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  1. until someone (maybe track?, but many of you hate them too) comes along to compete... it's what we have. BiG isn't going to air more. ESPN isn't going to air more... college... and NO freestyle. Hell NBC barely shows any olympic wrestling during the olympics the olympic channel 389 on dish is the best, but im getting rid of dish.. hopefully hulu carries Oly channel. I see the whole saving money thing as you might note from me switching from dish to hulu... but for wrestling coverage at this point flo is the best.
  2. i would say they are fit. I have never had a problem. every event i wanted to see was wonderful. so they are 'fit'. i have never actually watched a strictly 'flo' event. like wno or flonationals. so is that different? i do know i wouldn't have been able to see the final x (except lincoln) or any international tournament. you obviously dont read my posts. i said this in at least 2 posts in this thread. i was skeptical b/c i heard all the bad stuff. but took the chance.
  3. there used to be an admin that talked about jobs that were saved or created... is this like saving fans? keeping them... if you talked about wrestling year round... might you expose more people around you to wrestling?
  4. i bet the people at USA wrestling mean that kind of growth.
  5. money is their aim. like any business. could they make more? probably. do they have the capability with what they have to make it less inconvenient... i dont know. this is why it took me 10 years to get a sub. i didn't want something that wasn't going to work. I have had zero problems thus far.
  6. not sure what you mean... they just out to make money?... other sports are beginning to see the limitations we are?
  7. so you dont think by getting fans to watch international styles would be getting more fans? why do you limit it to only getting more people to watch college? if you talk about wrestling year round.. into both styles... dont you think you might have a chance to expose more people to wrestling?
  8. do you suppose mahomes has more followers than nfl network? cbs? fox? combined? any press is good press. isn't that the old saying. how would one grow without exposure? and really... aren't we all on here begging for more coverage? more wrestling... so yeah. keep on keepin on
  9. the thread is about growing wrestling. so no, my sentence isn't dumb. we wonder why we can't grow wrestling. now, i must admit, i did reply to more than one poster... as i stated above. so tell me, does NFL play games in the 'offseason'? because there is plenty of wrestling that took place between march and november. in fact, i would bet I watched more in that span than the college season. i do agree with people not wanting to pay, i was not willing to do it for many years... but have not regretted the spending one bit. but as far as growing wrestling.. i dont know why they people are griping about flo. pay or dont. but they are getting the sport more exposure. but if you dont pay then you dont get to gripe.
  10. perhaps no competition is the reason ... i must admit, i think i replied to two different posters with my statement... 'you wan't year round... ' but either way... i felt the same way. im not paying for it. but after i did... i watched more than i ever had... and not just nov-march. beggars can't be choosers. you either want wrestling exposure or you dont.
  11. so you are saying you want year round service, but aren't a year round fan? lol how can one only be a fan 5 months of the year.
  12. actually, i have watched more wrestling in the last year on flo... year 'round as they say... then ever before. biG carries much less than when they started... they caught the bball flu and espn only covers nationals
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