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    quanon reacted to TripNSweep in Biggest Fix Needed to USAW   
    I was just thinking about something USAW could do that would help the sport the other day.  
    One of the reasons wrestling doesn't take hold in places is because of a lack of coaching.  If USAW started granting scholarships, maybe to guys who wrestled in high school but didn't in college for whatever reason, they would help them by bringing them to the OTC a few times a year and teaching them how to coach and build wrestling up, so that way when they finished college they would be able to jump right into coaching at the youth or high school level and help grow it.  Kind of similar to the Teach for America program.  In exchange for help from USAW they agree to spend X number of years teaching and coaching somewhere.  I don't know if there is a similar program now, but just a thought.  
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    quanon got a reaction from NYWRESTLER94 in What is locked hands anyway?   
    Has this rule changed since 2015 (Brown/Wilps final)? 
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    quanon reacted to IronChef in 61kg Finals Scoring   
    I'm not planning on doing more of these, but this one seemed worth exploring along with the previous one for 65kg. Overall, I thought the officiating was pretty good in this match. There were a few questionable calls, but I don't think they made a huge difference in the outcome. 

    Pretty clear 4 and 2 here. It gets interesting in the next one.

    I though Garrett did enough to make this 2 and 2, but the officials disagreed. It's a close call, and they know the rules better than me.

    Garrett steps around and initiates the throw while Colon tries to rethrow him. Garrett definitely starts the move and is rewarded with 4 for the feet to back move. Colon challenged this call for some reason and it backfired, turning 2 blue into 4. The Flo guys were trying to claim Colon wasn't exposed, but they are wrong.

    Garrett should have done a better job finishing this takedown. Credit to Colon, but Garrett should have recognized the position and pulled his left arm back and and made this a single leg. He was going for the big move, which I get, but he picked tenacity over technique and paid for it here.

    the whistle blew about where this clip switches to black and white. The only real argument is whether the ref should have blown the whistle. I think he saw Garrett step out, then hop, and then there was a pause which was enough for him to decide it wasn't continuation. Hard to look back and judge, as Garrett would surely have kept fighting if the whistle hadn't been blown, but he stops when it does.

    They got this sequence right after a review. I have it 2 red, 2 blue, 2 red, 2 red, which I think is what they ended up with. After the first chest lock, Garrett is able to change the direction/momentum enough so that you can say he forced Colon to his back. Then Colon turned him two more times.

    This could have been no points. Colon gives Garrett a straight arm shove that usually isn't supposed to score on a step out. However, there's more going on then a simple step out, so I think it's up for interpretation.
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    quanon reacted to maligned in Should they cut 79 and 92?   
    Not sure I agree 10 is too many, but I do see your point about the bigger weights. Sadly, UWW feels very married to the 6 Olympic weights and made the 10 fit around that structure in a strange way. Having the lowest weight slightly lower and then spacing better would be ideal. Maybe 8 weights from 55 up to like 88--then only 2 weights bigger than that.
    You can always adjust in the Olympic year back to 6. There's always a creative solution for the qualification for the 6 weights even if they don't match perfectly at worlds the year before. 
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    quanon reacted to Billyhoyle in How Good are Women   
    You of all people should know that it is impossible to simultaneously know a wrestler’s gender and level. The act of measuring one makes it impossible to measure the other.
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    quanon reacted to Pinnum in 2018 Head Coach Changes   
    Arkansas, Little Rock - Neil Erisman
    Binghamton - Kyle Borshoff
    Chattanooga - Kyle Ruschell
    Cleveland State - Josh Moore
    Edinboro - Matt Hill
    Indiana - Angel Escobedo
    Michigan - Sean Bormet
    Presbyterian - Mark Cody
    South Dakota State - Damion Hahn
    VMI - Jim Gibson
    West Virginia - Tim Flynn
    Wisconsin - Chris Bono
    All Division-I Head Coaching positions are filled.
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    quanon reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in My article about Lee on wiki.   
