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    GockeS reacted to Drew87 in Greco in a Nutshell   
    Sick “z”
    Get a thesaurus, for everyone, you use that word so much I’m beginning to believe you don’t actually know what it means. 
    For someone who claims to know a lot about greco, you do a great job about never actually engaging in technical or detailed discussion about the style…
    Just for clarification, did you ever even wrestle?
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    GockeS reacted to NJDan in Greco in a Nutshell   
    The better you know him the worse he is.
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    GockeS reacted to snapspinscore in Greco in a Nutshell   
    I took a long break from posting on this forum, but man oh man, LJB has to be the most snarky/condescending human being I have ever seen on a forum. He has got to be the most unlikeable guy on here. I don't know how some of you constantly engage with this guy; and his posting style?
    blah blah blah....
    blah blah blah blah.......
    How brutal....
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    GockeS reacted to nom in Greco in a Nutshell   
    Just watched a gold medal match … Hungary vs KGZ … the best of the best!  Zzzzzzzzzz.  
    A highlight … After passivity point .. Hungary put down and KGZ trying to turn Hungary with absolutely no hint that he will … gets to loose front headlock and Hungary simply stands up and is out … KGZ says huh?  He stood up?  Complains to ref with arms out.  John Smith tells us that standing up was fair.  LOL.
    push out and passivity point in second.  Hungary wins 2-1. John Smith quote “pushing pushing pushing’ sums up 95% of the match.  
    For those that enjoyed … I recently painted the walls of my dining room.  One patch is drying a bit faster than other areas.  An interesting dryout pattern is emerging.  An upper corner actually had a small drip form.  If interested I can keep writing …  can come over and stare at it too.

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    GockeS reacted to Class in Why is olympic wrestling so bad?   
    2 or 3 weight classes per day is stupid.  Run the Greco, MFS and WFS separately but all of their weights together at one time.  Have the media, advertising and scheduling promote those rounds as they proceed.
    Can you imagine that at some point there is a round where all MFS quarterfinals are happening together, then the semifinals become a round of epicness that you just can't miss?  There is no tournament progression, no build up to marque matches, just a huge missed opportunity to market this amazing product into something bigger and better.
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    GockeS reacted to uncle bernard in Stanford Not Cutting Sports   
    totally shocking
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    GockeS reacted to olddirty in Stanford Lawsuit   
    Like women's sports?
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    GockeS got a reaction from Drew87 in Stanford Lawsuit   
    great triangles in history

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    GockeS got a reaction from dman115 in Stanford Lawsuit   
    great triangles in history

