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  1. He never took a RS year. Was getting his medical waiver cleared.
  2. Kordell will be back at ASU this year.
  3. Just confirmed with an #OkState wrestling spokesperson that the rumors of John Smith leaving as head coach are 100% not true. per Adam Engel
  4. @Idaho @TripNSweep https://www.flowrestling.org/video/7938629-zeke-jones-details-asu-lineup-and-quest-for-ncaa-title Zeke mentions Larkin and both Norfleets in the interview. Not sure why they are not on the roster. I have heard none of them are looking to go anywhere. But I haven’t heard any official reasoning to their omission from the roster.
  5. I would have preferred Pendleton. Keep and pay Zeke through Sunkist.
  6. ASU is the worst at putting out news. Never put out anything relevant. Only put out fluff and nonsense articles.
  7. I heard at the beginning of the month that KD might not be returning. I haven’t heard anything definitive on the reason why it came to fruition.
  8. RichardFigueroa didn’t figure anywhere on your list? Or did I miss it?
  9. Cleveland Belton transferring to Oregon State from ASU is a great move for him. He’s had some nice FS results the past couple years. Has a real shot at winning the 141 spot there as there is really no front runner I see.
  10. Like a 2 for 1 deal for ASU. Cenzo and Griffith both……….Hmmmmmm
  11. Tony Negron from Penn State to ASU. Adding depth is great fir the Sun Devils. More news coming out of Tempe.
  12. Returning to Illinois as a volunteer assistant. That’s a huge loss for them and sad to see it happen. It’s a huge loss for the West coast. Wonder what the reasons were? Never like to see coaches flipping around so much.
  13. Hard to believe that guys game plan of push forward and don’t throw a punch didn’t work out well for him.
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