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  1. If you list enough parameters, one can be fist at anything
  2. If he were a bit better on the mat, I would put him #1 He is one of the best "winner" we ever had though
  3. Who are the athletes that wrestle for the HWC?
  4. If the man is trying to get to be a legit 86er, cutting while trying to gain mass seems counter productive
  5. There are a set of Twins that are better than any on your list! If you don't know who they are, you don't know Huskie Wrestling
  6. Combat sports are different than those sports that are qualifying so close to the games. Boxing had their team trials in December of 19 for the games being held in 2020, Marathon had its trials in Feb. Maybe there is more than training cycle peaks and valleys, maybe the folks at USA Wrestling want some time to teach and tweak and prepare each wrestler for the big stage. Healing has a bunch to do with it as well.
  7. Please explain? Last I knew, he was living in AZ
  8. National Association of Ineligible Athletes
  9. I believe that can vary school to school.
  10. Read a bit about a lil fella that wrestled at Lock Haven. He won 4 and 3 more long before Mr.Jean
  11. Didn’t the lad qualify at the 2019 open?
  12. Wrong,,,, Ryan Mango went to a much better school
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