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  1. Like playing air guitar after a dual meet win in December?
  2. Raimo and Chlebove will closeup the holes at 133 and 141 next season.
  3. It’s a good thing the Penn State bias will not enter the equation this year. Stieber just further proves why Zahid would get the nod over Spencer.
  4. The senior gets the advantage. It would also be Zahid’s second undefeated season and 4th conference title.
  5. Zahid can win every match from here on out by one point. Fact is, if he gets title #3 this year with an undefeated season, he is the Hodge winner. Three timers don’t grow on trees. He will be rewarded for that.
  6. Norfleet has one year of eligibility left after this season, he is a true junior this year. I don’t see Kline beating Raimo or Courtney at 133. I also don’t see Teemer moving down. Ulrey is serviceable, I like his pace and aggressive offense. Two big holes again after next year when A Valencia and KD Norfleet graduate. I don’t think Good or Belshay help get the team on the podium. Losing Santiago and not having anyone of significance in this years class really hurts.
  7. Chlebove is on a different level than Belton. If Teemer moves down, you create the hole at 157. I expect Teemer to move up after Anthony graduates. Jesse Vasquez is still uncommitted, could fill the 149 void. With Busiello and Santiago both not in Tempe, there must be some money out there to give somebody. And for next year, hopefully Figs comes back onboard with Cael Valencia in the 2021 recruiting class.
  8. Maruca didn’t wrestle on senior night. I figured Ulrey beat him out in the room. Disappointing for sure that those weights have all 3 turned into such a black hole. Will really hurt their chances to get on the team podium.
  9. Courtney Raimo Chlebove are all too good to have one sit. No way Kline starts over any of those 3. Belton has the same problem but he could be headed to a heavier weight. I think Anthony rather be at 165 and has said on occasion he is going what’s best fir the team this year. Fully expect both Munoz and Coleman to be starters. Belshays ship has sailed on the mat I believe.
  10. Courtney has looked so much better than a year ago. He set the tone with Penn State, I expect that again. Can’t pick against Shields on SR night. Norfleet looks like Zahid more each day. You can tell the work this two put in together. I think Norfleet can wear down most anyone at 197 and beat them.
  11. This is also the last time to see Zahid in Tempe as a Sun Devil. It’s a big night for sure. With that said, fully expect Norfleet to win that one and Shields needs to show for his last match in Tempe as well.
  12. Was Ringer injured again today. Zahid led start to finish. Teched world silver medalist in the semis.
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