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  1. Fresno State just came back couple years ago. If Stanford does go , that’s a big loss. But decimated west coast wrestling is not accurate in the least. You have to think the Pac 12 is in a lot of trouble without Stanford. But the Big 12 and MAC could swallow up those remaining PAC schools.
  2. Zeke Jones interview on the radio right now. Says Mizzou and Lehigh will both visit Tempe this year.
  3. Trader you worked with. You are too thick headed to still be in that business. But nice movie cliche line. To help my friend unable to think on his own. Got an extra year, scholarship money is easy to come by. To shutdown or save a program, it’s not always all about the money.
  4. It’s not always 100% about money. But the ASU money came mostly from those heavily invested in the RTC. Old dominion doesn’t have that local support. Stanford is not dead yet. It’s not the RTC that writes the check to the school. You could actually see the light if you tried to.
  5. What are you talking about? There are At least 10 donors for each wrestler that would pay for a hammer to wrestle another year. Getting the money for top wrestlers is absolutely zero problem. ASU had 8 mil pledged the day they announced cutting the program in 2008. To get money for a few athletes to stay another year is a drop in the bucket for top programs.
  6. I really thought Phoenix would get one. Not sure if they were pushing for it, but would have been great to bring the show out West.
  7. The guys wrestling on the extra year won’t count towards the 9.9 scholarships. Heavily favors the rich$$$ RTC programs. But I like the rule. Don’t make the athletes make the choice to sit out in fear of losing the end of this year.
  8. 2 guys out there that could be 5 timers. Something to watch for.
  9. Did you notice Trey Munoz wrestling Greco at 87kg at Sr Nationals? Where does that leave him fit the college season? Does he drop all the way to 174? Or maybe that is why we haven’t seen Zane Coleman for a year. Maybe he has been working on getting down to fill the 174 spot?
  10. So basically all I learned from this thread is Nolf is soft for even accepting such a match.
  11. What he has done has been incredible. Let’s not take it the wrong way thinking he is a bad or subpar coach.
  12. Cael Rahnavardi - Don Bosco, IA is committed to Northern Iowa! How many Cael’s will be wrestling in college the next 6 years?
  13. Cassar won 3 freestyle tournament starting in Dec 2014. It’s a good example. What does it say about his coaching of Nevills? It’s nice you think 2 time IL champ is better than an undefeated NJ champ. Have to remember that when comparing PAC 12 titles to Big 10 titles.
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