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  1. If Parris is going after Gable the whole match, Parris is going to get majored.
  2. Yes Gable seemed very complacent getting destroyed by Coon and Gwiz then destroying Coon and losing by criteria to Gwiz
  3. Yeah, there’s a good chance DT never even qualifies for the Olympics. It’s gonna be pretty hard for him to be some transcendent recruiter when when there’s guys like Snyder, Cox, JB, & Dake out there. Maybe Spencer Lee is the guy down the road.
  4. He was clearly not going to chase Traub who was content to not wrestle. When Traub engaged, Gable got anTD. Traub is also ranked and has beaten Singletary btw(to treep). He’s not the reason they lost the dual and he’s not the only Gopher who looked tired late. I think it’s safe to assume they’re not exactly at their peak right now.
  5. Gable just beat Traub significantly worse than anyone else has this year, including Cass & Hilger. Not sure why people are getting down on Gable. Like Snyder, he’s never been a pinner.
  6. Lee chooses neutral in the 3rd in a 2-2 match. His lack of confidence & ability on bottom cost him the match.
  7. Sasso last beat Lee in February of last year, not a month ago. Anyways, they might wrestle tomorrow. I’m predicting a Lee duck though. If Lee sits out vs Sasso & Lugo is he now the #1 seed at B1Gs?
  8. Did you just discover sports? That’s what happens. Praise when they win, criticism when they don’t.
  9. That was Hunter Marko. He’s now at SDSU
  10. I named the teams that finished 2nd and 3rd. Once again, congrats to the Iowa team, which neither you(mr omega) nor Vak have anything to do with, on their excellent performance in this mediocre tournament!
  11. Looks like I struck a nerve. Congrats to the team on beating #16 UNI and UR Illinois by so much. What a tough tournament it was this year!
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