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  1. Your mind is littered with cliches and Dunning-Kruger.
  2. Want to laugh? I forgot Hone bc he is forgettable.
  3. 133-- it depends where Desanto is. If Desanto is on the same side as Fix, Fix won't make tbe finals.
  4. Fix won't win either if he meets DeSanto. Whittlake is their 2nd best wrestler and my favorite. No circus moves like Fix, and will exceed expectations. Something's wrong with Plott. Something is wrong with Sheets. Boo is unreliable and will crab ride his way to a DNP. Mastro can't use his bundle against the guys he will see at NCAA's. He might not qualify. Geer is unreliable. He gives up points to score points, but doesn't have the tank to make up ground.
  5. OSU has lost something. They haven't modified their tech, tactics, match strategy, weight management, how they recruit, etc in over a decade. They have had some great recruiting classes that don't pan out. Why? The program is stale and Smith's legacy makes it hard to change. Ferrari won't win. Rnd of 12.
  6. Only works in the room. . . Helps if you are a coach.
  7. Here's a pic of Iowa's mega-mat (courtesy of JB's twitter): Question: why is the space from the circle to the hardwood so small? Why not double/triple the "out of bounds" area so that we never touch the hardwood?
  8. Stieber was good at it. I think they both have freaky strength.
  9. I didn't wrestle him, but my teammate and future AA wrestled Kendall Cross in at the Penn State Open (?). Cross had already graduated and was asst with UNC (Now that I write this, the story sounds fishy. But, I'm almost certain this happened. Shinshiro Abe was in the same bracket.) My friend said it was like wrestling an boa constrictor: every move was wrong, every move would take away another option.
  10. My first year in college I wrestled behind a returning AA that would go on to be runner-up. I just remember the guy disappearing. I would try to put my hands on him, and he wasn't there. So, I learned that as soon as he disappeared I needed to get my hand on the ground and my foot in the air. It stopped the initial attack but then I was two moves behind. My next counter would put me three moves behind, etc. I just couldn't get over how quick this guy. Then we ran sprints, shuttle runs, box jumps, etc and I realized he wasn't quicker or more explosive than everybody else. He moved and transitioned with great efficiency.
  11. If you marry later, won't there be less time for the two to abandon the work?
  12. The original post, ie 2017 D III champs.
  13. Which of these guys has a senior-level win over a Yarygin placer? (I'm proud of the kid and like to brag about him)
  14. I think the oed recently added the expression "I could care less" to mean the opposite of its literal meaning. Don't know how I feel about this, but I love contranyms.
  15. Desanto 8s a different wrestler this year. No assholery, just a weirdo.
  16. That's interesting. Your description of the dating experience seems anachronistic. Most young folks I know are introduced, hang out, and develop their relationships virtually.
  17. Do lung time outs work? More often than not it seems they just delay the inevitable. Anybody got a link to a match where this is not the case?
  18. Was thinking about this some more. I wonder how the data miners were defining "from space." Is a David Taylor ankle-pick from space? Is the Trent Hidlay running underhook attack from space? What about that snap-drag to outside-step head-outside single that Sajidov burned Sanderson with? Or that thing Gatsalov does when he puts up a loose collar-tie on his lead-leg side, waits for the guy to over-tie, then shoots an outside-step head-outside single? Sadulaev's (or Kenny Monday's) running fireman's? Etc. Or, it could be that my original question -- premised on the idea that you can isolate a scoring sequence from the total match context -- is incoherent. That is, a successful attack from space may only work because the guy had been taking ground via control-ties, clubs, "fightinginaphonebooth" for the first minute. Is that really "an attack from space"?
  19. To be honest, I've never been in a room that didn't explicitly discourage throws. (Lota of negatives in there . . . Sorry).
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