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  1. Just Purchased 4 tickets in 300 level at Rutgers looks like it's almost Sold Out. Can anybody that has attended a dual there advise if all the seats are pretty good for viewing. Looks like a small arena.

    Tickets were cheap $40 but was hoping for lower level. 


  2. Wow sometimes reading this board is really sad. How about we just give both of these guys a ton of credit for wrestling the match. Think back over the years at how many great matchups could of happened and nobody will step up and take them. These guys have the balls to step up and take on the challenge and for that they both have my complete respect.


    Im a PSU fan and have no clue who will win the bout. What I do know is no matter what happens Kyle Dake and David Taylor will go down as 2 of the best wrestlers in decades and the history of the sport.


    What will be really sad is whoever loses the contest will get run thru the dirt on this board the second the match is over. How old are the posters on this board for real. Then you wonder why wrestlers don't want to step up and take these challenges.


    This is not meant for all the posters on this board as there has been some very positive and good conversation with reasonable predictions posted as well.

  3. I don't think anybody knows what will happen in this matchup. I think either one of them is capable of three takedowns in the match depending on how things are going.


    I realize Dake was only taken down 1 time last season but he wrestled nobody of Taylor's caliber all season either. Not Sure if this will be Taylors approach against Dake but he is usally non stop one move to the next for 7 minutes and can wear people down.


    With that said Dake is the best counter wrestler in the country and Taylor faced nobody of Dakes caliber last year either. I have seen Taylor get taken down 3x in one period by Jackson Morse of Illinois in a match he won by Tech Fall in like 5:30. He can't afford to make those mistakes vs Kyle.


    Personally this is a bad bet to make either way. Just as good of odds if you flip a coin with someone.My Question is if an unstoppable force meets an immovable object what happens?

    Answer to be posted late NOV 3rd

  4. Dake has never lost to a PSU wrestler in college. I think he holds a 5-0 record vs them





    James English 4-0

    Frank Molinaro 1-0

    Frank Molinaro 8-1


    Last Season

    James Volrath 6-0

    Dylan Alton 3-0


    Pretty sure Dake will try to win this one low scoring he is very comfortable in that style of matchup.


    My opinion its a 50/50 tossup time will tell.

  5. PSU getting seven champs 0% chance. Ed Ruth 98% chance

    David Taylor 50% chance

    Quentin Wright 45% chance

    Andrew Atlon 45% chance

    Dylan Alton 40% chance

    Nico Megaludis 20% chance

    Matt Brown 10% chance


    If i was a betting man I would go with 2 champs. Think Ed Ruth is a lock and one of the other guys will probably get it done.

  6. CTMopar is your goal to make PSU fans look like idiots. Are you really a PSU fan or just acting like one to make the school look bad. As a PSU long time fan i must say you make little to no sense in almost every post.


    Teams that can't compete? Minnesota just beast us in a dual last season. Iowa beat us the season before in a dual. And if you know anything about wrestling lineup the dual for this year PSU vs Iowa you may find it will be a barnburner and Iowa is probably favored to win the Dual Meet.


    As a PSU fan I would like to apologize for CTMopar most PSU fans I know have a tremendous amount of Respect for Iowa Minny Cornell Ok State and every other program.


    He is a troll and im not sure he is actually a PSU fan and certainly doesn't share the majorites opinion

  7. Stole this from another board. From Teague Moore radio interview



    Penn State's TRSO Nico Megaludis (2012 #2) has accepted.('invites are out to the next athletes')(Moore: 'McDonough declined for his own reason and for Iowa's own reasons'... 'Coach Brands understands his athletes and what their needs are', 'is focused on individual peaking....didn't feel that this event going on at the end of November was in their needs...they passed')



    No commitments yet, but the invites are out. Invitees: Minnesota's Chris Dardanes. Ohio State and Logan Stiebler declined.



    Oklahoma RSJR Kendrick Maple (2012 #4, as RSSO) has accepted. Next up on Invitee List: Oregon State RSSR Michael Mangrum



    Boise State SR Jason Chamberlain (2011 #3 Oly RS in 2012) has accepted. He'll be coming back from University Worlds in late October and wants to jump in. Invitees: Andrew Alton is 'on the list'; is one of the names who could appear if others in front of him decline.' Jordan Oliver & all of Okie State have declined. 'We did move this back a couple of weeks, so we could kick off the college season.'



    Penn State's RSSO Dylan Alton (2012 #3 as a RSFR) vs. Northwestern SR Jason Welch (2012 #4, 2011 #6).



    Dake vs. Taylor



    Illinois RSJR Jordan Blanton (2012 #4, 2011 #5) has accepted. Invitees: Jimmy Sheptock 'on the list'. 'Hes from PA and wrestles for Maryland"



    Waiting on Robert Hamlin and Kevin Steinhaus. Bosak & Ruth both declined. Teague: 'I think it's one of those situations that it's got to be the right timing, not sure why he passed.'



    Quentin Wright (2012 #2 at 184, 2011 #1 at 184, 2009 #6 at 174) has accepted. Next up on Invitation List is Matt Wilps (2012 #4) of Pitt.



    NW RSSO Mike McMullan (2012 #3) vs. Missouri RSSR Dom Bradley (2011 #3)


    Prior Biggest Matchups discussions

    Mike Reardon: Chris Bono vs. Lincoln McIlravy, national final, 1996?

    Teague: Wade Schalles bumped up at to wrestle Shorty Hitchcock PSAC, beat him, but Hitchcock won NCAAs that year, when Schalles was ineligible due to transfer.


    Teague: 'we're really working on the promotion of this right now, hoping for some play on the mainstream media.'


    TR Foley & Mike Reardon debriefing:

    - Reardon bummed to hear that 'with the smoke clearing' that Jordan Oliver is not gonna wrestle 149', thinks that would be better for his long-term career, but I guess has heard he's now going 141.'

  8. Yea skipped over those 42 threads thanks for the info lol. Was more looking to find out if any other schools SID released something that there wrestlers accepted an invite.


    Steiber vs Oliver would be great since they will not matchup this season. Even Hunter Stieber vs Oliver would be alot of fun

  9. Does anybody know of any of the other matchups at this point. Do they plan on announcing them one per day thinking of making the trip if the lineup is stacked. I know PSU has said Megaludis/D Alton and Wright are going. Anybody else know of anyone that has gotten an invite?


    Pretty sure the only match that would generate excitement even close to the one announced would be McDonough vs Stieber at 133. I would love to see that happen as a one time deal.


    Can you think of any other matches that would create a big time buzz.


    If Oliver is going 149 in the season would love to see him and maple wrestle at the classic if he is going 141 let him wrestle Chamberlain or Ness.


    Caldwell vs Chris Perry would be fun.


    My opinion thats how you promote and help grow the sport.

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