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    quanon reacted to RichB in Eastern Michigan   
    Coach_J --- I don't know what school you endowed, but I wonder if your protection of the endowment is enough?
    Let's say you donated $4M, and a new AD and football coach comes in.  Coach says to AD, we need another $4M for a new weight-room. AD says "OK, hey let's drop the wrestling program, I don't like wrestling". FBCoach agrees but assistant comes up and says, sorry if the wrestling team goes away, money goes away. well it turns out an academics fan alumnus (ABC jr) is about to donate $8M with the expectation a new wing will be added to the library, and named after his father(ABC sr). Well the AD is a resourceful crook. So he talks to the development office. Half of the library money goes to the new FB weight room, half to the library, and the $4M from wrestling goes to the Library. At best the new library wing will be co-named  for ABCsr and Coach_Jsr.
    So you need the endowment to entirely leave the university if confiscated.
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    quanon reacted to BobDole in Is your state doing it worse than VA?   
    For Indiana
    2 Class Schools 1A- 242 2A- 70   Qualifiers 1A- 53% 2A- 47%   Placers 1A- 49% 2A- 51%   Champs 1A- 49% 2A- 51%   3 Class Schools 1A- 199 2A- 74 3A- 39   Qualifiers 1A- 34% 2A- 33% 3A- 32%    Placers 1A- 28.7% 2A- 35.5% 3A- 35.8%   Champs 1A- 28.5% 2A- 29.5% 3A- 42%
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    quanon reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)   
    don't worry pepsi friends! i will make Ivan Yarygin article tournament in Wikipedia for easy use and watch results for wrestling fans, sometimes UWW does bad works in his websites, not professional. 
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    quanon reacted to pjm46 in Drexel   
    The wrestlers are on a Spring/Summer Co/Op so their Co Op starts after NCAAs and ends before September so they are in class like normal students during the season.
    Most majors have a lot of co/op opportunities in and around the city but there are students who take opportunities outside of the areas.
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    quanon reacted to straitshooter in Drexel   
    Had to jump in on this one.  My first job out of college I worked for a Navy research facility just north of Philadelphia, before moving there I didn't know much about Drexel.  They sent tons of engineering students on co-ops to the place, very impressed with the people they sent and the quality of the education there.  They also had a 'fashion design' department or study, I know nothing of that business, but they did.  Same requirements, 6 months in the classroom, 6 months in NYC or somewhere working in the industry.  I wish we had a lot more educational programs like this, and not euphemistic 'internships' where people are just aiming for a good reference letter or such - we had realistic but real work expectations for the engineering co-ops.  One thing puzzles me on this thread, though, the co-ops are nowhere near campus for six months.  I thought most of the school's academic tracks required co-op experience, but seems incompatible with a sports program.  Rizzo, any other Phila natives have info on that, can athletes still work this out somehow?  Anyway, glad to see Drexel doing well - to stay healthy, wrestling needs more than the big boys to thrive.
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    quanon reacted to Buckeyebison in Great Coaching!   
    I'm inputting my research on the Active Coaches. I have put in the record holder and Dan Gable data for comparison if he isn't the record holder. I have selected all top active coaches including the ones who already has won at least one NCAA title. If you see any error, let me know!
