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  1. Mike Disabato. Haha, I remember this guy. We had him for a camp counselor at OSU. What an idiot. He tried those strong arm tactics with the guys on my floor at camp. He got to the point where he took us out at midnight to condition us bc we were talking in our rooms. He said he would run us until we quit the camp. Two and a half hours later, he gave up and walked inside. After that, we basically hazed the heck out of him for the rest of camp. Not very mature by us, but it was so much fun almost bringing that guy to tears. Big bully with no stones. On the other hand, his brother Adam is one of the coolest people I met there. Cannot believe those two are related.
  2. If you guys get a chance, message me on here. I want to discuss content for a wrestling doc. Steve
  3. I understand your position, Tirapel. Now, I'm against the idea not because I have not thought about it, I have. But to me, it would create an already heavy emphasis on push push push. Wrestling is being dropped because of a sub-par marketing strategy and Title IX. People want to see technique - especially if we want to grow a fan base. To the outside spectator - maybe even casual wrestling fan - the international style is boring. I know, watch the Russian Nationals. Well, maybe so should our fans. The problem with college wrestling is NOT the edge wrestling - IT IS WHAT GOES ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MAT!!! Push, pull, push, pull - how about an honest to goodness set up. Even how boring Greco is to everybody - watch the Europeans in their tie-ups - they use great subtle techniques to get their opponent off balance. Our guys just seemed to try to bull our way through opponent without any of their nuances. Although, I was pleasantly surprised watching Betts - he has a bright future. So I agree with you there - the Greco quandary is not solely due to the push-out. But if people were tired of the "Iowa-style bulldoze across the mat" before, wait until they got a heavy dose of that from every team. But the point is this, and is worth repeating - fix what goes on in the middle of the mat, and that will fix wrestling. The edge wrestling is Minuscule compared to what boring inaction happens in the middle where guys try to wear down each other with 2 minutes of hand-fighting.
  4. Wow, and you believe that? I got bridges for sale, how many do you want? I'll put you down for three.
  5. You may be right. There's no question I'm not 100% certain this is the answer. But I've seen it actually increase action at the international level, which used to be a complete snoozefest until the dreaded "clinch" (in it's various hideous forms over the years). GUYS, there is nothing wrong with folkstyle aside for what is happening in the center of the mat. Yeah, guys play the edge - then have the refs call fleeing the mat more often. But the rule allowing the action to continue as long as one part of the body is inside has made much of the old problems go away. Fleeing the mat needs to be called at a better rate - and that CAN be done. The problem is the 2 minutes of handfighting that occurs and refs are NOT calling the double stalling. Why? The coaches and fans jump down their throats too often when the refs make that call against our wrestler. I, too, have been guilty of getting on a ref's case when he makes a call against a kid I have coached- nothing crazy, just a yell or two. But enough yelling at a ref will make certain guys gun-shy about making a call. B.S.? Go watch a guy be a coldcaller at a brokerage firm. 8 out of 10 guys, after making 400 calls a day and being called every name in Grandma's handbag, will be shells of their former self when they pick up the phone eventually. Tirapel, I appreciate you want to make folkstyle a little more exciting - but folkstyle is NOT on life support - international wrestling is dropping viewers. All due respect - the Big Ten style of push push push and handfight until somebody tires has hurt much of the technique in the sport. Yes, defense has gotten better - but the amount of times I watch just pushing and pulling for the entire first period , it has made matches look like two dogs fighting over the same t-shirt. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT bring in a push out rule into folkstyle. Our international guys are the cream of the crop in this country when it comes to technique, yes? - Maybe 40 -50% of the freestyle and greco matches have been like watching sumo wrestling. What do you think will happen if there is a push-out rule where the guys are not as experienced, athletic, or technically sound? More than 75 - 85 % of the wrestling will be more Sumo than Folkstyle. Like I said in my other post- don't be short-sighted, but more importantly, there is nothing that bad with collegiate wreslting that a little more emphasis on taking risks can't fix. Tirapel is known throughout this sport, and has made an argument with a level head- but that does not make him correct. And honestly, I am a little surprised people cannot foresee what would be the type of wrestling ushered in if a push-out rule were allowed to be implemented. It would be horrible for our technique in this country. Also, one of our better attributes in this country is our ability to scramble in awkward positions - well a lot of that would be gone. There are so many reasons not to even consider a push-out rule, yet there are many guys in this thread saying yes. Why, because one of the guys proposing it has a name? I respect Tirapel for what he has given to the the sport, as we all have given much of ourselves to wrestling; but on this matter, I must say you are very wrong, very respectfully.
  6. I'm not sure if step-outs would have any greater chance of injury at the high school level than the current rules, because wrestling would stop as soon as a foot steps out. Or at least it should. The officials will have to be on top of it. That's not much different than what happens now, although if anything they let wrestling continue longer on the edge now. Not as much as college, but one guy stepping out with one foot only doesn't get a whistle under current high school rules. There will always be a chance for injury going out of bounds. But the best solution to that is to have minimum guidelines for distances to a wall or table. Many tournaments have mats right up against walls, which is completely unsafe, and led to a wrestler from North Carolina being paralyzed last season. Whenever the outer circle is within a few feet of a wall, it makes any wrestling on that edge of the mat hazardous, no matter what the out of bounds rules are. When finishing a double leg takedown, it only takes 1-2 seconds to go from 10 feet in bounds, to several feet out of bounds. NO on a folkstyle push-out rule. The people who keep tinkering with the rules of the sport have made a mess. Like GreenMt said earlier, call stalling like it is supposed to be called and there is no problem. Most people decry the current state of international wrestling, and now you want to bring it into folkstyle? You guys are being short-sighted. Yes, it will resemble the current state of international wrestling, but that is not always a good thing. I love wrestling, but the Sumo stuff is boring and will NEVER grow a fan base outside the die-hard wrestling fan. I am dumbfounded that people are considering this option as a 'great idea.'
  7. My Life On Filmjust put out their music video for the song, "Not For Sure." The bass player, Sean "Lat Drop" Johnson, is a former New Jersey wrestler I coached at Pinelands Regional. Here is a link to the video on Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgOrOcWTMI4&feature=plcp. Seeing that the wrestling community loves positive news involving former wrestlers, I thought it might be great if we get the word out. Thanks for listening. You check them out on facebook at My Life On Film; or follow them on twitter at @MyLifeOnFilm_nj . Thanks everybody.
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