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  1. There was more than just that quote
  2. Ahh this was great, especially because of how arrogant and dismissive one of the announcers was on btn
  3. Take “Wrestleknownothing”’s name literally. Based off what they’ve said in this thread they have no idea what they’re talking about and have reading comprehension issues.
  4. Honestly that would likely be the best person in the world for him to train with.
  5. If you wanna count Fisher then Imar also beat JB. Lewboo is an Olympic Gold medalist
  6. Which Americans did John lose to after he started his senior run?
  7. Isn’t this whole Japan team 3rd string? Pretty insane they could put together 3 different teams and have the top 3 team scores.
  8. He can never be THE goat with a senior loss to Marable
  9. He also doesn’t have a “size” advantage. They’re the same size. Almost mirror images of each other physically
  10. Maybe they should score a deal where they have middle schoolers going door to door selling Flo subscriptions
  11. Who cares. He lost in the quarters at the wtt to a guy that didn’t win it. How would Hidlay have done? How would McFadden have done?
  12. Sometimes you wrestle on paper. Sometimes ppl on the internet wrestle for you.
  13. Not well enough to offer monthly subscriptions or pay per event apparently
  14. Dang US can’t even win a 1/3 real world championship
  15. Did DT give Yaz a butt slap after the L
  16. Bro we know. There are lots of people that don’t want to or can’t pay $150 bc they don’t think they’ll use it more than 2-3 times
  17. HS coach to kids on their team, “everyone check out this uww ranking series tournament coming up on Flo next week! Only $150….” Lol
  18. I don’t care about watching those other things either so there’s at least two!
  19. Just ftr because it keeps getting brought up, Sadulaev is not 25 years old. Still #1 p4p, just not 25.
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