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    GockeS reacted to Class in Glory ducks Iowa   
    One thing Moody totally nailed……..his insight that Cass told him he didn’t plan on being on the mat long tonight.  Love that “inside the huddle “ inside info.
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    GockeS reacted to ionel in North Carolina vs Nebraska LIVE TONIGHT on BTN Wednesday, November 17, 2021   
    If Clarke pins Red how many push-ups would be appropriate?
    BTW: are push-ups now part of the P4P criteria?
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    GockeS reacted to Timo in Soviet breakup impact on men's FS medal numbers   
    I have compared 2 time periods - 1960-1991 with 1993-2021 to estimate the impacts on medal counts for the former Soviet Union and Soviet bloc countries before and after the soviet union breakup.  It is an excel workbook with 2 pages and would print on 4 printed pages.  If you can't get excel and would like to look at, email me and I will paste it into Word or something else (timjoemcc@gmail.com).  The information is shown by country for both time frames with total medal count and gold medal count.  I found it pretty interesting to do but I am a nerd number type guy - not for everyone I know.  The several key messages are:
    * The Soviet Union won 26% of all medals and 46% of gold medals in the 32 year period from 1960-1991.  The former Soviet Union won 47% of all medals and 53% of gold medals in the 29 year period from 1993-2021. Russia performed much better in acquiring gold medals than did the other 10 countries in the former FSU that won wrestling medals.
    * The USA won 13% of all medals and 13% of gold medals in the 1960-1991 time frame.  The Soviet Union won 113 more medals than the US and 100 of them were gold during this period.  The USA won 11% of all medals and 16% of gold medals in the 1993-2021.  The US medal count dropped overall but the % of gold medals increased.  The US had 45 fewer gold medals than Russia and 85 fewer than FSU.
    * As everyone knew, the breakup of the Soviet Union led to the FSU countries dramatically increasing their total and gold medal counts.
    * I compared the Soviet Bloc countries to see what happened to them (Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia). Their total medal count went from 26% of all medals down to 6% after the Soviet breakup and the gold medal count went from 9% of all gold to 4% of all gold.  So the change was dramatic and the opposite of the countries in the FSU.  I had not realized this impact and don't know why it happened (eg. maybe the Soviet Union subsidized wrestling in these countries and the money dried up?, or ???).
    * The combination of the Soviet Union + Soviet Bloc won 51% of total medals and  55% of gold medals before the Soviet breakup and 52% of all medals and 57% of gold medals after the breakup.  So the breakup of the Soviet Union made it harder for a non Soviet related someone to win a medal but not nearly as dramatic as when you look at the FSU numbers alone.
    * One other detail, the average number of weight classes was 9.4 for the 1960-1991 period and 8.0 for the 1993-2021 period.  So the wrestling talent was more concentrated in the fewer weight classes in the post Soviet break up era (same number of wrestlers in ~85% of the weight classes).
    * Wrestling medals increased for Cuba, India, and Iran after the Soviet break up (as measured by % of total medals won).  Turkey remained constant.  Every other significant wrestling country had their overall medal count drop after the Soviet break up - including the US which went from 13% to 11% of the total medal count as mentioned previously.  Japan had the biggest drop - they went from 9% of all medals to 3% of all medals.Soviet Breakup Info.xlsx
    I can send anyone a list of all the wrestlers names, medals, weights, countries that I used if you want the next level of detail. Just email me if you are a glutton for data.
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    GockeS reacted to Casper in Is JB now the American GOAT?   
    I'll go for 6 Gold, one every time out.
    Takes nothing away from Jordan Burroughs or Baumgardner at all.
    Add in John Smiths recognition for technical excellence and you have a winner.
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    GockeS reacted to Fletcher in Which current/past coach reminds you of Cael Sanderson?   
    I remember reading a story about a wrestler coming back from the Olympics to coach at Indiana, overstaying his time in the gym one day, and Knight came in with the bball team, and got in the guys face screaming at him. It didn't end well for Knight (but apparently the two became good friends afterwards).
