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  1. sounds like some good matches who carried it?
  2. lets be big boys and stop assuming that everything is racist
  3. my tone is: how could anyone lose interest in the sport?
  4. I am starting my summer league tonight Legends of Gold in SD has been going for some time... im sure there are many others... I know of at least one other in Nebraska
  5. i heard nolf won... forgot it was on... anyone have video?
  6. Max askren and maybe Greg Jones? also Matt lindland went 0-1 as top seed lost bunny to Boston u earl something
  7. dont forget injuries... wasn't taylor injured in one of these not so long ago?
  8. yeah we know stop being a mook and dont reply if it doesn't bother you i mean, you replied to me through a comment that wasn't to you
  9. one could only hope... i would love it but most, including the wrestlers wouldn't like it much.. as baxter said it's cold on the prairie
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