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  1. Do you have any other news from 3 years ago you want to report?
  2. 3 decisions and a major. His last 3 wins were by 5 points total. He had a great run. Suriano scores noticeably more team points.
  3. I would say there is zero chance Munoz could even sniff 165. He loves to workout and I think he can get really big over the next 4 years. I know Vasquez is going 141. Would imagine Anthony stays at 165, but haven’t heard a thing. Waiting on Suriano too. No faith, but could Coleman make a push at 174?
  4. Is off the ASU roster. Wonder what is taking him so long to enroll somewhere? Feel bad for kids when the path takes them in a direction like this. To have things seemingly on hold. Intermat also left him off the rankings.
  5. Trey Munoz is off the ASU roster now.
  6. Interesting that Trey Munoz was left off the intermat rankings. Guess the transfer is still in the cards?
  7. Finished top 8 in the rankings. Did I say AA? You did say besides last years AA. You did not say top 8 in the tournament. You said ncaa top 8.
  8. They are. If you don’t want to count it from the covid year, that’s on you. But the record books will say different.
  9. I would guess there are more than a few. RBY is one. Spencer Lee is another.
  10. No updates. But he is still training daily in AZ.
  11. Pretty awesome coaches and administration in place out here in AZ. Eric Larkin and Angel Cejudo doing great things with the youth programs out here. There are so many others.
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