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  1. What a great class for ASU. Chlebove would be icing on the cake. The competition among each other in this class will be great.
  2. Flo originally had him moved up a spot to #8 when they posted the rankings. He must have been removed today. As for Maruca moving to 141, doubt he could get there. If so, would have moved down last year.
  3. Mason Smith not on the ASU roster. Flow updated rankings today and Smith moveduo a spot and is still listed as Arizona State in the rankings. So in other words, no idea what is going on with him. Second semester wrestler?
  4. Teemer at 141 would be very interesting. But I can’t really see him going from 141 this year to 157 next year. I believe that is the plan for him to be at 157 in 2019.
  5. Still think he redshirts. Dont think it helps the team much to have him wrestle over Maruca this year. Mason Smith is not on the ASU roster. What happened to him? Also, Josiah Kline looked good at 133. Pinned both opponents and made it look easy against Kramer. Demison looked terrible at 141. Not sure if had a big weight cut or not?
  6. ASU has theirs Friday night November 2nd. The biggest one will be Courtney vs Milhoff at 125. Maruca vs Demison could be fun. 165 is up for grabs with Valencia out. Kramer vs 125 loser could be one down the road at 133.
  7. So Hall lost in the NCAA finals because he was seeded 2nd? If only he was the #1 seed he wouldn't have been taken down 3 times.
  8. There is a third Valencia also.
  9. He and his brother want to be the next pair of brothers to lead ASU.
  10. Signed 3 top guys from California. Cleveland Belton, Sonny Santiago (2020) and Trey Munoz. There are still a few highly recruited guys considering ASU still for this years class. Feel like this is the first time where it looks like they are adding depth in the room. Keep it going.
  11. They are pulling bigger and better talent from the Northeast than the are from the West.
  12. ASU still does not have their schedule out. But what we do know from other schedules is that they wrestling Michigan, Penn State, Lehigh and Missouri. Not a bad start for their out of conference schedule.
  13. Why is ASU losing out on talent in their backyard?
  14. 100%. Valencia is the best wrestler in college right now without a doubt. The loss to Dake should have shown him he needs to work harder and get stronger to finish more of those shots.
  15. For the team, him and Norfleet both moving up probably helps. Belshay looked last year like a RS year might help him this year. At 165, does that mean its either Petersen or Ulrey with Anthony sitting out? I would like to see Shields at 157 again until maybe Teemer?? fills the weight next year.
  16. Hoping the relationship his father has with Zeke will help him keep his chance of going to ASU. Adding him to the 2019 class would really make it a nice class. Certainly the best since the first class Zeke brought in.
  17. Milhof looks small at 125, cant imagine him going to 133. I have no idea if Courtney cuts much to get to 125 or not, but the sight test makes me think he would be better at 133 than Milhof. Smith will be a huge pickup for the team. He was left off the might AA list and has a very good shot at it. I think better training partners surrounding him at ASU will help tremendously. For the team. keeping 157-184 the same would make the most sense. Have them all move up next year when Teemer can take over at 157. Belshay has a ton of potential, but the way he looked last year, seems like a RS year would help tremendously. And now for what I dream could happen........Hunter Ritter is still without a home. Coming to train Greco with Radford and then Schultz next year. Adding NCAA points there would be nice also.
  18. ASU signed a 2 year deal to wrestle Penn State by the sound of it. Attendance has been rising, the schedule getting better and the lineup deeper. Should be in the top five in 2 years. The Tempe RTC is stocked well. All is in place to keep rising up the ranks
  19. Another weight that ASU could use some help for a year or 2. With the Greco background, maybe he would like to join Schultz.
  20. Is Cheblove still wrestling? Is he going to be a part of the 2019 class? Teemer Schultz Raimo is a pretty good start to continue improving the team placement at NCAAs.
  21. Zane Coleman on board now. Going to be a loaded class.
  22. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/20385 Interesting that this article still has Chlebove committed to ASU.
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