    Years of Coaching
    45 Cliff Keen (Michigan)
    Active Coaches:
    26 John Smith (Oklahoma State)
    23 Rob Koll (Cornell)
    22 Tom Ryan (Hofstra & Ohio State)
    19 Jim Zalesky (Iowa & Oregon State)
    13 Tom Brands (VA Tech & Iowa)
    11 Cael Sanderson (Iowa St & Penn St)
    21 Dan Gable (Iowa) *
    Career wins
    616 Dale Thomas (Oregon St)
    398 John Smith (Oklahoma State)
    280 Rob Koll (Cornell)
    260 Jim Zalesky (Iowa & Oregon St)
    244 Tom Ryan (Hofstra & Ohio St)
    209 Tom Brands (VA Tech & Iowa)
    156 Cael Sanderson (Iowa St & Penn St)
    355 Dan Gable (Iowa)*
    Career winning percentage
    94.4% Dan Gable (355–21–5) (Iowa)
    85.8% John Smith (398-60-6) (Oklahoma State)
    85.7% Cael Sanderson (156-24-2) (Iowa St & Penn St)
    83.9% Tom Brands (209-39-1) (VA Tech & Iowa)
    74.9% Rob Koll (280-89-5) (Cornell)
    72.6% Jim Zalesky (260-96-2) (Iowa & Oregon St)
    64.7% Tom Ryan (244-132-1) (Hofstra & Ohio St)
    NCAA championships
    15 Dan Gable (Iowa)
    Active Coaches:
    6 Cael Sanderson (Penn State)
    5 John Smith (Oklahoma State)
    3 Tom Brands (Iowa)
    3 Jim Zalesky (Iowa)
    1 Tom Ryan (Ohio State)
    0 Rob Koll (Cornell)
    % Win. NCAA championships
    71.4% Dan Gable (Iowa)
    54.5% Cael Sanderson (Iowa St & Penn St)
    23.1% Tom Brands (VA Tech & Iowa)
    19.2% John Smith (Oklahoma State)
    15.8% Jim Zalesky (Iowa & Oregon St)
    04.5% Tom Ryan (Hofstra & Ohio State)
    00.0% Rob Koll (Cornell)
    NCAA championship points
    170.00 Dan Gable (Iowa, 1997)
    153.00 John Smith (Okla St, 2005, 1st)
    146.50 Cael Sanderson (Penn St, 2017 , 1st)
    134.50 Tom Brands (Iowa, 2010, 1st)
    125.50 Jim Zalesky (Iowa, 2001, 2nd)
    110.00 Tom Ryan (Ohio St, 2017, 2nd)
    102.50 Rob Koll (Cornell, 2012, 4th)
    NCAA victory margin
    73.25 Dan Gable (Iowa, 1986)
    70.00 John Smith (Okla St, 2005)
    44.50 Tom Brands (Iowa, 2010)
    36.50 Cael Sanderson (Penn St, 2017)
    18.00 Tom Ryan (Ohio St, 2015)
    13.00 Jim Zalesky (Iowa, 1998)
    00.00 Rob Koll (Cornell)
    NCAA individual champions
    45 Dan Gable (Iowa)
    32 John Smith (Oklahoma State)
    18 Cael Sanderson (Iowa St & Penn St)
    14 Rob Koll (Cornell)
    11 Tom Ryan (Ohio St)
    10 Tom Brands (Iowa)
    10 Jim Zalesky (Iowa)
    Averaged NCAA champions per year
    2.14 Dan Gable (Iowa)
    1.64 Cael Sanderson (Iowa St & Penn St)
    1.23 John Smith (Oklahoma State)
    0.77 Tom Brands (VA Tech & Iowa)
    0.61 Rob Koll (Cornell)
    0.53 Jim Zalesky (Iowa & Oregon St)
    0.50 Tom Ryan (Hofstra & Ohio St)
    Consecutive NCAA titles
    9 Dan Gable (Iowa)
    4 John Smith (Oklahoma State)
    4 Cael Sanderson (Penn State)
    3 Tom Brands (Iowa)
    3 Jim Zalesky (Iowa)
    1 Tom Ryan (Ohio State)
    0 Rob Koll (Cornell)
    NCAA Individual champions in one year
    5 Dan Gable (Iowa, 1986 & 1997)
    5 John Smith (Okla St, 2005)
    5 Cael Sanderson (Penn St, 2017)
    3 Tom Brands (Iowa, 2010)
    3 Rob Koll (Cornell, 2011)
    3 Jim Zalesky (Iowa, 1999)
    2 Tom Ryan (Ohio St, 2008 & 2015 & 2016)
    NCAA All-Americans
    152 Dan Gable (Iowa)
    125 John Smith (Oklahoma State)
    63 Rob Koll (Cornell)
    63 Tom Brands (VA Tech & Iowa)
    58 Cael Sanderson (Iowa St & Penn St)
    55 Jim Zalesky (Iowa & Oregon St)
    51 Tom Ryan (Hofstra & Ohio St)
    Averaged All-Americans per year
    7.2 Dan Gable (Iowa)
    5.3 Cael Sanderson (Iowa St & Penn St)
    4.8 Tom Brands (VA Tech & Iowa)
