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  1. GockeS

    Zain's left knee?

  2. GockeS

    Final Forfeits

    how did your transplant come out?
  3. GockeS

    Wrestling and IQ

    we can hope darwinism is about to rear it's ugly head.
  4. GockeS

    Yianni at Yasar

    yes i see what you did there. how many 3x champions look like yanni... and dont go all.. well see thats why he is so good..b/c he looks different...
  5. cool...never heard of it before
  6. GockeS

    Final Forfeits

    everyone should recognize that you have no interest.... pretty clear btw, i admitted my mistake. you never will. ooooooo did you see the logical fallacy?
  7. GockeS

    Final Forfeits

    the post that says Tbar if you dont answer my question, then this is true____________ is a logical fallacy. thus endeth the lesson.
  8. GockeS

    Final Forfeits

    yes, i learned something. dilemma is spelled with 2 m's spelled it with an n my entire life however, look at your first statement. then google logical fallacy. you might actually figure something out.
  9. GockeS

    Final Forfeits

    thats not a logical fallacy. the other post is what im referring to. read.
  10. GockeS

    Final Forfeits

    tbar, if you dont answer my question, everyone here has to realize you are a wife beater
  11. GockeS

    Final Forfeits

    if you dont answer my question, you never stopped beating her. see?
  12. GockeS

    Final Forfeits

    strawman also comes to mind
  13. GockeS

    Final Forfeits

    here https://lmgtfy.com/?q=logical+fallacies&p=1&s=g
  14. GockeS

    Final Forfeits

    might even fall under begging the question nom, when did you stop beating your wife? this is an example of a logical fallacy