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    GockeS got a reaction from TexRef in Stanford Lawsuit   
    so we should give them rifles and take over the athletic dept? 
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    GockeS reacted to Drew87 in Stanford Lawsuit   
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    GockeS reacted to jp157 in Stanford Lawsuit   
    I know. I’m just pointing out his obtuseness with you
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    GockeS reacted to TBar1977 in Transfer portal   
    dman, the state of journalism in this country is pretty sad right now. I read an article this morning on the South African variant Covid B.1.351. In the article there is a heading that asks 
    Is B.1.351 More Contagious?       
    The author writes that it is "thought to be" more contagious, then provides "estimates" for how much it is "thought to be more contagious". 
    By the end of the article the author writes "    As this variant is more contagious ...................."
    She basically went from something being "thought to be" more contagious to it simply being more contagious, all with the stroke of her keyboard. Amazing. 
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    GockeS reacted to ionel in Transfer portal   
    We knew it was effective but they kept saying you could still carry it and spread it after vaccine so what change in the science.  Please don't tell me we were ignoring the science before with previous rules/restrictions.   ;_;
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    GockeS reacted to fadzaev2 in Alan Fried/Fantasy Voting Junior Nationals   
    I can't believe Alan Fried is that far behind Sean Hage in the round of 16.....Alan is the only junior to win 4 junior national FS titles and one of those years he had Tom and Terry Brands and Lincoln McIlravy in his pool.  I consider Alan one of the greatest wrestlers ever from Lakewood St. Edwards and one of the greatest high school wrestlers all time as well.  He also pinned Tom Brands in the Midlands final in 1991.  
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    GockeS reacted to JasonBryant in Kyle Dake interview   
    It’s Chael ... what were you expecting?
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    GockeS reacted to hammerlockthree in Brands   
    No one knows but its what the refs tell you. 
    Freestyle reffing culture is loaded with pseudo-intellectual double think....
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    GockeS reacted to AHamilton in Thomas Gilman Injury?   
    He also gasses at the 4minute mark and has demonstrated some poor par terre defense at times.  Not a great combo for winning a medal, even at the Henri DeGlane.
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    GockeS reacted to hammerlockthree in Brands   
    Alright found it, Demas.
    Brands was excoriating the ref for trying to get involved....I sorta get it. 
    Activists refs are annoying.
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    GockeS reacted to smsu150 in Mizzou Joining Big 12   
    You think that MU losing to OU in football is the reason they left?  That makes no sense at all.  MU now has to play Alabama on a semi-regular basis, and Florida and Georgia every year. 
    I think OU beat MU by 10 the last year they played, the previous year MU beat then #3 ranked OU.  OU has a great program, and as a fan you should be proud, but at this point they are no Alabama. I loved Big 12 football, it's an exciting brand, but the Big 12 isn't nearly as strong as the SEC in football. 
    The Texas, or Longhorn network, as you also pointed out was the real culprit in MU, Texas A&M, Colorado and Nebraska leaving. 
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    GockeS got a reaction from TexRef in NCAA All Heel Team   
    so a heel is anyone who beats the guy i like
    or do i have that wrong
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    GockeS reacted to ugarte in Top stalling penalty   
    my idle mind solution: stalling on top should mean a stall call against the top wrestler, then release and reset without an escape point like freestyle. Also like @Jim L's solution, which is basically the same but without the stall. You do have to let the top wrestler accumulate or eliminate RT, though, as long as a riding point is awarded.
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    GockeS reacted to Coach Perk in Illinois   
    Hope Doug Schwab doesn't leave UNI. Love what he and his staff are doing there.
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    GockeS reacted to MizzouGrad in Illinois   
    I've thought about this a little more and have a better list of who I think Whitman will target. Unique thing about Illinois AD Josh Whitman is he doesn't use search firms at all. He absolutely loathes them and thinks you job as an AD is to hire coaches, not farm them out to some 3rd party consulting firm filled with agents and ex-coaches.
    Names in order of most likely to be targeted:
    3.) Terry Brands: This really fits the bill of what Josh is looking for. He wants to make a splash and get the entire wrestling community talking about Illinois Wrestling. Would Terry leave? I doubt it, but how many big time Big Ten jobs open in neighboring states. He won a title at Iowa, Nelson could benefit from dropping to 174lb and Terry is approaching the age where he likely never gets an opportunity again to run his own shop.
    2.) Doug Schwab: Head coaching experience, Olympian, recruiting ties in the Midwest, high-energy and can go toe-to-toe with Big Ten coaches. Illinois could likely give him a big raise, but would he leave his home state, especially with a young family? Money talks in these situations and I couldn't find his current salary but I am estimating it's around $130k per year. Illinois could easily go to $215k or more if they needed. Would he turn down a $100,000 raise and a chance to be one of 14 Big Ten Coaches?
    1.) J Jaggers: Big time recruiter, knows the Big Ten, would be a big time name. This one seems the most likely to me if I had to place a bet. Something doesn't seem right at Ohio St. and it would probably be good for all parties if Tom Ryan was able to shake-up his staff. Tervel is already leaving and I wonder if Bo doesn't try something new. Jaggers brings instant credibility on the recruiting trail and saw firsthand how Tom Ryan built a behemoth.
    Additionally, Jaggers seems like someone who can raise money, which will be an even bigger deal after COVID. Terry & Doug are not schmoozers and I can't see them interacting well with wealthy Chicago donors. The whole intense Iowa style and bragging about Casey's Mexican pizza won't impress them. 
    Who I don't expect to get the job: 
    1.) Mark Perry: From what I understand, Perry did a hell of a job recruiting nationally, but alienated a lot of coaches in Illinois. When Perry left, Hef targeted Poeta as a way to repair those relationships, but Illinois is still struggling to get the top kids to remain in-state. 
    2.) Big time assistants with zero ties: Donny Pritzlaff, Zach Esposito, Brian Snyder, etc. If Whitman is going to make an exception and hire a coach with no head coaching experience, then he at least will target someone who knows Illinois and the challenges of recruiting here. 
    3.) Imar: Too young, no HC experience and still a senior athlete. 
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    GockeS reacted to TexRef in Illinois   
    What about the Tirapelle's coming back to Illinois? They went to UofI and could bring in those tough kids from Clovis. 
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