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  1. maybe lose, being that long in the tooth. would have been a fun rivalry on the level of JB v KD
  2. it just must be hard b/c these guys already knew this at one point... b/c its how they USED to wrestle now they forgot... or are just nervous. its just hard against the best
  3. at one point blocking with the head down consistently was called NEGATIVE wrestling... this was just a few years back... and might have been a point of emphasis even.
  4. factor in the other thread... 9 of 10 times had to wrestle the russian, iranian or both... not to mention Smith lost during the olympics... but it was a different system/age JB has longevity over smith, but not over Bruce.
  5. exactly.... i think we are putting too much stock in snyder being great to evaluate sad. maybe you were right in the 1/3 world championship comment... was that you? i cant remember. but maybe 97 just isn't that tough? i know i know.. its a tongue in cheek remark. my point was missed... in the beginning... for someone who is the best at any weight ever, he doesn't do much against great competition until he has a lead JB would be after the guy until he scored. tied/down/ahead. in my book, thats better. someone making something happen, not waiting for something to happen. injured or not. and injured quite a bit.
  6. yes both shot clocks weren't sketchy
  7. you actually think there was a chance of this?
  8. i get it but sad is so good... he waits til the refs give him a comfortable lead to try anything
  9. i find it hard to feel for someone who does nothing but push
  10. of all people to not wrestle the first period...
  11. how many did the flu kill when it first decided to wreak havoc on us? it still kills 50K even tho we have mutliple 'vaccines' for it so yes tell me about the massive interventions we made for the flu.
  12. i get that. but even tho i am vaxxed, i could carry it and give it to you. so you are saying that yoiu aren't scared of vaxxed ppl?
  13. but either way its not a vaccine its a proph. like the flu shot you still need one every year... b/c of changes. there will never be a 'vaccine' for covid in the way we think about the polio vaccine
  14. does he fear the conviction of those who are vaccinated, but still give it to his son? the vax doesn't make covid go away
  15. i have said for years we need this kind of treatment for wrestling... to get more people involved/interested. olympic style coverage for the NCAA's. they did this for metcalf at least a little bit one year.. but it wasn't a major news source i dont think... wrestlers are tough. mean. nasty. etc... so we often discount what we and others go through just to be average wrestlers, let alone top of the world. maybe we need more people to see that...
  16. i like suriano but it didn't look like he bothered to wrestle any of this matches... just didn't do anything, but fake/parry/thrust/slap
  17. this is crazy years of doping/cheating... russia gets slap, and no one bats an eye ppl who test positive for virus not allowed to compete north koreans are banned from winter b/c they didn't go to summer b/c of virus now we think fix should be banned for one test?
  18. im confused someone with the name gowrestle is telling people to not wrestle?
  19. oh i luv your bull i just can't understand what created such an insufferable lil condescending piece of human trump like you that makes you treat everyone poorly i mean, i almost felt like i was special... but you are that way to almost everyone
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