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  1. Valencia has not shown the gas tank that he had for the 12 months leading up to the Final X.
  2. Norfleet never took a RS, he could next year. However, ASU has nobody inline for 197 yet again in 2019
  3. Not a coincidence he went there right after he was suspended.
  4. 125 Chlebove... He can come in right away and have a legit shot to be high on the podium 133 Raimo... If Milhof gets a year, put Chlebove here. AA shot either way 141 Busiello... Like at 133, cant see anyone but a true freshman here 149 Maruca... Its Teemers if he stays down. Just give us one great year Maruca. 157 Teemer... AA wherever he decides to go 165 Shields...AA 174 Anthony... Think he has been waiting for this 184 Zahid...Top of the podium 197 ?????... Dont think Norfleet is big enough or strong enough to go here HWT Hall.... AA Also have Schultz Coleman Munoz and Good coming in the will RS and fill out the top of the lineup in 2020.
  5. Zahid looked really gassed earlier in the year when he moved up a weight against UNC. His gas tank was extremely high when he was wrestling this summer. Maybe just taking some time to get it back?
  6. Millhof should probably be top dog at 125
  7. Put Mark Hall on the list. The air guitar has no place in wrestling.
  8. I would hate to see what was said about Lehigh after their PSU dual. I think ASU is just barely behind where they would like to be at this point. That mostly has to do with Valencia and Hall taking red shirts this year. Bennick getting kicked out didnt help and having 2 nothing recruiting classes after the first was not great either.
  9. Zahid looked gassed when he bumped a weight against North Carolina. He has not had the relentless pace he did last year. Hall looked really tough.
  10. If Courtney was going to go to 133, it would have already happened. He wants to be at 125, but I havent heard any details about his battles with Millhof. Kline has looked good at 133, but he is not at AA or RBY level.
  11. He was barely at ASU long enough for a cup of coffee. He said it wasnt the right fit. How do you know that so quickly? Best of luck to him, maybe he will find what he is looking for at Campbell. Bouncing around like he has the past 6 months makes you think there is more to the story.
  12. Norfleet has improved so much over the past 18 months. The Pac12 title put him on the map. I think he has a very good chance to win tomorrow and really put the himself in AA discussions. Shields is another guy that keeps getting better. Hard to pick him for the upset, but would love to see it. I have been disappointed in Maruca. He doesnt attack enough, doesnt score enough points and just hopes to hang on for a close win. Hard for me to pick him, but again wouldnt be surprised to see him come out on top. He really needs a big win.
  13. 100% agree. At full strength next year, also hoping Smith is included, this squad will be very good and competitive with anybody.
  14. Still a terrible dual team. Not a terrible team and will score some quality team points at the NCAAs. But duals, they wont beat anyone of any significance. Disappointed in the progress Maruca has made the past 3 years. Would have loved to see Norfleet wrestle a quality opponent over the weekend. Most likely 184 would have been a 9 point swing in the team score (25-11 team score with Martin, even 22-14 if Norfleet upsets him.) Stand by my statement that ASU looked terrible this weekend. 141 197 and HWT are dead weights. 133 is just a notch above that. CPag has looked solid at 157, but I dont think he wins a Pac12 title. Im not even confident right now Maruca wins the Pac12. Shields is getting better and better. Think he could make some noise at NCAAs.
  15. Wrong about? Nothing I saw this weekend make me think other than this is a terrible team with a few good to great wrestlers.
  16. 141. 197. Hwt. Those weights are dead weights against any quality opponent for ASU. Solid **** is way overstating it. 133 and 149 would be huge upsets for ASU to win.
  17. Valencia looked terrible. Ness rode him the whole third and Zahid looked gas before that point. Bumped him and Norfleet up mid dual to try to steal the team win. As a team, ASU is going to be terrible this year. Would have much rather seen where Norfleet is at and let him wrestle Ness.
  18. To ASU. Quite an impressive stable of light weights they are building. The flood of recruits seems to be coming for the first time since the first class.
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