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  1. These video breakdowns are really fantastic. I think that Dustin Schlatter often used a similar move to what you're calling the Alans dump -- if I'm remembering correctly, this was his go-to offense the year he made the world team.
  2. When discussing talent, it is easy to lump together ceilings and floors. Some people start off with a higher floor: from an early age, success is easier. But if we are talking about medaling at worlds, rather than success at the youth level, then the ceiling is what matters. What is the relation between where you start off and where you end up? Ben Askren's case suggests that the relationship between the ceiling and the floor is not clear: he had little success, became obsessed, and later had huge success. Where is the average person's ceiling? How would we know? Ossetia has 700,000 people and produces world champions almost every year - some years, they produce more than one. Do we think that Ossetians are genetic superhumans, or is culture more likely the reason that they have great wrestlers?
  3. I don't intend to go back and rewatch every Ramonov match online, but he is one of my favorites and I've studied his setups in detail. He is primarily an elbow passer. Just watch the final vs. Asgarov and look for the setups to the scores. 1st, 2nd, and 4th scores: elbow pass. 3rd score: arm drag.
  4. The number of wrestlers in Iran has dropped from 1,600,000 to 45,000? Can that be right?
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/news/virus-limits-next-tokyo-olympic-064704752.html
  6. Rear standing is a reversal, but not a takedown. Rear standing on the feet is also the only situation that can result in a flash takedown, when one hand touches the ground. Specific rules for this position cause a lot of confusion. Are they needed?
  7. Has this rule changed since 2015 (Brown/Wilps final)?
  8. Page 3: "The sports nationality is defined as the right granted to a wrestler by United World Wrestling to represent a country of which he/she does not necessarily hold the nationality."
  9. Was there a press release on the Ramonov/Geduev bans? Were they banned from competition for a specific time period, or just shut out of the Yarygin?
  10. I haven't gotten the chance to listen to the podcast yet. Is PROWL involved with this, or did that fall through?
  11. "USA Wrestling will exclusively use FloArena, the sport's premier turnkey meet management software and scoring platform, through 2020 for a minimum of six major events each year, including World Team Trials, University and UWW Cadet Nationals, US Open, UWW Junior World Team Trials, the Dave Schultz Memorial International, and the Bill Farrell Memorial International Open." It looks like the contract is only for the events in bold -- since PROWL didn't exist at that time, I assume that Flo would not (necessarily) be covering PROWL. Whether Flo gets the PROWL contract or not, PROWL's format would provide about two months worth of regular storylines for them to cover leading up to the WTT.
  12. Okay -- that's fair. The tone of the show's discussion was very negative. I think you said that you want a pro league, and you want PROWL to get this right -- but that this proposal is not getting it right.
  13. I listened to the FRL guys on this. They all slammed the idea. Based on what I heard, I think the PROWL idea is great. It puts money into athletes' pockets, and it creates a fan-friendly event. Any professional wrestling league is going to need very deep pockets for years until it starts to turn a profit. Maybe PROWL can turn a profit at some point down the road if it is given a chance. How long did the UFC take to turn a profit? I know it lost a lot of money for a very long time, but it looks like it's in good shape now. The NFL and college football thrived in part because they limited the length of their seasons and the number of events to one a week (in the olden days). These PROWL events each week will have a lot of meaning. The FRL guys seemed to think that this process will fail to pick the best competitor. If a guy is really going to be a world medalist, the format won't matter much. It would be nice for the best 2 out of 3 series in the world team trials finals to be a two-day series with two weigh-ins to simulate worlds, just so that we know that guys can make the weight and perform. Or you could just have them weigh in two days in a row before the finals, I guess. In addition, this format does not give returning world medalists extra protection (unless they claim to be injured), which I see as a positive thing. It's reasonable to say that this format will make things harder on the RTCs, but if PROWL becomes the way that the world teams are chosen, the RTCs will have to adapt to the new reality or their NCAA teams will become less competitive. Running an RTC is a burden for every college coaching staff no matter what, but it is the price of doing business.
  14. There is a problem, because the weights do not line up properly. 125 / 125.7 (57) 133 / 134.5 (61) 141 / 143.3 (65) 149 / 157 / 154.3 (70) 165 / 163.1 (74) 174 / 174.2 (79) 184 / 189.6 (86) 197 / 202.8 (92) 285 / 213.8 (97) & 275.6 (125)
  15. I haven't listened to the FRL yet. Who is broadcasting this? Flo? Or PROWL itself with pay-per-view?
  16. The email from Rodchenkov (earlier in this thread) said that the wrestlers owed a little more than $3000 and wouldn't pay. Approximately how many tests would that cover?
  17. That is my guess as to why the rule says 90 instead of 45.
  18. It sounds like you're assuming that high level athletes are clean unless the government gets involved. Why should we assume that? Like I have said multiple times, Rodchenkov said that about half of Russia's Olympic medalists were doping. I was surprised that it was this low. I figured that most Olympic medalists would be doping, with or without a state sponsored program. If there's a financial incentive, people will cheat. By this point, virtually every soccer league on the planet has had well publicized scandals involving high level match fixing. The ministry of sport in those countries didn't need to get involved.
  19. I think I'm having a hard time following what this argument is about. He's a stooge because he thinks that the state sponsored doping program does not affect all of the wrestlers -- while at the same time you agree that we have no evidence that all of the wrestlers were on doping programs? Why exactly are you insulting him? Take a look at the testing results from USADA -- how difficult would it be for our guys to be on drugs and avoid testing? Just to pick a well known name, David Taylor has been tested once this year, and once in 2016. My guess is that both of those were in competition tests. Lance Armstrong was doping despite getting tested constantly - our elite athletes can get tested once a year - doesn't this seem odd? https://www.usada.org/testing/results/athlete-test-history/ I have no idea how prevalent doping is in wrestling in either Russia or the US. If I had to bet, I would bet there is considerably more doping in Russia, because there is more money in the sport there. But it also wouldn't surprise me if the truth was that the US had more doping wrestlers. Let's just say for the sake of argument that as a result of Russia's state-sponsored doping program, half of all of the wrestlers they send to worlds are doping. In this fantasy scenario, three quarters of America's world team are doping. Are we still supposed to have more moral outrage against Russia's doping because it is state sponsored?
  20. It doesn't sound like the report says that all of the wrestlers were doping. Perhaps they are systematically doping all of the wrestlers on the national team, perhaps they are not. As I said before, in the Icarus documentary Rodchenkov said around half of Russia's medalists were doping. That means half were not. Which half? Obviously some wrestlers were doping. Were all of them? Is it system-wide or not? From what you're saying, we don't know that right now. Reading a report with all the names redacted won't tell us.
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