    4.8 John Smith (Oklahoma State)
    2.9 Jim Zalesky (Iowa & Oregon St)
    2.7 Rob Koll (Cornell)
    2.3 Tom Ryan (Hofstra & Ohio St)
    NCAA All-Americans in one year
    10 J Robinson (Minnesota, 2001, 1st)
    8 Tom Brands (Iowa, 2010, 1st)
    8 John Smith (Okla St, 2017, 3rd)
    7 Cael Sanderson (Iowa St, 2008, 5th & Penn St, 2014, 1st)
    6 Tom Ryan (Ohio St, 2017, 2nd)
    6 Jim Zalesky (Iowa, 1998 & 2000, both 1st)
    5 Rob Koll (Cornell, 2011, 2nd & 2012, 4th)
    9 Dan Gable (Iowa, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1991, 1992, 1995, all 1st)*
    * For comparison only
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    quanon got a reaction from 2td3nf in Explosive interview by Magomed Guseinov   
    I don't know the answers to all of those questions.
    Mamiashvili is a former Greco World and Olympic champion and the head of the Russian wrestling federation. He took over the federation at some point after the breakup of the Soviet Union.  I don't know who he replaced or when he became the head guy, but it's been a long time.
    Dzhambolat Tedeev is an Ossetian who wrestled for Ukraine and got 5th at the 1996 Olympics in freestyle.  I don't know if he is Elbrus Tedeev's cousin or brother.  I think they are cousins.  Elbrus won the Olympics and won worlds multiple times, including beating Kolat.  I believe that Elbrus Tedeev now runs Ukraine's wrestling federation (I know he did for a while).
    I don't know much about Tedeev's relationship to Mamiashvili, but Dzhambolat Tedeev was the head coach of the Russian team for quite a while.  I believe he was under house arrest for a while when he tried to run for President of South Ossetia (or something like that - maybe someone else knows more?).  He lost his job as head coach, and I believe was replaced by Guseinov.  Then Guseinov was fired and Tedeev was rehired.
    Sajidov is a former 2x world champion (beat Cael in 2003 finals).  He is the head coach for Dagestani wrestling.
    Kerimov is a Dagestani billionaire and politician.
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    quanon got a reaction from BigTimeFan in Explosive interview by Magomed Guseinov   
    I don't know the answers to all of those questions.
    Mamiashvili is a former Greco World and Olympic champion and the head of the Russian wrestling federation. He took over the federation at some point after the breakup of the Soviet Union.  I don't know who he replaced or when he became the head guy, but it's been a long time.
    Dzhambolat Tedeev is an Ossetian who wrestled for Ukraine and got 5th at the 1996 Olympics in freestyle.  I don't know if he is Elbrus Tedeev's cousin or brother.  I think they are cousins.  Elbrus won the Olympics and won worlds multiple times, including beating Kolat.  I believe that Elbrus Tedeev now runs Ukraine's wrestling federation (I know he did for a while).
    I don't know much about Tedeev's relationship to Mamiashvili, but Dzhambolat Tedeev was the head coach of the Russian team for quite a while.  I believe he was under house arrest for a while when he tried to run for President of South Ossetia (or something like that - maybe someone else knows more?).  He lost his job as head coach, and I believe was replaced by Guseinov.  Then Guseinov was fired and Tedeev was rehired.
    Sajidov is a former 2x world champion (beat Cael in 2003 finals).  He is the head coach for Dagestani wrestling.
    Kerimov is a Dagestani billionaire and politician.
