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  1. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/18700 What does this do to the future of the program?
  2. Anyone know anything regarding the knee injury to Cox? How long will USA wait until they have to tell Taylor he's the next man up?
  3. Ramos took 0 shots in the first period, and not much more in the second. looked as if the referee had it in for Garrett, his calls shouldn't be the deciding factor at the end of the match
  4. Few were as exciting as the explosive Tyrone Lewis of Okie State. Tough loss to Letters of Lehigh in finals was heart wrenching, but he was a bolt of lightening on the mat.
  5. A few years ago before the Xmas break, I brought our northern VA high school team out to a fantastic tournament in Kansas City, the Toshiba Midwest Classic. It had great competition and an excellent format which ensured that the better kids got similar competition, and the other kids were pooled with kids of similar ability. I am trying to find some point of contact for this event online, but have not had any luck. I believe the event was sponsored by USA and Dollamar in 2011 (USA Wrestling and Dollamur Kansas City Wrestling Classic). Anyone know someone I could contact to see if this event is still up and running for 2014?
  6. Anyone out there with any NCAA wrestling tickets they are not going to use? I've gone to every NCAA tourney since '92. I always take some of my high school kids out to the tourney, (an experience that indoctrinates kids into the wrestling culture). My traditional sources of tickets (various college programs in VA) have been sold out from day 1. If you have tickets at or near cost please contact me at roy.hill@fcps.edu
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