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  1. He stopped wrestling because of concussion problems is word I got
  2. 2019 looks great with 2 top 5 recruits verbally committing so far. The problem is, need to figure a way to not go 5 years between these great classes. Had some bad luck with some guys like Bennick and Olivas, but still losing some guys should not affect you so much.
  3. Nice pickup for the Sun Devils. Most likely the best option to start the season at 197 for them. Could see Demison starting right away at 141 also. And if Shields and the Valencia brothers move up, the team suddenly doesnt have the problem of dead weights they had last year.
  4. Mathers beat Maruca 8-6 at the public wrestle off. Mathers opened the year at 149 for ASU against Northern Colorado. He got pinned and never heard from him again.
  5. Mathers left ASU. Not sure the reason or if he officially transferred anywhere else.
  6. Per Flow.....Any ideas? Little bit of good Sun Devil News please. Havent had any in some time.
  7. Lets not forget how many national titles he won in HS and that he was a member of the USA Cadet World Team. Pedigree is there. Really seemed like the head was there also. But people screw up and some come back from their mistakes stronger. Lets hope for the best for him.
  8. I see now it looks like he is working out in the Minnesota room.
  9. Lance Benick has said he is training to get back in shape to get ready for the college room. Still lists Tempe, AZ has a hometown along with Minn. ASU has done nothing to solidify the weight up there for 2017-18. Is he headed back to the Sun Devils after a year off/suspension/personal reasons or whatever this past season was?
  10. Sun Devils? Cmon, I need another big time recruit into the starting lineup next year.
  11. Beard to ASU. Big hole up there at he upper weights. Come join your fellow PA alum in the valley of the sun.
  12. If he red-shirts next year, he can step right in when Tsirtis leaves. Come win in the West. Forks Up
  13. Lets hope he comes to his senses to stay in state. RBY leaving the state was such a disappointment
  14. Looks like Zahid will move up a weight. ASU does have some good guys in the room, but I doubt anyone can match the quantity of quality guys that Penn State has.
  15. If the middle all move up a weight, 184 will be filled by Zahid. Leaving 197 as the only hole at the top, a very large hole.
  16. Moving the 3 all up would be great. Anthony didnt exactly look big at 165, Is he strong enough to compete at 174? Maybe a transfer for 197 in 2018? On the recruiting front, really need a top class in 2018. Losing Bravo Young to Penn State really hurt. Cade Olivas having to give up the sport hurt. And Julian Chlebove is still 2 classes away. Naser was hurt at the end of the year, back I believe. And yes, a steady move up the team rankings needs to happen first. 5 AA would be nice next year and very attainable.
  17. Hall has 2 more years and took a huge step forward this year and was really the only positive from the tournament. A shame for Zahid, but it happens and he comes back next year to do greater things. Anthony was a major disappointment. Shields looked like he could do magical things at the tournament and he fizzed. Maruca shocked the world and hopefully gets stronger. Now on to next year. 125 Millhof steps right in and AA hopeful 133 Nasir looked very average 141 Villareal looked very below average, doubt Maruca has any chance to cut to here 149 Would hope Tsirtsis could cut to here 157 Shields needs to get more consistent 165 Anthony needs a better gas tank 174 Zahid needs to keep doing what he is doing 184 Dead weight with nothing in sight 197 Much of the same. Losing Benick really hurt 285 Hall continues to get stronger The 2015 recruiting class was #1 and showed well this year. It was a nice building block. The 2016 was nonexistent. The 2017 class has Courtney (133), Demison (141) and Norfleet (184/197) headliners and very much needed weights. All 3 need red shirt seasons and all 3 are no lock to AA in year one on the mat. Now much to the question. Can the West win? How can you possibly when you go years between elite recruiting classes? You cannot. So how can you open up all the money elite schools are presumed getting to get class after class? Arizona seems like a good place to lure talent, there is a good freestyle program with a lot of good post grad and coaching around. What is holding ASU back from getting great recruiting class after recruiting class?
  18. The top recruiting class in the country 2 years ago produces 5 Pac 12 champs. I would say that is pretty much just what they were hoping for. Shame Bennick didnt work out. 2018 will add 2 more AA contenders to the lineup. Seems like they are headed in the direction that mapped out 2 years ago. Also, 3 very good recruits coming in for the 2017 class.
  19. I think Anthony stays at 165 and Zahid could move up if he wants.
  20. Old Marine has always been spot on about the Sun Devils. Always seems to have the inside scoop. So it sounds pretty sure to me if he is saying it.
  21. A Rasheed or a Stout from PSU would be nice. 184 and 197 are just too big of holes for the Sun Devils. Nikko has been a major disappointment on top of that
  22. Thanks for the update. I appreciate all your info on the Sun Devils.
  23. Its going to be big where Hall gets seeded. Would much rather not have to face him until the finals
  24. Going to be a nice package deal of Stoker and Early
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