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  1. Maybe Hahn can go try to salvage things
  2. The answer is in this thread. Anyone that knows what KJ’s actual job and title are knows he was acting as both a rep of USAW and as J’Den’s coach. He’s not some paid personal trainer. He’s the head USAW developmental coach for senior men’s freestyle at the OTC which is J’dens primary club/team. J’den was their only rep at the tournament.
  3. Why would Max transfer from one team he can’t crack the lineup in to another with the same scenario
  4. Don’t worry guys I figured it all out. J’Den has to travel individually to Gadson then Moore then Snyder assuming he beats Gadson & Moore. Gadson picks the first time & place, Moore picks the second, Kyle the third. J’Den has to make weight. No one else does. Win or lose, everyone gets to keep their national team status and stipend.
  5. Oooooh change to post tournament weigh in. Now that’s an idea
  6. People won’t accept this bc it’s not traditional and they don’t like the occasional bye. No logical arguments against it.
  7. They don’t actually need to redraw the bracket. Especially for these types of small tournaments which are essentially winner take all. Someone would just get a bye now. Not a big deal. We don’t reseed if someone can’t wrestle a 2nd round match. Why do we need to just bc it’s a 1st round match?
  8. Does Jimmy Cinnabon pay his debts today? Assuming they have any money.
  9. According to some Facebook groups Grecojones has scales, a split tongue, and a tail.
  10. Lmao at you telling other ppl they don’t understand wrestling and then calling Gable slower.
  11. That’s a really great logical evidence based succinct point you got there. Stereotypical ad hominem.
  12. Says the guy who said Sadulaev would win 125 right now despite the fact that he couldn’t win 97 after moving up until he had almost two years to adjust. I’m as big of a fan as J’den as anyone. I think he’s better than Snyder and has a legit shot vs Sadulaev. It’s not disrespectful or delusional to say he wouldn’t beat one of the top guys in the world that has 40-50lbs on him. Especially since J’Den just moved up to 97kg himself. If J’den goes back down to 92 he’ll win the next 3 world titles. Probably with relative ease. I think he’ll stay at 97, beat out Kyle, and go back and forth with Sadulaev though.
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