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  1. I can't think of a worse example than that Churella-Hendricks match. No pin, only two near fall on that cradle (should have been three based on the clock) and a couple bad takedown calls in the third - none worse than the one out of bounds with Churella facing in. An additional problem is that Kessell made sooo many bad calls that it clearly started to affect and fluster Churella, who then lost on a last-second takedown. Kessell was actually barred from reffing the NCAA Championships the following year.
  2. To answer the original question... What I've heard is that he hasn't been accepted into Ohio State, he needs higher TOEFL and SAT scores than what he has, and it's looking like more of a longshot to get him in there. He's living with his girlfriend near Ann Arbor, so he's currently training with the Cliff Keen Wrestling Club for the next few months while trying to sort out all of his admissions stuff.
  3. They said Assad missed weight by .1 and that Storr was a skin issue. Michigan was already light on depth with their redshirts, and have been hammered by injuries. 149, 165 and 184 were all second or third string guys today. Tough season. Supposedly Embree will be back soon and obviously Storr. Fingers crossed for Silva. Not sure what the latest is on him.
  4. That Track screenshot means he's not yet certified. Bormet talked about Silva after the Black Knight Invite today, said he's focusing on academics at the moment. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6562225-2019-black-knight-invite/videos?playing=6602959
  5. Perhaps the ability to pull HS recruits to secondary to coaching freestyle to their current and postgrad wrestlers. I’d think elite HS freestylers will know his name. I saw somewhere McHenry commented on it.
  6. Peoples’ trouble with this is that Ashnault did return his freshman year to wrestle the National Collegiate Open. So, the injury was not in fact season ending. That should have disqualified him from the medical hardship. Unless they’re looking at something different or they’re making subjective decisions. Because objectively he doesn’t fit the criteria for a sixth year. The NCAA needs to be more transparent when granting these apparent exceptions to its own rules.
  7. We all understand that you were trying to be sarcastic and funny. You just weren't.
  8. The guy dislocated his elbow in his last match at Big Tens to end his college career. Let's crack jokes about something else.
  9. Michigan's attendance suffers pretty badly when they go head-to-head with home hockey games. The athletic department closes down the lot that serves both facilities for hockey big wigs, so there's nowhere to park. So, when it's 10 degrees outside, a lot of folks just stay home and watch it online. The Wisconsin dual was similar. Others are not. You asked for a reason.... that's the reason. I wouldn't put that on the coaching staff.
  10. What's the story on Ashnault? I saw on the Rutgers board that he had surgery this summer and will "possibly" be able to wrestle this season. Seems like that should be a bigger topic.
  11. Micic didn't get the Big Ten waiver because Pariano was fired, he got it for the same reason that Pariano was fired.
  12. Silva's two future workout partners, Drew Mattin and Ben Freeman, just won out in Fargo. That's a pretty good lightweight haul Michigan has coming in.
  13. Very exciting prospect for Michigan fans. Looking forward to following him this season. Any chance he and RBY would face each other?
  14. If he does this, ie steps on the mat and defaults, does the conference keep his AQ at 125?
  15. We're calling kids busts in December of their freshman year? Tough crowd.
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