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  1. 41 and 49 are ASUs weakest spots. How did they let this kid get out of state.
  2. Two future Sun Devils picked up wins. Podium spot and title coming to the team out West soon.
  3. Courtney has looked terrible. I don’t think Raimo has any trouble with him. Bad matchup for Courtney as well.
  4. Agree with almost all that. Except Chlebove is a contender at 125 133 could be Raimo or Courtney or the returning starter Kline 141 is a huge hole so I can’t imagine Busiello not starting at some point in the season Or does Zahid RS as do all the freshmen and they contend even stronger in 2021.
  5. I do think ASU pulls all the red shirts they need at the lower weights. Courtney was not impressive this past season. If Raimo is healthy, I could see Chlebove 125, Raimo 133 and Busiello 141. Now the big surprise. Anthony has had a long time off and had all that time to bump up to, 184? What if he goes up there? My biggest question is Norfleet at 197. He wasnt the strongest guy at 184. The jump to 197 would have me extremely worried. Teemer is going to be fun. But if he goes 149, that could leave a big hole at 157
  6. Maruca wrestled his best match of the year against Missouri. Best match in a long time in fact. He needs a defining moment. Hope it comes at NCAAs and goes into next season.
  7. He looked terrible against Hall. He looked terrible when he bumped a weight against UNC. He was leading but looked terrible against Lewis in the first period.
  8. Valencia has not shown the gas tank that he had for the 12 months leading up to the Final X.
  9. Norfleet never took a RS, he could next year. However, ASU has nobody inline for 197 yet again in 2019
  10. Not a coincidence he went there right after he was suspended.
  11. 125 Chlebove... He can come in right away and have a legit shot to be high on the podium 133 Raimo... If Milhof gets a year, put Chlebove here. AA shot either way 141 Busiello... Like at 133, cant see anyone but a true freshman here 149 Maruca... Its Teemers if he stays down. Just give us one great year Maruca. 157 Teemer... AA wherever he decides to go 165 Shields...AA 174 Anthony... Think he has been waiting for this 184 Zahid...Top of the podium 197 ?????... Dont think Norfleet is big enough or strong enough to go here HWT Hall.... AA Also have Schultz Coleman Munoz and Good coming in the will RS and fill out the top of the lineup in 2020.
  12. Zahid looked really gassed earlier in the year when he moved up a weight against UNC. His gas tank was extremely high when he was wrestling this summer. Maybe just taking some time to get it back?
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