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  1. lol, you just believe everything everyone that’s “known” says without any reference, source, or evidence? Ooook. God forbid they get called out when they can’t back up what they say.
  2. Could it be because people care more about the Olympics and train(& juice up) specifically for it. TBH, I think JB would’ve lost to any top 10 guy in the repechage. He was heartbroken. Maybe if he had John’s rules he would’ve bounced back though!
  3. Get what? That’s a different point that obviously favors Jordan in the overall argument, specifically when talking about worlds. I’m certainly not arguing against that point.
  4. Source: “trust me bro”
  5. Who? Source? How many world champs are there? How many Olympic champs are there? This is a terrible argument. Do people just ignore the whole qualifying process when making that argument? The same number of wrestlers who try to win world medals also try to win Olympic medals except in less weight classes. That’s like saying it’s harder to win a state title in Illinois since they switched to 3 classes than it was when it was 2. Sure, there might times where a weight or two would be “harder” to win, but they’re exceptions. Worlds is known for being easier the year after the Olympics…why’s that? How come top wrestlers sit out worlds sometimes when completely healthy? Why don’t they do the same for the Olympics?
  6. Qualifying for the Olympics when people are consolidating into weight classes is part of process and a big reason it has a higher level of competition overall. JB has one Olympic medal in three attempts. To pretend one of the attempts doesn’t count bc he failed make the team is hilarious. John didn’t compete at the 84 trials for the record. Lee Roy did though. If he did, that’d bring up a whole ‘nother stupid argument. Do people’s losses before they hit “final form” count in something like this? If Steveson went on to win a bunch of titles would people hold it against him that he lost to Gwiz as a teenager? who’s the goat? Idk. It’s completely subjective based on everyone’s own criteria. Neither is clearly above the other. Jordan’s made a bigger impact on the overall success of USA wrestling as a whole than anyone else though. imo at least
  7. Here’s a simple fact… Burroughs is 9/9 for worlds medals and 1/3 for Olympic medals. Ask him which generally has a higher level of competition.
  8. You might have a point if the goal was to win a match or finish in the top 6 or something. We’re talking GOATs though. We’re talking winning the whole thing. Are you saying it’s easier to win an Olympic title than world title? If so…lololol
  9. I mean Jordan had wrestlers from Puerto Rico and Canada during his one and only Olympic win if you wanna talk about competition. Neither of those two opponents wrestled any former Soviets to get to Jordan. Jordan only wrestled one former Soviet; Tsargush.
  10. If it’s who would win head to head at their peaks, then its Steveson
  11. lol my pick is gable dan
  12. It’s a dumb totally subjective argument. Both are top tier. Jordan had to change weights bc he couldn’t even make the team, DNP and DNQ at the last two olympics, and has taken a handful losses. He has more golds, more medals, did it through completely different rule sets, and prevented DT & KD from potentially being in the same conversation though. John was able to win one of his medals despite taking a loss, got to wrestle when people were dispersed over 10 weights, and only had to deal with one Soviet per tournament. He went six for six though and has more Olympic titles in less attempts.
  13. If the weigh in takes place in the “bullpen” right before people are sent to mats then no extra time is added, but it would need a referee there.
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