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  1. They've been doing this for about 15 years. The original color scheme and fonts are immediately recognizable at this point. Plus, "flo" suggests fluidity, the supple, the smooth. The old fonts, colors, and wave logo echoed the idea. Now they have this alarming red and harsh angles. Bad choice.
  2. Seems about right. For comparison: sheets match starts at 1:22~
  3. The "Youth Wrestling" thread got me thinking about a couple of Flo interviews that I watched this week. Both Burroughs and Snyder commented that they have changed their training to reduce wear and tear on their bodies and extend their careers. I guess it's pretty common for veterans to let up and "listen to their bodies." Dake, Askren, and even Terry Brands have made these claims. But Snyder is still young. So, maybe training "smarter" rather than "harder" is something all should consider. I know this isn't an either or situation. You can train smart and part of the smarts is knowing when to train hard. But, I wonder if "embracing the grind" is ever a good idea. What is gained by training the way most DI programs do, i.e. high volume, high intesity combat on the daily with a room full of hammers? I guess it might teach life lessons, but is it the best way to get better at winning wrestling matches?
  4. The Smiths really hate losing/refs. BTW Smith stops Saitiev's West Point here. Not many people could. Edit: I think this vid gives us some indication of why Pat Smith had problems at the senior level: he was a tweener. He is noticeably smaller than Saitiev. At one point Saitiev throws Smith on his hip with just a collar tie and forward pressure.
  5. I will anecdote much: I look at what former DI wrestlers that I know do with their kids. Most get their kids into the sport at about 10 years old and then allow them to take it or leave it. Just a few examples: I was in the same class as Bobby Stites' kid Ryan. I started wrestling at 7 (coincidentally, the exact same day as my neighbor Shane Roller who represents the Manville extreme of this debate) and Ryan wasn't in the room. In fact, he didn't show up til his dad did a clinic in the spring of 5th grade. I moved but I think Ryan had a pretty successful career in HS and was at least on the roster at OSU. App State NCAA qualifier and legendary VA HS coach Bill Cameron did the same with his kid Seth. I think Seth didn't start til 11 or 12. He ended up being a 3x qualifier. Gage Short, a freshman ACC champ, had a kid in my youth program. He showed up for a month of practices. Gage just sat on the wall. Kid didn't seem that interested. He retired pretty early. More importantly, these kids seem to be well adjusted human beings. I would imagine that this approach is pretty typical of folks who know first hand about the grind that everyone keeps urging us to embrace.
  6. I'll let it drop after this post, but here's what I need from an official: admit that you blow calls repeatedly. Coaches -- who on average have as much knowledge of the rules and their application as officials -- have to swallow their pride and admit they are wrong multiple times a match so as not to receive bench warnings, etc. Officials usually won't. Most of the time they cop out and play the "it's a judgement call" get-out-of-jail-free card. It's not like the opposing coaches can convene and issue a warning on the ref. Just admit that you are as likely to blow a call as a coach is to see the situation incorrectly.
  7. Welcome to an internet wrestling forum. We ain't solvin' climate change here.
  8. Could you recount your top 3 blown calls? Just tell us the stories of 3 matches that you messed up.
  9. Right, but it's about early, "real" pro wrestling and its transition to sports entertainment. I mean we are begging if we have to point to John Irving as our guy. Homer, Socrates, and the Bible guys mention us, but we are more or less ignored in the Western Canon. Sh*t, Shakespeare gives more lines to bowling than wrestling. Chaucer has a single line in the Miller's Tale? ***Edit: I got one: Things Fall Apart. Okonkwo's wrestling ties him back to the Homeric heroes, an ideal that falls apart under the strain that the Xtian missonaries put on the igbo culture. So, there's my real vote. The tourneys held as a part of the Feast of the New Yam are no joke (see YouTube). Bobby Douglas and Igali's interest in this type of wrestling seems to certify this wrestling as legit.
  10. IDK Has anybody read this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2651617-champion-of-the-world-wrestling-finally-gets-its-first-great-novel.amp.html ?
  11. Wonder why they locked the racism thread.
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