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  1. AND took a match from him. I'm not telling anybody anything they don't already know, but that series was super close. He had Smith on the ropes. Horseshoes and hand grenades, etc, I guess.
  2. Re Gardner: Whenever this topic was first posted, I said Gardner immediately, but what do you think? Jeremy Ferry? Seems like there were a bunch of GB kids during their early aughts run who might be goatish. The Grundy HVY? Or what about Andrew Clement -- my personal favorite who also bears mention in the "could have been" discussion. Adam / Aaron Mik? Your fave Gray Simons?
  3. Must have maxed out physically and technically by his senior year of hs.
  4. That was my point in the post above. "Could have beens" are often better understood as "weren'ts."
  5. Yup, but -- slightly different topic -- I'm always amazed at the skill gaps among the elite of the elite. When we wrestled Good Counsel, they had both Snyders. Both were so much better than our kids -- state placers fwiw -- that it was impossible to tell that one would be an Olympic champ while the other an average DI recruit. Against our kids, both were equally unbeatable. Then you have a one-of-one who has owned the other one-of-one. I know this is a bunch of platitudes, but I just got caught up thinking about "could have beens" and the extreme rarity of Kyle Snyders.
  6. Similar sorts of shenanigans used to go on with the pinch and hydration tests. I have no first hand knowledge, but I have heard that things are more legit now. Do you know if gaming the opc is still common?
  7. Bet. Any time I have been subject to "random" drug tests, they weren't exactly random. I have had "random" drug tests as a part of a sobriety program (I'm an alcoholic). But, it didn't take very long to figure out the pattern. (Maybe, it was just the counseling center where I went. IDK.). In school, we had some guys on the team who partied periodically (meth). They swore that "they" -- whoever was doing the drug test -- would only call early in the morning on certain days of the week. If you didn't answer, "they" went to the next person. I was skeptical; but when my number came up, the phone rang bright-n-early on a Tuesday, and I had to go in. I forget exactly, but I think the folks who didn't answer had to test at some point. It wasn't the same day though. These guys' particular drug of choice didn't stay in their systems long enough to show up. Re this weight monitoring proposal: I think it would be most effective if the random tests were administered waay more often than the drug tests, like every week for five rostered guys.
  8. I like it. A lot. Promotes healthy living. Neuters dehydration. Saves practice hours. Shaves an hr + off arrival times. Details though. You would need to have a national disinterested bureaucracy to maintain the random draw, keep track of the weights, and enforce the rules. Like the opc with messier data.
  9. Coleman Scott did it, too. Both are/were trying to maintain space without backing up, without looking passive. It's irritating bc both guys score more often from elbow ties than from zero ties. Maybe the idea is to create more opportunities to get to the elbow tie before the opponent completely clamps down with the inside tie (Metcalf). Idk. Like I said, it looks like a movie fight.
  10. Agree. Here's a new rule: increase the out of bounds area by 10 feet so that nobody ever touches the hardwood.
  11. It's that time of year, again: JO comes up short, and I try to figure out why. Maybe I'm just a fan that keeps hoping for some breakthrough that's not in the cards. You know what his style reminds me of? Super-hero/action-movie fights. When Hulk and Thor fight, they both close the distance and then proceed to kick, punch, throw the other across the screen and chase em down to do the exact same thing again. Why not just grab the dude, ground n pound, and strangle them? JO does something similar: he closes the gap and then does a two-arm shove. Repeat. IDK I also root for the Washington Football Team. Just a frustrated fan.
  12. I'm not sure how to assess this claim bc what we mean by "anxiety" and "depression" didn't exist until the late 20th C (the DSM wasn't published until 1952). Poetry, plays, and novels were, however, associated with stuff like Dyonisian ecstasis, demonic homosexuality, and "hysteria." But, yeah, perpetual distraction can't be good (e.g. A few years ago, a Stanford study found that multi-tasking gives you brain damage). It's different and, you're right, adults are susceptible, too.
  13. My dad likes UVA BBall. He's a racist. There ya go, nom.
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