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  1. im going to have to check it out! thanks!
  2. yep there was a kid in nebraska who was going to go back to his home state to wrestle his senior year. He was too old, so he had to finish in nebraska
  3. i agree, but that is more of an american mindset you dont see the rest of the world attacking at that rate... i dont know why...
  4. great triangles in history
  5. so we should give them rifles and take over the athletic dept?
  6. also, i dont think its just wrestlers who are suing...
  7. if they are cutting the sport... they aren't providing said opportunity?
  8. why not? is it avoiding wrestling? but anyway.. i didn't see anyone say passivity above
  9. i was told stalling does not occur in freestyle
  10. the sports that matter argument is why wrestling is being allowed to die off
  11. based on physicality jordan burroughs is a heel i dont think so
  12. so a heel is anyone who beats the guy i like or do i have that wrong
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