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  1. The rules. How does a shot clock point win in criteria over an offensive push out? The Turk just squeezed Cox as hard as he could for 30 seconds and wins off of that garbage?
  2. This sport is a complete joke. Coaches are a joke for not knowing the rules, athletes are a joke for not knowing the rules, rules themselves are a joke. Wow.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Yeah it's just tough with one ticket.
  4. I'm looking for one all-session ticket to the NCAAs. Anyone have one available? Will pay more for section 222 (already have some tickets there). Thanks
  5. I agree with everything you said except the implication that the Hendricks match presents the same issues as the miller match.
  6. I see facts. Everything posted that is "negative" about him on this thread stems from the fact that he lost. No one dislikes him. He is a great wrestler that goes after it. Love watching hom and he is great. Do you think oj Simpson was innocent or that he was just the beneficiary of the system?
  7. He should be proud of making the finals (don't remember who if anyone said that) - he did all he could - but it's just a fact that he should not have made the finals.
  8. No one is bellittling him. Ugh no use in explaining to those on this board, but if you lose, you shouldn't be in the finals. Nothing against the guy. He is great, but he didn't deserve the finals because he lost.
  9. When you lose in the quarters, you don't deserve to be in the finals. That is clear as day.
  10. Since there were asterisks in your post, I assume you meant "I agree with" and "******* because Realbuto is a nice guy, but thank you", respectively.
  11. Complete joke. I guess there isn't much he can do, but if I were him I could never in my life claim I'm a finalist with a straight face.
  12. I think that is incorrect. Realbuto and Cornell also had an obligation to know the correct score. And if he could have gotten backs, he would have. But in any event, that is irrelevant. Anything Realbuto does form here on is tainted.
  13. Very good point. You should not have to use a challenge for a scoring error. Just ridiculous.
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