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  1. Re HEW: Burning out as an athlete after 14 years and burning out as a coach after (believe it or not) 14 years, I'm getting the itch again. This time I want to coach little league. Little league coaching is attractive to megalomaniacs who fantasize of building champions from scratch. It's like, "If only I didn't have to break bad habits, deal with the mind warping effects of past successes and failures, outrun the eligibility clock, etc " It IS a fantasy and probably a poisonous one, i.e. living vicariously through elementary/middle schoolers. But, I have thought about how I would do it differently: more attention to kids' stress levels, more play, more slow rolls, more time developing athletic movements, more work with nutrition, more work with injury prevention and recovery, fewer competitions, fewer weigh-ins, less attention to weight classes in the practice room and in competition, more one-on-one technique, etc. Don't tell anybody bc it's embarrassing, but I might even have a few word docs detailing "a program." But, again, it's a potentially dangerous fantasy. Anyway, the one strategy that I'm really interested in is "chasing competition," i.e. identify the wrestler you want to beat and chase him around until you do. I've heard this is what cattle-prod Kolat and honeymooners Ferrari did. So, it's been done before by the looniest of the looney. Yeah, I want to limit competitions to the ones where you get a chance to hunt down kids you want to beat. This is why I won't be coaching again.
  2. This might be way off, but what happened sounded like it could have been caused by overtraining, something along the lines of rhabdo.
  3. What do you guys make of the Manvilles? Here's a family that has been Roller-like in producing school-boy stars. Then, they slowly lose their edge after a series of "best-for-mine" transfers. EDIT: Could it be as simple as the kids started to grow? Did they max out their technique/ conditioning potentials before other 12-14 year-olds but didn't have a high enough ceiling athletically?
  4. Re cruelty: I get that the OP started the thread in bad faith. They posted not to start a discussion but to take a shot at Marstellar. The choice of "flop" instead of "underwhelm" or "stumble" is proof enough. That said, I think discussing "what happened to so-and-so" is legit. These discussions can shed light on why the wrestler didn't live up to expectations. E.g., Ferry's criticisms of Lam spoke to the general disorder of the UNC program. It had a reputation as the school where HS stars (PA stars, in particular) went to disappear. It also helped make sense of my own recruiting story. Check this: Lam tried to recruit me the year after I had graduated HS; I was already wrestling in the ACC.
  5. Cruel topic, but it's a cold world out there. Sometimes I think I'm getting a little frosty myself. VA - Jeremy Ferry - 3x AAA champ and Asics Dream Teamer. Went to UNC never to be heard from again, sorta. He's on record as saying that Lam was the reason he retired. Something about "negative reinforcement." *Obviously, Gardner is the easy answer for VA, but calling the jr hodge winner a "flop" is to miss the forest for the trees. *Edit: To spread the cruelty around, I will acknowledge that I was the biggest flop in the history of my school, district, region, and state (small school): lots of wins in hs, but a .500 record in college with only 1 notable win. Yey me!
  6. This has nothing to do with U23's and should go on the other board, but . . . What would have to happen to get a new coaching staff in Stillwater? I think the only way that Smith goes and/or is not replaced by someone in-house is a scandal. Too bad.
  7. Idk seems like his wackadoodle leans a little right
  8. That's a lot of injuries. I'm trying to remember the last time this team wasn't injured this time of year. Collica and co might have been the last healthy group. IDK.
  9. Why no Ok State guys? The kids that end up in D1 rooms are the ones who showed up to every morning, spring, summer, fall practice. You had to kick them out. They wrestled every important freestyle event. Why not in college?
  10. I ran an Xmas tournament for over a decade and each participant got a free t-shirt. I would put a pic of a world champ on each. I was infatuated with this guy, esp this single finish that he had, and I put him on the shirt. I'm embarrassed now. I had no idea that he was such a despicable person. The only non-wrestling thing I knew about him was that he was a vegan and appeared in a PETA ad. I should have done more research. Wtf eating animals bad; cheating, biting, killing your fellow man ok?
  11. From scratch is exciting. You get to use those fever-fantasy syllabi drafted after you got home from Beast with a thousand ideas.
  12. Some guys have both. But some have confidence without bravado. For others, bravado is a facade for crippling self-doubt. And, sometimes bravado manifests from unwarrented self-confidence. Re bones: I imagine you could feel greatness in your bones and still absolutely stink. Edit: I wonder if you can be great without confidence. It happens in art sometimes. I know Kafka wanted Max Brod to burn his work (new theory is that this story is apocryphal). Didn't Dickinson want her poems thrown out? IDK
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