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  1. All Sunday wrestling in Fresno canceled. OSU should come to Tempe.
  2. Porter is a Greco guy, not all that concerned about him. Munoz and Raimo were injury issues. No word of Belton and Kline. Coleman did nothing for 7 minutes. That was disappointing. I have also learned he has had concussion issues and that was the reason we haven’t seen him since he arrived on campus.
  3. What’s up with Chlebove. So disappointing. Surprised we didn’t see Belton today.
  4. What’s opc? But no. Chlebove is 141. Raimo 133. Says he doesn’t want to cut to 125.
  5. Wow. Let’s see who actually takes the mat. But no Chlebove. No Munoz. No Vasquez. And to less of an extent, no Raimo.
  6. Suriano and Micic both training in Tempe. Building quite the stable of wrestlers out west in Tempe.
  7. Would love to see Munoz vs Coleman. Loser wrestles Belshay. Same goes for McGee vs Raimo. Loser wrestles Courtney if they want to cut. Chlebove vs Vasquez. Loser wrestles the winner of Lapari vs Crooks. Belton vs Kline would have been a better match than any of these.
  8. Teemer and Anthony are not the same weight class. Zahid does not go to school there anymore. He has finished his 4 years or college wrestling.
  9. Every year I get excited that ASU will keep taking the next step. Then every year they pull this Mickey Mouse BS. Wrestle offs never mean a dang thing. Always some crap matchups that mean nothing. I want to see with my own eyes if Raimo can beat McGee. I want to see if Vasquez deserves to start for 5 years. Can Coleman force Munoz up to 184. I want to know where this team is truly at and how competitive the room is.
  10. It was there on the Mizzou schedule. ASU Northern Iowa Mizzou and Iowa State quad
  11. Mizzou just posted their schedule on twitter. http://bit.ly/3npDkZu
  12. Should shutdown the Pac-12 and increase membership into other conferences. Oregon State just had a zoom call. Pendleton went over the schedule. About 7 dates between Jan 1 and Feb 20. All were 3-4 team duals with the exception of ASU when they come to Oregon State.
  13. Munoz wrestled 87kg (192lbs)in October and I mentioned he may be going 184. I also said the reason for not seeing Coleman last year was him moving down. Still think we see that this year. Vasquez just wrestled at 65kg (143lb) so no surprise there. Lipari not being at 149 is surprising. However, reporting at ASU for wrestling is terrible. Dont sleep on Raimo. Guy is a stud.
  14. Their HWT Gabe Beyer was once commited to Penn State and Arizona State.
  15. It’s a shame so many take student out of student athlete.
  16. Double Fargo finalist. Was training with Eric Larkin, Angel Cejudo and staff at Valiant Prep. Great to keep a local kid at home.
  17. Lipari would fill the spot respectably. However, Vasquez I think can be a top 20 guy. Don’t think Lipari is.
  18. Writing off Zane Coleman already? Raimo says he wants to go 133. Chlebove at 141. With this year not counting towards eligibility, Vasquez could be the 149 starter. I don’t see him cutting all year to 141. So here are my guesses. Crooks is not starting caliber for a team to finish top 5. Same goes for Belshay. 125- McGee. Raimo takes the spot at 133 and McGee drops. This was McGees weight for most of the last couple years. 133- Raimo. He wants to be here. No way Raimo wants to go down just to compete with Figs in another year 141- Chlebove- not much behind him here He is on a different level that those behind him 149- Vasquez. No need to red shirt with getting an extra year anyways. 157- Teemer. He moves up in a year or two. I don’t think he has a need to right now. Maybe Cael’s spot in a couple years. 165- Valencia. This is where he wants to be. 174- Munoz. He is a workout warrior. He is going to be big here and fit great. 184- Coleman. Has been a mystery so far. I think he had a lot of adjusting to college lifestyle to do. 197- Norfleet. He got an extra medical season. Going to see him for 3 more season I believe. 285- Schultz. Can’t wait to see the strength.
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