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  1. i have been a fan of PSU for years. it's only since i have met some other PSU fans that I began to be a little bit the other way
  2. you: i dont like it when fans say their team will be better than our team next year. it's mean to our wrestlers. me: why? you: b/c they are wrong. me: why? you: because we are better than them.
  3. btw, i mentioned the fans. you.
  4. this is you arrogant and pompous..and dont even realize it
  5. GockeS

    Derek White -- how big?

    wish he would have stayed http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=209655696&DB_OEM_ID=100&Q_SEASON=2015
  6. GockeS

    Starting at HWT

    im thinking thats why he wanted it last... so people didn't fall asleep?
  7. GockeS

    Starting at HWT

    my wife said an engagement photo
  8. yes pish...i understand the old saying 'if ifs and buts were candy and nuts...' but what you said ...and the attitude it was said with, is why there are so many haters
  9. Soon, this tourney will be over and fans from other teams will get creative in the off season writing down names an placements for their guys and writing down how “they” are the favorite next year. It’s fun for them for sure but WE know what’s up.
  10. says the guy talking negative about other teams
  11. i thought you wanted haters to stay away... you sound like a hater
  12. GockeS

    NCAA Session 4 Thread

    i saw many that the wrestlers were still on the mat... but none like this obvious escape. the only thing i can think is the ref thought he still had his hands locked..b/c early on he did... but after watching the replay it should have been obvious to them
  13. GockeS

    Iowa loses 1 team point on DeSanto

    agreed...even when other people do worse things to you to get you to react
  14. GockeS

    Cassar = Staller

    and the raiders signed him, no less!! idiots.
  15. GockeS

    Cassar = Staller