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  1. ASU opening at home against 2 division three opponents is beyond disappointing.
  2. Raimo or Chlebove will be the 125 for ASU at some point this season.
  3. I hear ASU is nice this time of year.
  4. Raimo wrestled on Friday as apart of the maroon vs gold meet. He didn’t wrestle Courtney so the starter at 125 is still a mystery.
  5. I did say all the rooms have the coaches to push you and get you better. And I agree Pendleton has been great.
  6. The atmosphere was like that of a child’s party. Hall and A Valencia wrestled only 2 periods each and each period was vs a different opponent. Courtney did not wrestle. Norfleet did not wrestle. Scoring was kept incorrectly. It had no match feel to it at all and was obvious the results meant absolutely nothing. If it’s going to be like that, have all the freshmen out there to showcase the new class The next 2 home meets are against division 3 schools? ASU needs to start acting like a first class program year round.
  7. It’s was s terrible exhibition of wrestling. The whole night was a waste of time. ASU really needs to up their game. I was almost embarrassed sitting there watching it.
  8. That is the biggest cop out and misconception in wrestling. Who is pushing Zahid in Tempe? He is leaps and bounds better than anyone in the room. He is also 1000% times better than when he arrived in Tempe. If you don’t have it inside on your own, nobody is going to get it for you. There are coaches in any of these rooms that can help get you there
  9. That is now 2 very highly touted recruits in ASU’s two biggest classes that never stepped onto the mat. They gotta do better to be a contender for a team top5.
  10. I see Courtney is not listed to wrestle Friday at 125. I see Norfleet is not scheduled to wrestle at 197 Friday night. And already knew Schultz was not scheduled to wrestle. Anthony Valencia vs Trey Munoz will be interesting if it happens.
  11. Why doesn’t anyone want to wrestle 141 at ASU. Been a hole for awhile now with two AA candidates leaving after enrolling but before stepping on the mat.
  12. I just saw that. Crazy. What happened? They also had 10 matches posted. I believe that article has been taken down and edited. So frustrating how locked up college wrestling news and details are.
  13. Busiello I think is hurt. Raimo will be wrestling Courtney. Kramer vs Chlebove at 133. Schultz is not wrestling. Not much else to speak of.
  14. And just like that looks like he was visiting Ohio State. He is going to look good at ASU.
  15. Kramer is up at 133. He couldn’t beat out Kline last year. He is a great kid, teammate, person and all of that. But a starter on this team he is not.
  16. Chlebove is going to go to 141 I think. Busiello to 133. 125 will be very interesting if Raimo is healthy. I don’t think Courtney has the offense to beat Raimo. I also think Raimo has a better shot at nationals to score more points. Also agree 100% Schultz red shirts. Gives them a perennial leader of the team for the next 5 years. The other weights are all set in my opinion with no room for discussion or upset.
  17. 41 and 49 are ASUs weakest spots. How did they let this kid get out of state.
  18. Two future Sun Devils picked up wins. Podium spot and title coming to the team out West soon.
  19. Courtney has looked terrible. I don’t think Raimo has any trouble with him. Bad matchup for Courtney as well.
  20. Agree with almost all that. Except Chlebove is a contender at 125 133 could be Raimo or Courtney or the returning starter Kline 141 is a huge hole so I can’t imagine Busiello not starting at some point in the season Or does Zahid RS as do all the freshmen and they contend even stronger in 2021.
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