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  1. Woo some wild predictions already. Snyder so scared of Cox he’s gonna bump to hwt? Coon who was annihilated by a much younger Gable is somehow going to make the freestyle team?
  2. Yeah they shouldn’t have thrown the brick. Too many coaches are too emotional. Need to be smarter than that.
  3. Steveson was absolutely 100% robbed of the 4 pointer. Another obvious example of corruption. He could’ve bounced back from it though, but didn’t. Still needs to mature.
  4. They’re only journalists when they want to be, such as when accepting journalism awards. Otherwise they claim they’re not.
  5. It takes a a real tough manly man to defend hitting/slapping/shoving a kid. Not like those girly men who’d never hit a kid. Let them know who’s boss.
  6. This isn’t even historically accurate
  7. 100% should not ref anywhere ever again.
  8. Hope it’s a a mistake and he’s a better person than that. This would set the Gophers “comeback” back a long time. It also could and maybe should cost Eggum his job. Another scandal involving multiple wrestlers so soon after claiming to rebuild based on character.
  9. He has a different sense of humor than you and most people. He also takes wrestling more seriously than 99.999% of wrestlers. Nothing is wrong with him.
  10. From when the challenger believes the points should’ve been awarded. It’s not difficult to understand for people with average reading comprehension skills.
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