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  1. simple

    NW vs Mich - Rivera wrestling Micic

    Maybe Rivera wanted to learn about his own weaknesses and address them before the NCAA tourney. Hard to do it with every good 125 sitting out against him.
  2. simple

    Best at 157 in College

    I like ppl holding Nolf’s freshman losses to IMart against him, but not Dakes multiple or JB’s many early losses against them.
  3. simple

    High School Wrestler Attacks Coach...Brawl Ensues...

    You only verbally warned someone for a clear punch? You’re exaggerating or you’re a terrible ref.
  4. simple

    Pat Downey "Uncut" interview

    Flo is lame for giving this so much guy attention. It’s easy to own up to your mistakes in an interview where you want to come across as a good guy & changed man. Similar, but on a different scale, to DeSanto apologizing after every match yet continuing to do the same thing. He’s the same as he’s always has been. There are plenty of wrestlers who grew up with worse/crazier lives and are great human beings.
  5. simple

    Lack of Transparency

    If Vegas and the gambling world cared about wrestling, this might happen. Until then, it won’t.
  6. simple

    South Beach Duals - opportunity

    Steveson over Wood 9-4
  7. simple

    Flo pro family plan??

    Not anymore. Just one at a time
  8. simple

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    I believe a lot of them were racist people who were booing. Unfortunately wrestling has way too many of these kinds of people, especially in the older generations. I’ve also come across a decent amount of refs who are also on a narcissistic power trip and wish they were cops.
  9. simple

    CKLV Discussion

    Hope it’s not that. Pretty selfish to ask a guy to redshirt when he’s already that old so you can maybe win a team trophy.
  10. simple

    CKLV Discussion

    Why is Tanner redshirting at 25/26 years old?
  11. simple

    Florida to allow backups in postseason

    Good way for the rich to get richer. Should’ve just realigned/increased district sizes. Don’t complain about byes when you put 5 teams in a district and 4 advance.
  12. simple

    What's the story on Alirez?

    There’s no way he stays with northern Colorado
  13. simple

    Beat the Streets was a circus show

    I’ve watched all the videos and interviews from BtS and this is what I’m getting out of it... confident, honest, black man = classless
  14. simple

    Beat the Streets was a circus show

    What did JB do?
  15. simple


    I saw some stat that 29/32 first round NFL draft picks were multi sport athletes. How many NCAA wrestling champs from this year were multi sport athletes in HS? What about AA’s?