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  1. It’s pretty sad. Obviously there’s a lot of factors that led to this. I think Eggum is probably a good and nice guy, but doesn’t have the best personality to bring in top recruits. Especially if they’re not from the midwest. I think their wrestling style hasn’t adapted much since the early 2000s whereas other more successful programs have. They’ve been bad on bottom for years. I think they need to branch out for their coaching staff for different perspectives. 4 out of 5 of their listed coaches are all former Gophers, and the only one that isn’t pretty much wrestled with the same style. I’d love to see them go after a big young name from outside the program. If Eggum can’t do that then it’s time for him to go. He’s had plenty of time to recover from the scandal, but hasn’t done much. I don’t think anyone believes Bobby/Gable would’ve went there if they didn’t live 30 minutes away.
  2. Another fun fact; Gable is younger than Mason.
  3. This post is creepy, weird, and embarrassing for an adult to make.
  4. Fun fact; Mocco was the same age when he was a freshman finalist as Gable is right now.
  5. Why not Minneapolis? This is pretty upsetting
  6. Yes, hopefully temporarily, but depends on how long this all lasts.
  7. If you wanna directly help someone in Minneapolis, feel free to donate to me. Just lost my job in the restaurant industry today because of the virus. You won’t get $1000 worth of beer though.
  8. God forbid they lose their extra family vacation income for a year. Not like there’s people out there losing their only full time jobs over this
  9. Gable Steveson...best 0x champ ever? He wanted to win a championship at home in mpls, but now he might never wrestle folk again
  10. Yes it should go back to mpls ASAP. I’d love it if they had it there next year and push stl & detroit back a year each. If it does go back to mpls it should still be in US Bank stadium, but they should def figure out a better mat layout.
  11. When’s the next open NCAA wrestling finals? 2023? It better go back to MPLS.
  12. This wasn’t really confusing. Kem was clearly the one in danger and the ref was clearly counting. Kem didn’t know what color he was and thought he was putting the guy on top of him in danger? By all accounts, he’s a great guy, but maybe he’s not that bright.
  13. Seriously. Gable made 5 attempts at takedowns and easily score on 3 of them. 1 was only stopped by the scorers table and the other he might’ve ended up with had it not gone OOB. Parris got to Gables leg a few times but wasn’t ever really that close to scoring until Gable just wisely gave it up right at the end when it didn’t matter. Gable was also close to getting NF with his tilt at one point. Mason better improve a lot really fast.
  14. If Parris is going after Gable the whole match, Parris is going to get majored.
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