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  1. I could see each Valencia dropping down one weight class if they do not red shirt. Zahid is not a big 184 by any means
  2. Dont forget that Zahid Valencia bumped up 50 lbs this year. I am sure he could bump down a weight class or 2. Also, Villareal took a grey shirt this year. He will come in and most likely wrestle 141. Dalton Brady needs to get his weight under control and get to 133. That would leave the whole lineup pretty stacked if only Maruca nad Sheilds red shirt. In any case, it will be fun in Tempe for many years. Maybe even get the NCAA's out there in 2019.
  3. Zeke wasnt hired in time last year to form his own schedule. This years schedule should get much better for them. Need to get get some more quality teams scheduled for duels. Keep the intensity level up throughout the year. And hopefully some more and better home duals for fans
  4. Without question, the best recruiting class coming in. Maybe even the #1 recruit at each of the 5 heaviest weight classes. Who will red shirt? Maruca and Shields for sure I would guess. Tanner Hall almost guaranteed not to. That leaves the Valencia brothers and Benick. All 3 have a lot of national and international experience. 197 is a weight of need and Benick can step in right away. Do the Valencia brothers each drop a weight and wrestle 165 and 174 respectively? Both are weights of somewhat need. I personally think that none of the previous 3 red shirt. Also have a pretty solid group returning inn the bottom 5 weight classes.
  5. Maybe Shields goes to 170 and Maruca gets the 160 slot.
  6. Didnt you hear Hall before WNO? Said he has worked a lot on the ankle pick. Mentioned Cael and David Taylor both as mentors and idols. That told you where he was headed.
  7. Great link and info to the situation. ASU is stacked in the middle with the incoming class.
  8. Now that leads me to think he is no longer there
  9. Nikko was on campus to start the school year.I dont see any way that he would not have redshirted this year. I have also not seen anything to make me think he is not still at ASU.
  10. Arizona State Results 125-Judson Preskitt def Hayden Lee 7-6....Preskitt put him on his back early, Lee rode him hard. It was a great match 133—Dalton Brady def. Cord Coronado—MD 15-5..... Brady is the real deal 141— Mech Spraggins def. Jesse Calderon—Dec 5-1... Mech looked real good. Powerful and Fast. 149—Christian Pagdalio def. Matt Kraus—Dec 4-2.. Good match. Pagadalio is solid. 157—Oliver Pierce def. Joel Smith—3-1... Pierce got a take down as time expired 165-NO MATCH...Would guess Joel Smith goes here or Waters moves down to wrestle him 174—Ray Waters def. Matt Schneider—MD 12-1...Waters looked A LOT better than last year. Wonder if he stays here or moves down? 184—Blake Stauffer def. Kevin Radford—Dec 8-4....Stauffer shut down every Radford shot. Will Radford move down or up? 197—Josh DaSilveira def. Wes Moore—OT 3-2.... A weak weight for the Devils. I dont think Radford is strong enough to move up here. HWT-NO MATCH...Another weak weight for the Devils. I have ZERO idea who will wrestle here????
  11. Z Valencia is one of the best P4P wrestlers in the country. So he should wrestle in this event at any weight we chooses to. Did anybody listen to the Hall/Valencia press conf? Hall says he has been working on more offense, watching a lot of Cael and David Taylor, working on the ankle pick. Guess where he is going to college?
  12. Maybe Martin didnt want the pressure of Penn St, with it being closer to home. But what recruit at an upper weight, in the area would not want to wrestle for Sanderson? I think it was a mistake for Martin. Another consideration could be club wrestling. Many kids have Olympic aspirations. So they might also consider what might get them prepared best for that journey as well.
  13. I can see the 2019 NCAA's coming out West to Arizona if Zeke brings in a title contender by then.
  14. There is not an 18 year old anywhere that would rather live in Iowa or Pennylvania than Arizona. Is it what he thinks is best for his wrestling?, thats a different story.
  15. ASU just moved up in the 2013 recruiting class rankings. They have 3 top 50 and another 2 in the top 150 that transferred in this year from that class. They are going to be unreal deep in a year or 2.
  16. The Sun devils now have a 2 timer to roll with the upper weights and a 2 timer to roll with the middle weights. How could recruits not want to come to the Desert to wrestle with these guys?
  17. Pritts was at ASU for the 2013-14 season. Pendleton is a great hire for them. ASU uppers have not had a great coach in some time. Would love to see Larkin around the program more. Stith will be missed.
  18. Zeke Jones and Arizona State are hot right now. They have an opening at 149 or 157 for him. They also had a lot of scholarship kids leave the team last year, so plenty of money to play with. Would not rule them out
  19. How to deal with a day without news of a big recruit coming to Arizona?
  20. You guys sound like angry Minnesota fans. Steveson and Benick will probably not even wrestle the same weight class. Athletes of their caliber do not run from competition. And any top 20 recruit in the nation that wants to go to Minnesota they would make room and money available for.
  21. It certainly cant hurt. But really, it has to help tremendously. Zalesky already has great guys over at OSU. Boise St has been really far up in the rankings in the past and have a great program. Stanford is always tough. Now it may help some of the other California teams keep some talent from leaving the state. Certainly will be exciting. Hopefully what is does do is bring some of the top teams out to the West coast now that there may be a few teams worth wrestling while having to traveling so far.
  22. Regarding 165#, a lot will depend on where the Valencia brothers want to wrestle. Maybe they go 165 and 174. Zahid put on 50 lbs this year to go from 132 to 182. But also must remember, these kids in the 2015 recruiting class have 1 or 2 years before they wrestle in college. Exciting times in the Desert. 2015 is going to be a class like no other.
  23. I see ASU is going after Taylor Lujan, 174# from GA that is ranked #32.
  24. Dalton Brady RsFR is transferring to ASU and is 133 or 141. Also, Oliver Pierce RsFR is transferring in at 149. Have not heard anything else about the lower weights. Returning RsFR Mech Spraggins and Kaleb Baker are 141 lbers that were Top 100 recruits.
  25. Gives ASU 3 of the Top 11 and 4 of the Top 18. They are becoming Penn State stacked very quickly.
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