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  1. I have read a single thought provoking analysis of the WWE: Paul Cantor's "Pro Wrestling and the End of History" (1999). It made the cover of Bill Kristol's The Weekly Standard -- complete with a pic Stone Cold SA pouring a beer on his unconscious opponent. That alone should make it mandatory reading. The confused neo-con reactions in the next issue are priceless. Here's a link: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/weekly-standard/pro-wrestling-and-the-end-of-history
  2. Think that's what they are doing, it's just that the "bar" is packed with closeted bears who have sublimated their bdsm fetish.
  3. I agree w/ you on tonight's call. Mal is a poseur. But, I like Bader. He's just a fan, and he knows/owns it. There's something endearing about his self-awareness.
  4. I've been here for a minute. I just didn't get the joke.
  5. Another judgement from the guy who claims that judging the motives and choices of others is childish.
  6. So much for the foundations of Western civ.
  7. So, it's anathema to question another person's motives and choices . . . full stop?
  8. If you see higher ed as job training, as a means to one specific end ($$), then I would agree.
  9. Albini and Malkmus are not poor and are not cartoons of rockstars (inherently cartoonish). Grohl has put out the same song for 25 years, but bc he is "relatively cool," i.e. not Nickelback and nice, he's given a pass for being boring. Consider the project where he goes around to all these cities, orders a pu pu platter of the local music (e.g. DC gogo and straight-edge hardcore), grafts some lyrics that are only tagentially related to the city's scene onto a foo stadium-ready song, and calls it a tribute. I can't decide if the result is tawdry or moronic (and his bizarre take on the etiology of HIV only further muddies the water) . . . And we give him a pass bc he's nice to his mom.
  10. Exception that proves the rule: Abdulrashid Sadulaev Gets Smacked By Cuban Opponent! https://youtu.be/B_ycZFal8oA
  11. I'll.have to.take your word for it.
  12. This is a great point. We make it seem like there's some rivalry, when most WWE fans don't know we exist. It reminds me of the "bad blood" between VT / UVA. VT folks never pass up an opportunity to mock UVA for their perennial suckdom on the field, while UVA folks would be hard pressed to find Blacksburg on a map.
  13. What about all the other WWE guys who do back flips off the top ropes?
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