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    GockeS reacted to denger in Sick and tired - No more of this BS 'learning'   
    Gilman's post-gold interview had one mostly cogent reflection on "learning". When asked if he wanted a rematch with Uguev, he replied that (paraphrasing) If wrestling the Iranian was a fistfight, wrestling Uguev was a chess match...Uguev is really good at winning...I had scored enough points to win but he found a way to win...I'm pretty good at wrestling, and I kept wrestling, but I'm still learning how to win consistently the way Uguev does...Yes, I absolutely want the rematch. Gilman also had a not-so-cogent reference to what he's 'learning' that I didn't follow, but the first one made sense. Reflection is important. I'm not sure how much fans need to hear sincere reflection, but when we do get something thoughtful and cogent I appreciate it.
    Cox' post-bronze interview revealed a more specific description of when he decided not to attack on the left, which is where he know's he's best - something about recognizing that his opponent was too comfortable there and was looking to exploit that for a counter...and that he regrets that such a thought stopped him.
    As for wrestlers being gun shy/wrestling too conservatively/having too much respect for an opponent, the flip side of that is being reckless and getting countered by other elite wrestlers, kinda like Snyder did at the Olympics. We'll gripe when they're too conservative, and we'll gripe when their too reckless...
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    GockeS reacted to spladle08 in Sick and tired - No more of this BS 'learning'   
    Its impossible! 
    Plain and simple. 
    You win 30 matches in a row and then lose 1 and people say "Why didn't he wrestle in a way where he wins that one match, he should've known what he did the previous 30 matches wasn't going to work this time!" 
    It's so idiotic. 
    "I know he has a history of winning, but I know what he should be doing to actually win."
    "USA Wrestling should hire me, I would tell all our athletes that if they're just more aggressive early they'll never lose" 
    "Our elite level guys should know at this point they need to score more points than their opponents, I don't get why they don't just go out there and do it" 
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    GockeS reacted to lu1979 in Is JB now the American GOAT?   
    No one is discussing the difference in financial opportunities between when Smit and JB competed.  Back in 1992 it was difficult to make a living and still compete - not as bad as 10 years before that but still difficult.  JB is essentially a professional athlete now.  He has been making a good amount since he started and there is a financial incentive to keep going if you are on a level that JB is.  If that had existed in Smith's day would he have gone on?  Who knows?  Still it is good that those opportunities exist for todays athletes.  
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    GockeS reacted to jackwebster in Is JB now the American GOAT?   
    JS remains on top until JB hits a Metzger in competition.
    However, I do wonder how JS would have used the push out rule.
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    GockeS reacted to DuckFor2 in Sick and tired - No more of this BS 'learning'   
    Yianni is the only guy i missed this week, so i can't comment on him.
    Green is a former world medalist who literally had some of the nicest shots of anyone and simply couldn't finish, actually he lost because of giving up points off his shot. BRUTAL. He is a physical specimen but doesn't wrestle like it.
    DT, Cox and Snyder all wrestled some all timers this week and basically all of them took the wrong approach. None of them made their opponents uncomfortable, none of them looked to get after their offense early and often. They were all expecting to win 3-2, 2-1, 2-2 type matches and quite frankly that's not gonna work. I saw very few angles being created and level changes and shots below the knee for all three of these guys. Our international posters put so much emphasis on hand fighting and controlling the center and we didn't do that either. Snyder literally tip toed the out of bounds as did Cox and it cost him dearly with the caution.
    Frustrating yes. None of their performances have us clamoring to wait until the next time, we all seemed resigned that we can no longer beat these guys. It's up to the coaches to change some tactics.
    JB what more can we say. The dude is a warrior. Gwiz has maxed his body's potential IMO.
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    GockeS reacted to wrestlingnerd in Sadulaev is the best I've ever seen   
    Undefeated is undoubtedly impressive, but the more the sport evolves, the less fair it is to compare athletes separated by several generations. Also, at some point, peak performance attained plus longevity (hardware) overtakes a streak. I think Sadulaev is right there with the best ever if he is not that already and appears to be separating himself from Snyder and others.
