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  1. we need innovators and problem solvers not naysayers
  2. so you think the people who thought it would be safe to play are idiots... and you dont think the person who thought it wasn't safe to play was an idiot. good thing you are in charge here
  3. so you think without the pressure from the parents he would have started the season?
  4. and yeah, so you guys are saying the other conferences, who didn't cancel, and played right away... were idiots? warren gave in to pressure and money.
  5. im wondering if academic standing... standards have anything to do with leaving the D2/D3 guys out. DI coaches may have not thought it fair to include them... seems like a reach... but just a thought it has been pointed out the number of NFL players from dII. sometimes these guys go D2 b/c they can't cut the academic side... is there anything to this? I just noticed that pSUMC beat me to this..
  6. anyone have any comment on the change to the quarantine time now?
  7. no thanks the only posturing came from BIG as usual
  8. um you did 'messes up first day'
  9. never ever give them an excuse to limit opportunities for wrestlers
  10. integrity not so high on your list? he made his change under pressure. nothing else.
  11. i dont think they said, or were actually, concerned about player safety they surely didn't posture like warren
  12. i believe he lied when he said it was about athlete safety... but whatever. maybe i shouldn't have said lies... maybe i should have said hypocrisy
  13. i just heard that DII is going to limit the number of wrestlers at nationals... fewer qualifiers... anything to this?
  14. i mean i have been told for years that having a leader who lies etc is bad...
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