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    GockeS reacted to nhs67 in Chael's Greco Discussion on FRL   
    This conversation is actually pretty damn great.
    Appreciate it, gents.
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    GockeS reacted to fadzaev2 in Is wrestling the most popular sport anywhere in the world?   
    Mongolia was mentioned above, which reminds me of a Mongolian, who wrestledfor CCCP/Russia in the early 70's....Roman Dmietriev/105.5.  He was a little block of "dynomite".   I have him on super 8/transferred to video wrestling in the one of the first USA/USSR dual meets in this country @ McGaw Hall/Northwestern.  

      Representing the  Soviet Union Olympic Games 1972 Munich -48 kg 1976 Montreal -48 kg World Championships 1969 Mar del Plata -48 kg 1970 Edmonton -48 kg 1973 Tehran -48 kg 1974 Istanbul -52 kg European championships 1969 Sofia -48 kg 1981 Łódź -48 kg
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    GockeS reacted to dman115 in Vaccination retirement   
    So those on their high horse who know what is best for everyone else and think their way of thinking is how ALL people should think, please answer me this...if you are vaccinated, didn't you do your part for the greater good?  Didn't you do exactly what YOU are preaching??  Aren't you confident that you have drastically reduced the chance you will be symptomatic, and more importantly not at risk of dying?  Thus, why do you care who chooses to be more at risk than yourself??  Seriously, why does that bother you that others have different perspectives and thoughts around what is okay from a risk perspective than you?  The only thing I can think of is you are concerned for the 0.0001% of the population that, for very specific medical reasons, can't get vaccinated?  Hate to break it to you but that is the crappy hand they were dealt in life and probably have a lot more things to worry about than Covid. 
    Have yet to hear any of the pushers for mandatory vaccines be able to answer these questions...I'll wait for Billy...for kehlner, etc.
    I did my part for the "greater good" of society...to me it is on those that chose to not get vaccinated and get sick, and God forbid die.  I for one will never life in a country that forces their citizens to take a medicine they do not want to take...nor walk around with a vaccine passport...are you f'ing kidding me!?!?
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    GockeS reacted to jchapman in My idea for rule change   
    How about no points for pushouts, just keep track of them.  Then if the match ends in a tie, use pushouts to determine the winner.  If tied on pushouts, last score/biggest scoring move wins.
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    GockeS reacted to Axe_Spartan in Continuation   
    I wouldn't say every one was exactly the right call as per the rules.
    Here we see Gable initiating his own attack on Petriashvili before the georgian got his foot out, it should have been 4 for him.

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    GockeS got a reaction from cjc007 in The Champ is Saduleav   
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    GockeS got a reaction from Mphillips in Gable Steveson- Fork in the road   
    sounds like the NFL 
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    GockeS reacted to Wrestleknownothing in I wanna see…   
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    GockeS reacted to Lurker in I wanna see…   
    Video of Gable watching the match for the first time with Smith’s call during that last six seconds 
    Fake….snap….go get it.
    It’s going to be engrained in our children..
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    GockeS reacted to hou40000 in Freestyle Rules are Excellent   
    I love the rules right now. Thinking back on how the rules have changed in the past, I remember back in the late 80's you could have continuous leg laces but not gut wrenches, if I remember correctly. I remember at some point in the 90's they changed the rules so that you couldn't get points from continuous leg laces or guts. You had to score another way and then could go back to it. Then they changed it so that you could score continuously with either one. There also used to be the hand to hand rule, where if you went hand to hand when being turned, they only got 1 point. I was disconnected from wrestling for many years and then started following it again during the ball grab years. I was horrified at the rules at the time. As someone who wrestled freestyle for 12 years and enjoyed it more than folkstyle, I didn't even recognize the sport. I love where the rules are now. Maybe some of the resident experts could shed light on why the hand to hand rule was eliminated or why they went back to continuous turns. There are always tweaks to the rules that can be made, but the product now is a good one. 
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    GockeS reacted to denger in Freestyle Rules are Excellent   
    I think I'd be a fan of a step out rule. It'd be a little annoying at first, but at least we'd develop applicable mat awareness. However, I also appreciate the NCAA extended circle rules that keep folk style wrestlers in danger outside of the boundary, essentially eliminating the stall on the edge. I don't know - can see pros to both. 
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    GockeS reacted to GoNotQuietly in Freestyle Rules are Excellent   
    Having some boring matches doesn’t mean the rules are bad! There are boring games of every sport on Earth. In aggregate, these are the best rules we have had in my lifetime by leaps and bounds. We have chased the dragon of forcing action before and we ended up with years and years of gimmicky crap.

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    GockeS reacted to Lurker in Naifonov, Sidakov, and the Beslan school attack   
    Had no idea these two were in the school that day…
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    GockeS reacted to olddirty in Thomas Gilman's Energy Pathways   
    You guys dont believe in energy pathways?  Phosphogenic, aerobic, anaerobic.  All 3 get used fairly extensively in a wrestling match.
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    GockeS reacted to fadzaev2 in The Champ is Saduleav   
    Here are two names to more than just consider...... Valentine Jordanov  8 world and Olympic Gold Medals.  2 bronze and 2 silver....On the Olympic side it's 1 gold and 1 bronze...the bronze coming at the end of his career.  Alexander Medved has 3 Olympic Gold, 7 World Gold and 1 silver and 1 bronze also at the World Championships.  To me, these may be, at least in part,  the benchmarks.
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    GockeS reacted to WresFan89 in Zeke Jones and Brandon Slay   
    Some RTC’s seem to be working well for foreign delegations as well.
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    GockeS reacted to wrestlingnerd in Taylor vs Sadulaev   
    Snyder. Too big and strong and can match DT’s tank. It’s not a fair fight. 
    Sadualev would beat DT 10 out of 10. 
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    GockeS reacted to fadzaev2 in The Champ is Saduleav   
    All of the stuff they were doing is used to day, and even more.  Wrestling has advanced, but those guys could still win today, and they would be using all the things that have evolved since their retirements.  :)
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    GockeS reacted to fadzaev2 in The Champ is Saduleav   
    When you talk GOAT, I can think of some serious contenders.....Satiev of course, but people need to watch some of these guys in there prime....Arsen Fadzaev, Sergei Belaglozov, Levan Tediashvili, Alexander Medved....close behind John Smith, and I have to throw in Bruce Baumgartner just because he has the world record with 13 World and Olympic Medals and many competitions with David Gobedshvili.  Then there is Valentine Jordanov of Bulgaria.  There are great ones who only competed for a short time and were great...the one I think of is Ivan Yarigan who retired to become the CCCP National Coach for a long time.
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    GockeS got a reaction from DocBZ in Discussion thread for 65kg (m), 97kg (m), and 50kg (w)   
    did nlwc help kyle? 
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    GockeS reacted to NJDan in The Champ is Saduleav   
    If by "efficient" you mean "stand there like a statue" and wait, I'd agree. The man is ruining the sport.
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    GockeS got a reaction from NJDan in The Champ is Saduleav   
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    GockeS got a reaction from Drew87 in Discussion thread for 65kg (m), 97kg (m), and 50kg (w)   
    i would be nervous if i was wrestling sad
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    GockeS reacted to Grecojones in Discussion thread for 65kg (m), 97kg (m), and 50kg (w)   
    What the hell these refs are retarded. Hilderbrandt shoots and pass by attempt. Gets put in clock
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    GockeS reacted to Grecojones in Discussion thread for 65kg (m), 97kg (m), and 50kg (w)   
    Here we go. I got tank controlled win 6-4 with later Snyder surge.
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