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  1. i have said for years we need this kind of treatment for wrestling... to get more people involved/interested. olympic style coverage for the NCAA's. they did this for metcalf at least a little bit one year.. but it wasn't a major news source i dont think... wrestlers are tough. mean. nasty. etc... so we often discount what we and others go through just to be average wrestlers, let alone top of the world. maybe we need more people to see that...
  2. i like suriano but it didn't look like he bothered to wrestle any of this matches... just didn't do anything, but fake/parry/thrust/slap
  3. this is crazy years of doping/cheating... russia gets slap, and no one bats an eye ppl who test positive for virus not allowed to compete north koreans are banned from winter b/c they didn't go to summer b/c of virus now we think fix should be banned for one test?
  4. im confused someone with the name gowrestle is telling people to not wrestle?
  5. oh i luv your bull i just can't understand what created such an insufferable lil condescending piece of human trump like you that makes you treat everyone poorly i mean, i almost felt like i was special... but you are that way to almost everyone
  6. maybe, and im just spitballing here, and i cant fathom it, but maybe thats why he asked you... to try to improve? you know what they say about whats on the internet and even if he did find a match and didn't interpret the move the way you do... you would still say he was a fool
  7. no no keep being you, you insufferable bully no you didn't have to list 20 links he wanted YOUR opinion. one thing to look up maybe. i mean come on, you want the attitude toward greco to change. but say find your own way? get a clue. and no i dont want anything handed to me. i just want you to stop being an ***hole to everyone. by all means keep being you if you have to, to prove how smart and tough you are when you look in the mirror
  8. no, this is what you said """ there is any number of resources someone can research in this age... a ton of matches online... any real coach could find it if the are inclined, but, that is the issue... coach- i don't know it... and what i don't know scares me!!!! don't wrestle it, kid!!!! nothing gets done until that overall attitude changes in this country...""" basically, i dont have time for a dummy like you, go look it up yourself a great way to help get people involved in the so called greatest version... am i right? wow. you said he was a phony 'any Real coach could find...' so yeah, i can't think of a better way to attract ppl to something they are unfamiliar with than condescention sarc
  9. so maybe just maybe you should answer. a guy asks a question. legitimate. He actually, for some reason beyond human understanding wants YOUR opinion... again, i know, its unbelievable and you have to be an ***hole why? maybe actually be an advocate for your sport? i mean you spend enough time here, on this amazing bbs as you call it, that if you are so wonderful, probably could have taught many how to become greco gods, yet you continually waste your time being a jag off
  10. has he shown interest in gopher football? a huge gopher fan, who knows nothing of wrestling, but gable, told me that PJ is after him. I had never heard nor thought of this. I immediately thought he was full of ____, but he proceeded to try to convince me ....
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