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  1. this story comes from 2012? thats 15 years after college supposedly changed it's ways... when 3 people died but i agree college is still in a better place than that time but i agree MMA is worse... and its understandable with the money involved
  2. violence is ok you are saying? in two instances here by other people. but desanto standing up for himself is not.
  3. cancel culture is when someone is cut out, boycotted b/c of their beliefs so in this case.. b/c of being less than perfect. i think we would be surprised at how many less than perfect wrestlers there are but im not really surprised.
  4. wait, so its ok for that guy to swing but not ok for desanto to walk into a guy that actually hit him? kissing yes, it's discouraged beahvior.
  5. speaking of what wrestling doesn't need. people dying from cutting weight is what we dont need. I always admired him. this story doesn't change that. but this stigma is part of what is killing wrestling
  6. no one is perfect. i bet even nolf has a skeleton in his closet. probably even cael. if we start the cancel culture, pretty soon we are left with no one. not every person in society, in the USA is a clean cut all american. dont you suppose that the proportions of types of people in the usa also exists in our sport?
  7. this year... when has he misbehaved. And I INCLUDE the minnesota match... when did he misbehave?
  8. how exactly in the match with minnesota did he act like a lunatic?
  9. wrestling doesn't need AD? I dont know anything about dryden. but i do know... wrestling doesn't need guys who just got teched acting tough and picking a fight after... Kyle Dake might have clocked that kid. and we would have thought it appropriate, b/c he doesn't have AD's background/history. and yes, there can be two schools of thought. maybe AD is a baby for the knee thing. but this is an entirely separate matter.
  10. lol so b/c you dont see it you could say that TBar isn't a homer. and b/c I dont see it I could say that scout isn't a homer. lol you prove your bias in another post.
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