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  1. Do lung time outs work? More often than not it seems they just delay the inevitable. Anybody got a link to a match where this is not the case?
  2. Was thinking about this some more. I wonder how the data miners were defining "from space." Is a David Taylor ankle-pick from space? Is the Trent Hidlay running underhook attack from space? What about that snap-drag to outside-step head-outside single that Sajidov burned Sanderson with? Or that thing Gatsalov does when he puts up a loose collar-tie on his lead-leg side, waits for the guy to over-tie, then shoots an outside-step head-outside single? Sadulaev's (or Kenny Monday's) running fireman's? Etc. Or, it could be that my original question -- premised on the idea that you can isolate a scoring sequence from the total match context -- is incoherent. That is, a successful attack from space may only work because the guy had been taking ground via control-ties, clubs, "fightinginaphonebooth" for the first minute. Is that really "an attack from space"?
  3. To be honest, I've never been in a room that didn't explicitly discourage throws. (Lota of negatives in there . . . Sorry).
  4. Thanks for the correction. Data don't lie. I wonder why I get a different impression re the efficacy of attacking from space.
  5. What's the Brands quote from the Hokeye era? Something about looking for the best competition in the galaxy?
  6. JO's gotta have some crippling anxiety. His head-space before a match . . . I wouldn't wish that on anybody.
  7. On YouTube, there's a UPenn tech clinic with Dave Schultz. He said that if the the guy doesn't flinch after the second fake, go ahead and take the shot.
  8. Bet. I was just thinking that most of JO's matches look like the one with Pantaleo. When has that two-arm shoulder shove worked? What's it supposed to do? I think it was in a Metcalf match, but I seem to recall JO two-arm shoving himself to two passivity calls. (I could be confusing this with a Coleman Scott match . . . He does the same thing)
  9. JB was what I was thinking too. He just had the ability (and some luck . . . Thinking particularly of the Tsargush match in his first World run) to seal the deal in close matches, to flurry those last thirty seconds of a period. One difference I see between JO and JB is that JB's counter-offense/reshot after his intial attacks from space is unmatched. JO (like Coleman Scott) tends to just push the man away/restart after a failed attack from space.
  10. JO has always wrestled from space, and he has never realized the success that many thought he would have on the senior level. Is there a connection between the two? Who are some recent world champs/medalists who wrestle almost exclusively from space? The strategy seems to create close matches and a small margin for error. Stand there, look at the guy for the majority of the match, and fire off an attack based entirely on foot work. Sounds flawed. It's not like you are going to sneak up on your opponent. He's standing right in front of you.
  11. Welcome to nominalism! It's an exciting new field of thought. You should check out CRATYLUS; this Plato guy is on the bleeding edge.
  12. Absolutely. I am among the idiots.
  13. This thread is sorta hilarious.Since NCAA's and the Olympics were cx'ed, I don't stop by here much. Now, I show up and people are having the same arguments they were having in 2000. What a bunch of idiots.
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