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  1. Milhof looks small at 125, cant imagine him going to 133. I have no idea if Courtney cuts much to get to 125 or not, but the sight test makes me think he would be better at 133 than Milhof. Smith will be a huge pickup for the team. He was left off the might AA list and has a very good shot at it. I think better training partners surrounding him at ASU will help tremendously. For the team. keeping 157-184 the same would make the most sense. Have them all move up next year when Teemer can take over at 157. Belshay has a ton of potential, but the way he looked last year, seems like a RS year would help tremendously. And now for what I dream could happen........Hunter Ritter is still without a home. Coming to train Greco with Radford and then Schultz next year. Adding NCAA points there would be nice also.
  2. ASU signed a 2 year deal to wrestle Penn State by the sound of it. Attendance has been rising, the schedule getting better and the lineup deeper. Should be in the top five in 2 years. The Tempe RTC is stocked well. All is in place to keep rising up the ranks
  3. Another weight that ASU could use some help for a year or 2. With the Greco background, maybe he would like to join Schultz.
  4. Is Cheblove still wrestling? Is he going to be a part of the 2019 class? Teemer Schultz Raimo is a pretty good start to continue improving the team placement at NCAAs.
  5. Zane Coleman on board now. Going to be a loaded class.
  6. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/20385 Interesting that this article still has Chlebove committed to ASU.
  7. Zahid the man. Bring on the recruits to Tempe. The weather is great. And the wrestling and training is top notch.
  8. Norfleet and Courtney in the Jr World team finals.
  9. Millhof looked like a small 125, doubt he could do anything at 133. On my mind now after the excitement of Mason Smith transferring in, Where does that leave Navonte Demison?
  10. Is Courtney going to be big enough to have a run and compete at 133?
  11. ASU now has one dead weight covered with the possibility of getting on the podium now at 141. Now to get a 197 transfer to get Belshay a much needed RS year.
  12. It is true some guys have definately under performed, Anthony Valencia being the biggest. Maruca seemed to get a bad deal this year. Bennick really hurt but supposedly his money allowed them to get Milhoff, who really disappointed. Naser maybe could have stolen some team points at nationals, but not really expected to AA. Raimo and Chlebove if they red shirt, will never see the mat with Zahid. Too many years between top recruits and not enough to fill the gaps. Too many completely dead weight classes. Maybe Courtney and Demison can step in and earn some points Also, speaking of scholarships. The first big class will still be on the books when guys like Teemer, Raimo and Chlebove all hit campus. So why have the gaps not been filled sooner? Where is the money coming from for these 3? And where has that money been?
  13. This years recruiting class is ONE. Last years class was thin at the top. Outside of the original class, they have not gotten top talent. Top talent wins titles. What are the reasons for this? Is it money? Location?
  14. Brandon Courtney will give ASU more fire power from 133 for sure.
  15. Courtney, Demison and maybe Teemer could add some solid points to the Sun Devils totals.
  16. 2018-19 team will be deeper. Courtney at 133 Demison at 141 Daniel at 197
  17. Sure would be nice to see Maruca cut to 141. Way too tall for that though. 141 seems to be the biggest hole for ASU this year.
  18. So you are saying last season will play a role in the seeding for this years tournament?
  19. He wrestled in Tempe last year. It was later in the year, but Idont know of reasons they would hold him out at home.
  20. The rankings have already reflected Hall losing to Valencia. So there is that
  21. Unless Valencia loses on Sunday, I dont see any way that Hall and Bojo dont meet in the Semis at the NCAAs
  22. Lame excuse. Shame on anyone who uses or even thinks of that as an excuse
  23. Nasar looked really good. Hope he stays healthy. Could surprise and make a nice NCAA run to secure a Top 5 finish for ASU. Will they let Belshay or Norfleet wrestle? Both those guys just totally over match anyone ASU has at those weights. 141 looks like a dead weight too. Villareal has really disappointed. Its too bad a 149 guy cant suck down to 141. Highly doubt they pull Demison's redshirt to go 141.
  24. Maybe not breakouts, but comebacks. Millhof and Tsirtsis will be interesting to follow. The boost from them in the team points could be huge.
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