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  1. Uhh... what did I say that was weird? I was wondering if anybody else had seen folks practicing on the reg. Re Fletcher: there is a Fight Club vibe to the private gyms in my area.
  2. Not sure of your tone, but I know a lot guys who have arranged clandestine training camps. Private mats, word of mouth ... Anybody know folks doing this?
  3. Yup, and the plague is making a comeback too. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/06/world/asia/china-bubonic-plague-inner-mongolia.html
  4. I was wondering if anybody else is slowly/rapidly losing interest in our sport bc of the pandemic. Even in the college off-season, I used to check the usual sources several times a day for updates. I would spend a few hours every week watching matches and a few more reviewing technique/training strategies. Now, I kinda don't care. E.g. I watched 1/2 of the first episode of the Cael-thing on Flo and turbed it off. Anybody else tuning out?
  5. The trans debate brings the issue into full relief. If we stipulate that both gender AND sex are social constructs, then the foundations of title IX protections start to collapse. So to does the "I was born this way" claim. How can one's sexuality be a feature of biological identity when there is no such thing as biological indentity? I understand that I have oversimplified things, but this stuff always tends to Manichean blindness.
  6. Flo's talk about recruiting classes, team line-ups, post-grad moves, etc leaves me uneasy. They need to put out content and you can only dwell on the apocalypse for so long, but the chatter seems a little head-in-the-sand. I know that a lot of this depends on what happens with football, but I don't think this year's gonna happen. I teach hs and our admin has warned us that we will not be returning to the classroom in the fall. If colleges don't and f-ball is cxed, some have speculated that NCAA wrestling might be done for good. What are your contingency plans? I imagine private clubs will carry on. They might organize locally for leagues, maybe like youth stuff. Without our connection to higher ed, what will wrestling look like?
  7. There's only so many times I can walk the dog or go for a run. You know you got first world problems when the free time to read as many books as you want, write as many songs as your feeble creativity will allow, and teach your kid every value lesson that you wish you knew at her age tastes of ennui.
  8. Not at all . . . I'm going Covid carzy. I'm so bored I'm chatting qith strangers on themat.com.
  9. Oh, and my avatar is Maxwell's demon bc I want to come off as erudite and mysterious in order to further confuse anyone -- save Palantir, google, NSA, etc, etc -- who might try to figure out who I am. The presumption that anyone might care to know who I am also betrays my paranoid arrogance, the same sorta paranoid arrogance that frames the Crying of Lot 49, the novel that introduced me to Maxwell's demon. . . creating an ouroboros of paranoid arrogance, if you will
  10. Batirov. Got two at two different weights then seemed to HEW out.
  11. It's my uncle's name bc I don't want anyone except Palantir, google, NSA, etc, etc to know who I am.
  12. Brent metcalf is talented: his results indicate this. What are his talents / gifts? Well, the things that enabled his success.
  13. Hence "tautology." We are arguing two different things because I don't agree with your premise: I think genetics, environment, development are not gifts /talent if they don't result in success. They should only be considered after the fact to determine what gifts a successful wrestler has. If you don't use hindsight to make these judgements you get commentators telling me how "talented" "explosive" "quick" Jamal Parks is and the implication that he only fails bc of things under his control: hard work, determination, grit . . . whatever Brent Metcalf has. In short, I'm tired of hearing Tim Johnson et al's soft bigotry of low expectations.
  14. I disagree. What I'm suggesting is tautological: a gifted wrestler is one that is successful or a successful wrestler is one that is gifted; an non-gifted wrestler is one that is not successful or a unsuccessful wrestler is one that is not gifted.
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