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  1. Go ask Daniel Lewis and Mark Hall how they feel about that.
  2. I do think he stays to train at ASU. He has never made it through an interview without mentioning his brother. His brother has one year left so I think he stays. He has a lot going for him in Tempe and I think he is a lifer there.
  3. I’m not really buying into that. JO has been all over the place the past 3 years. Doubt he is in Carolina at this time next year. His and the Valencia’s personalities are far different. Good insight though. Does give you something to think about.
  4. Teemer is huge. I can easily see him at 165 in another 18 months after Santiago red shirts. Or even next year.
  5. I dont understand why they have so many recruiting problems? Lance Bennick doesnt last. Mason Smith never gets started. Busiello leaves. Richard Figueroa is no longer committed. Sonny Santiago signs with UNC. Cmon now, Santiago goes to Bosco, where Valencia's are from and their dad coaches. How do you lose that recruit? They take these highly ranked classes and ride the wave of mediocrity for a few years then repeat? How do you stay excited for the team aspect of things when 141 has been a hole for a decade. Add to the the local studs that leave the state. Ybarra, RBY, Echemendia
  6. 15 minutes? The best wrestler in the country is out there. It’s been a process but they are here to stay.
  7. Sour grapes it sounds like. Does the backup have a name? Why not use it?
  8. I don’t get how so many of these freshman are transferring before the season even starts. There was a reason you chose the school. Give it time. Less than a semester isn’t enough. Life is tough. Gotta learn to live and work through the hard times.
  9. ASU was on the short list at the end. Busiello might have opened some money for Winston.
  10. That should give him 30 points. #5 on the list has 32 points. So would imagine 30 gets you in the top 10? Not sure I don’t have access.
  11. So he is not in there? He won the 2010-11 title. Worthless ranking without him in there. Basically a waste if every champ from the last 10 years isn’t in the top 10.
  12. Teemer is legit top of the podium contender. He has a better shot than not of beating anyone penn state sends out there.
  13. ASU handled this one start to finish. What a performance. Aggressive every minute of the dual After Ceasar almost pinned him in the first, he did nothing the rest of the match. Penn State looked like the moment was too big. It was weird.
  14. Joseph looked real good. Great motor. Never stopped.
  15. I’ll clear up who won. Teemer.
  16. The good guys up at the break. ASU.
  17. Bad strategy like 3 of the 4 matches for them. Penn state hasn’t shot all night.
  18. Rby didn’t take a shot in 7 minutes.
  19. Kramer is going to shock the world and ruin the homecoming.
  20. He had a neck injury last season. I have heard the injury is still nagging him.
  21. ASU opening at home against 2 division three opponents is beyond disappointing.
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