wrestler whom wrestles and wins all matches both days will win the Wooden Rudis Sword. This sword will come to them with their name and their opponents names engraved into the blade with the results of each match. The Ultimate prize for the Ultimate Wrestler. This is the Ultimate Season Ending Folkstyle Event. No cards or Memberships are necessary. But with our support to the growth of Boys and Girls Wrestling......we will supply all wrestlers with a No Charge Nuway Membership for their resident State...2015-2016 season! The Viper Pit fully supports Nuway-OHWay-Rocky Mountain Nationals-NHSCA and The Ultimate Alliance! Get all info and see the Awards at www.wrestleusa.com Contact Tournament Director via email tommie@teamvipers.net or text 740-457-6200 Register for sunday if you think you are tough enough. Put together a team if you think you can compete. Contact us if you need help filling a team or getting on one. But Dont miss out!
  6. August 23rd and 24th. Duals Saturday on 6 mats free admission for spectators on Saturday. Weigh ins for Duals count for Sunday as well. Sunday is a split time with high school in the morning and jr high and elementary in afternoon. 6 fullsize mats. 2 sessions silent tournament. Team Singlets for Dual Champions. Compressions for Sunday Champions Walkins at Saturday night weigh ins only! Email me with questions. tommie@teamvipers.net We have room for 4 teams. We are now doing 6 mats and 12 teams. 6 mats on Sunday as well!
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