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  1. simple

    CKLV Discussion

    Hope it’s not that. Pretty selfish to ask a guy to redshirt when he’s already that old so you can maybe win a team trophy.
  2. simple

    CKLV Discussion

    Why is Tanner redshirting at 25/26 years old?
  3. simple

    Florida to allow backups in postseason

    Good way for the rich to get richer. Should’ve just realigned/increased district sizes. Don’t complain about byes when you put 5 teams in a district and 4 advance.
  4. simple

    What's the story on Alirez?

    There’s no way he stays with northern Colorado
  5. simple

    Beat the Streets was a circus show

    I’ve watched all the videos and interviews from BtS and this is what I’m getting out of it... confident, honest, black man = classless
  6. simple

    Beat the Streets was a circus show

    What did JB do?
  7. simple


    I saw some stat that 29/32 first round NFL draft picks were multi sport athletes. How many NCAA wrestling champs from this year were multi sport athletes in HS? What about AA’s?
  8. simple

    US OPEN-freestyle discussion

    Meh, Dom uses his size/strength to straight push out Gable. Wasn’t attempting to wrestle at that point, just push.
  9. simple

    Jake Varner at hwt

    He's bigger than Varner, but he's not 280 or even 270. Hoping to see Varner vs Coon in the finals.
  10. simple

    US OPEN-freestyle discussion

    https://twitter.com/FloWrestling/status/989948709298356225 Skill's there. Not strong enough, yet
  11. simple

    Coon vs Steveson

    How bold of you to share that after the match
  12. simple

    US OPEN-freestyle discussion

    I think Gable's biggest issue going forward in the senior level is his lack of size. He's relatively short and doesn't exactly have a huge frame. He's as skilled & talented as any American hwt, but it's hard to overcome 4-5 inches and 30-40 pounds when guys are that good. He's going to need to add Snyder type strength while keeping his quickness and skillset. I think come 2020, it'll be a tossup between Gable, Coon, and Gwiz.
  13. Uhhhhh one you lock in the lineup before the dual starts, the other you lock in each wrestler immediately before each match. It’s just removing the coin toss & making both coaches “announce” at the same time
  14. How about if the coach from the team receiving the fft can correctly guess beforehand which weight the other team is going to fft, they get 742 points?
  15. Sure whatever, or at that point the wrestler just checks in & walks on the mat like normal since there’s no games to play