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    GockeS reacted to AnklePicker in Is JB now the American GOAT?   
    Ummm Tsargush was a two time world CHAMPION before Burroughs beat him in 2011.  WTH are you talking about?
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    GockeS reacted to wrestlingshoe in Is JB now the American GOAT?   
    Remember, there were 10 weights when Smith won his 2 Olympic gold's and one of his golds he lost a match. With today's rules he would have been wrestling for bronze (maybe not even that as the guy he lost to lost).  JBs Olympic gold was with 7 weights. Factor in the USSR v Russia argument, as well. Smith had a 6 year senior career (including his first Goodwill Games). JB has a 10 year senior career and is still going. 
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    GockeS got a reaction from cjc007 in Daily Worlds Thread (Day 4)   
    exactly.... i think we are putting too much stock in snyder being great to evaluate sad.
    maybe you were right in the 1/3 world championship comment... was that you? i cant remember.
    but maybe 97 just isn't that tough?
    i know i know.. its a tongue in cheek remark.
    my point was missed... in the beginning... for someone who is the best at any weight ever, he doesn't do much against great competition until he has a lead
    JB would be after the guy until he scored. tied/down/ahead. in my book, thats better. someone making something happen, not waiting for something to happen.
    injured or not. and injured quite a bit.
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    GockeS reacted to HawkY in Sadulaev is the best I've ever seen   
    Yeah. All I meant was that he is not in the very small class of people who went undefeated in their entire senior careers. Watanabe did and you could argue Karelin functionally  did since both his losses were controversial technicalities. 
    Sad has the Snyder loss and the Tech Fall at Aliyev at the senior level. Sad's losses weren't  mystery points or weird rules but true wrestling defeats. 
    But a lot of people don't care about staying undefeated, they will say you left or started at the right time. 
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    GockeS reacted to wrestlingshoe in Daily Worlds Thread (Day 4)   
    The US missing the best 125 KG. With Gable, US wins. 
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    GockeS reacted to nhs67 in Daily Worlds Thread (Day 4)   
    Damn it.  Zain cost us the team title again.
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    GockeS reacted to spladle08 in Snyder/Sad Strategy Predictions   
    I wouldve liked Satiev to be in here  
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    GockeS reacted to bnwtwg in Sadulaev is the best I've ever seen   
    A counter-argument:
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    GockeS reacted to VakAttack in Daily Worlds Thread (Day 4)   
    Told ya.
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    GockeS reacted to fadzaev2 in Jordan Burroughs 6x Word Champ and National Treasure   
    About 3 years ago, I started talking up Jordan Burroughs, not just as a great wrestler, but a great ambassador for our sport.  He has grown so much on many levels, in wrestling, technically, training wise, strategy wise and more.  But he has also grown so much behind a microphone, breaking down, not only his wrestling, but his day to day plans and his family life.  What a great role model, great human being .....very special!!!  Congratulations on #6, and #9 total World and Olympic Medals.  Not sure he'd want to pursue this....it would still take a while, but American Bruce Baumgartner holds the World Record for most World/Olympic medals with 13....just dangling it out there....lol.  Bruce has 5 Gold, 5 Silver and 3 Bronze.  Perhap my favorite interview with Jordan is "Coffee with Jordan Burroughs" from Flo......great example of what I'm talking about....https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6250629-coffee-with-jordan-burroughs
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    GockeS reacted to gimpeltf in Daily Worlds Thread (Day 4)   
    Adeline wrestling Duran Duran? Should have happened in Rio!
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    GockeS reacted to WRfan1 in This is a 1/3 real world championship   
    All World Championships prior to the fall of the Soviet Union are diluted.
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    GockeS reacted to JasonBryant in This is a 1/3 real world championship   
    Give or take 40 age-group world champions in each style. How spoiled we are and how critical of our own success we are. 

    C'mon ... 
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