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  1. Actually the IOC put freestyle in the hot seat. If you recall, in 2013 the IOC dropped both freestyle and Greco form the Olympic program. One of the reasons for that was the embarrassing gender ratio. At the time, there were 14 men's weight classes and only 4 women's weight classes. When wrestling made a bid to be included in the Olympic program again, they added two women's weight classes and dropped one weight class each from freestyle and Greco. Now there are 12 men's weight classes to only six for women. Like I said a few times, I think Greco should continue to have world championships, but as far as being part of the Olympics, it's a liability that freestyle should distance itself from.
  2. One of the problems Olympic wrestling has is the male-female ratio. Wrestling has a worse gender ratio than most Olympic sports. Greco has done nothing to attract women's competitors, so it has become a drag on Olympic wrestling. I don't see why freestyle should be on the hot seat because Greco can't attract women. Greco should have world championships. But if they can't attract women they don't belong in the Olympics.
  3. How is counting women freestylers as competitors "spin"? I said from the beginning that numbers of competitors worldwide is what matters. You brought up competitors at worlds, and I pointed out that based on that standard (competitors at worlds) freestyle has a lot more. I don't know why you wouldn't count a competitor because she happens to be a woman.
  4. If those numbers are accurate, it shows freestyle has many more competitors than Greco. It looks like men's freestyle has slightly fewer competitors, but when you add women's freestyle it's not even close. Of course, like I said earlier, the true test is competitors worldwide.
  5. Diversity in medalists does not tell use very much. For example, it could mean the talent pool is shallow (allowing people to reach the highest levels without the kind of narrow focus and rigorous training required of other sports), or it could mean the rules are arbitrary and unpredictable. What really matters is number of competitors worldwide. In freestyle that number includes women. I am open to the idea that Greco has more competitors, but without any evidence I am not willing to blindly accept that claim.
  6. Okay let's say I'm totally ignorant. Let's get that out of the way. Now, do you have a link to data backing up your point? I'm not saying your wrong, I'm just wondering what the basis for your statement is. I've looked and I can't find anything showing me that Greco "is more popular and more competitive than freestyle worldwide." As far as Greco not having women's competitors, that's a fact.
  7. I think the UWW should continue to hold Greco world championships. But without women's competitors, Greco should not be an Olympic sport. The other stuff (action, how confusing the rules are, etc.) are secondary. I am interested in your statement that Greco is more popular worldwide. Where are you getting that information?
  8. As an Olympic sport, Greco should be gone. There's little action, and the rules are confusing to fans. Further, women don't compete in Greco, and that ends up driving down the women-to-men ratio of competitors. It's time for Greco to go. If the UWW wants another sport in the Olympics, I think pankration is the way to go. Here's why: (1) The UWW already holds pankration competitions. (2) As a mild version of MMA, pankration could be contested at the Olympics. (3) If it got into the Olympics, pankration could become like Olympic boxing -- a venue for young fighters to jump start thair careers. (4) Finally, pankration would be able to develop both women's and men's competitions.
  9. The fact that UWW is experimenting with changes is great. Here's why. The old FILA was set up like Putin's Russia. In Russia, you get ahead by cutting deals that line the pockets of government officials. The more money you pay and the higher-ranking the official, the better for your business. So that ends up resulting in a situation where only people born into wealth can make money, and where corruption replaces innovation as the criterion for success. The principle that much of the rest of the world tries to adhere to is different. They encourage innovation as the path to success. If you come up with a new thing people like better than the old thing, you deserve to win the market competition. So what's the result? Think of your manufactured productions - appliances, electronics, cars, etc. Where do they come from? Chances are you won't see products designed in Russia, but you'll see products designed in the US, Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc. The reason is Russia does not focus on what people actually want. They focus on paying people off. The UWW is finally trying to figure out what people want. They're trying new rules, new mats, new uniforms, and (I believe) a new presentation. They began with new rules first, and as for freestyle (I don't watch Greco) the new rules have been successful. I look forward to seeing how other innovations work out. And the UWW has lots of places to look for ideas. There's submission grappling, NCAA wrestling, and MMA. There's also sports like squash that made an Olympic push based in part on how appealing their presentation of the sport is. (See the video below). I suspect Las Vegas worlds will experiment by having a new presentation (perhaps closer to MMA-style introductions for the world finals, perhaps wrestling under lights). I really look forward to seeing how things develop in the future. As for people who think UWW can't bring in new fans. I think that's wrong. While I don't think the UWW will ever create casual fans who follow wrestling year in and year out, I think wrestling can grow as an Olympic sport. Lots of MMA fans with no prior experience talk about wrestling greats, and speculate how they might have done in MMA. They also discuss the wrestling careers of current MMA stars. With a more appealing set of rules and presentation, I think some of those fans would watch wrestling at the Olympics.
  10. I don't think Gatsalov will try MMA. Here's why. He'll be 34 after the Rio Olympics, and that's a pretty brutal age to start getting punched in the face. He already has money, and he's an internationally renowned wrestler, so I don't see him starting out at the bottom of a new sport where he won't get paid much. If the UFC signs him, it would be for a lot of money and for the purpose of generating interest in Russia. But I don't see that happening because as far as I know they don't have PPVs in Russia. So bringing Gatsalov out for one or several cards wouldn't help the UFC's bottom line. There was buzz Gatsalov signed with the UFC back in October 2011. But it didn't happen. And I don't think it will happen this time around.
  11. Apparently "Front Row Brian" asked Dake about things like MMA and Pico. Anyone care to summarize the highlights?
  12. I don't know the details of this new policy, but hopefully it will make it easier for Cuban athletes to come here to train, and vice versa.
  13. Weidman might have the best mix of wrestling and submissions of anyone in MMA. He can also strike with the best strikers in the UFC. He's basically elite at everything, and fighting him would suck. Ruth has as much MMA potential as anyone could have. last year multiple people said he was the best MMA prospect in all of college wrestling. Now all we can do is wait for him to give it a go, and see how he does. Also Cejudo made his UFC debut on Saturday, and he looked really good. He outstruck Kimura pretty decisively, and never used his wrestling.
  14. Here's a nice video of Ruth kicking something: http://instagram.com/p/wdGWgxsDDb/?modal=true Jon Jones wrote: One of the best #athletes I've ever worked with. This guy is going to make some noise in the @UFC Mark my words.. #Glad he found the best martial arts team in the world #LetsScramble #Smartguy #realrecognizereal
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