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  1. In a scenario where Woods goes 149, gotta hope for ASU.
  2. Is he Princeton bound? Got room for you out West too.
  3. Not far fetched if he was choosing a school originally. “Much farther fetched” considering what he would be leaving behind.
  4. Why would Chlebove leave arguably the best coaching staff in the country? Plus he has long standing family ties with Coach Jones.
  5. Miss that guy around here.
  6. If Figs and Cael both sign with ASU, wow. The team will be as deep as it ever has been. Figs is a day 1 starter if he so chooses.
  7. Hasn’t Figueroa gone 1st at 106,113,113? See where he goes as a senior.
  8. Perry and Molinaro are huge for him to train with. Nothing official, but a year suspension should be over in time for him the wrestle in the Olympic trials.
  9. That doesnt look good for Figs recommitting if Greg comes to Tempe. ASU would be loaded at the lower weights.
  10. Micheal McGee now gives them that depth at the two lowest weights. The highly rated recruiting class has followed up with Vasquez and a very good transfer. Then hopefully to be followed with Valencia and Figueroa. Dont need to hit a home run every recruiting cycle, but a hammer and the tinniest bit of depth each year would be nice.
  11. With the first class, they went all in on 5 guys. Never stocked the cupboard with anything significant after that. Bennick left and Maruca never developed. Got a year of Tsirtsis and Milhof as a replacement. The recruiting now seems to be following up a great class with solid additions and a longer deeper lineup.
  12. Can I also jump ahead a year or two also. If Figs recommits and comes to ASU, there is a super legit expectation that the trophy is within reach for the team. 2023 125. Figs 133. Raimo 141. Chlebove 149. Vasquez 157. Cael 165. Teemer 174. Munoz 184. Coleman 197. Good 285. Schultz Multiple positions that have a legit chance to win aN individual national title.
  13. That is a solid conference. There are some great coaches out West. Fresno State and Northern Colorado among those that have great athletes and coaches. Those 11 teams could really go a very long way to make the Pac-12 a legit wrestling conference and a legit powerhouse overall.
  14. As the dust clears, all I know is that ASU and Sunkist Tempe RTC has gotten a lot better. There are going to be a lot of trophies and medals that come home to the West coast and Tempe over the next 5 years.
  15. Raimo says he is going 133. Interesting to see where McGee tries to slot in.
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