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    quanon reacted to wfan24 in Kuramed Kuramagomedov interview   
    I translated another interview for the forum from this multiple time world and european champion.
    source: http://www.wrestrus.ru/news/smi/Pressa_o_nas/kuramagomed_kuramagomedov_vsegda_nado_borot_sja_tol_ko_za_pervoe_mesto_v_nas_tak_vlozhili_s_detstva_molodezh_dagestana_06_09_2017
    – How do you evaluate the performance of Rashidov (Kuramagomedov's student)?
    – Well, it we are talking purely about results and of our wrestling club, then a 2nd place at the worlds is a good result. This is his first time wrestling seniors at the worlds. Until then, he was wrestling juniors and winning, similarly European seniors. Of course, if we look closely at the final match -- I believe that Rashidov picked the wrong tactical plan. He was rushing.
    – When you saw Rashidov's draw,  where he got Stieber, the world champ, Olympic champion Hinchegashvili, and Opan Sat (now wrestling for Turkey), what did you think?
    – You wouldn't believe, but I was absolutely calm. Why? Well,  Rashidov trains in my room and I saw the shape he was in and his focus. I saw that he is cutting weight well.v I talked to the head Russian team doctor and he said that Rashidov is feeling physically great. Because of that I was sure that he will overcome these opponents. And in general, recently, he was practically never losing any matches. I was only worried about the final.
    You need to be a wrestler, so that you can understand what I want to tell you. Rashidov finished all his preliminary bouts and there was time until the final. He went to the restaurant and he had to eat something, something healthy. Instead what happened is he just ate something quick in some restaurant, and on top of that it was not proper food. And because of that, when I talk to the Russian head coaches I always tell them: take a cook with you, just one. Let him cook the right foods so that the wrestler can recover. Something liquid and hot/soup...where can we get this? Because of that, when I saw Rashidov before the final, I understood that he had not recovered fully. And then I started to worry. 
    – Did you watch all of his matches at the worlds? Which match did you like most? 
    – One usually most likes the matches you win (laughs), nobody likes losses. All his matches were interesting. It was very interesting to see him vs. the Georgian, but the match I liked most was vs. Stieber (USA). He was a world champ, yet Rashidov easily beat him.
    – Head coach Tedeev said that: If Rashidov followed the game plan, the result would be very different. What game plan would you give him?
    – Well, whatever game plan a coach would have given him, if the wrestler has not recovered mentally, then no plan will help him. Of course, he could have waited these 2 periods, not attack and try to keep 1:1, don't wrestle, but this is not serious. As for the game plan, then a minute before the end, losing 1:5, he was in a hurry, he decided to attack with one big score. Why did he had go for the big move like that? This is youth and inexperience. A lot can happen in a minute -- takedown, turn, etc, lots of time, one can score...To go crazy like that, one can do 10 seconds before the end...I think in the future, he will not make such mistakes.
    – Did you talk to him?
    – Yes, he admitted that he was in a hurry and rushed. He said that he failed to do the move as the arm slipped as if the opponent had put oil on himself. He had done this move hundreds of times, but it didn't work here. 
    – I have to ask you about Sadulaev...many experts believe that he got too excited with himself with his move to 97kg...What do you think?
    – I don't think that Sadulaev lost the final to Snyder in terms of wrestling per-se. By that I mean, technical moves, takedowns, and so on. Why did the american win? Because of push outs and such stuff...I don't argue that Snyder was stronger in that. But why did Rashid lost? Same problem as Rashidov -- he just didn't recover after 4-5 matches, improper food and lack of weight.
    I already talked to the Russian head team doctor about this: why didn't they help him add the necessary weight? A couple of kilograms so that he would have power? It turns out that the standard vitamins and proteins that the doctors give Sadulaev, he simply refuses to take...I am joking with the doctor: may be he doesn't thrust you? (laughs). Medicine doesn't sit in one place...now things are much simpler than earlier when I wrestled.  Now you take some vitamins and you add few kilograms. Don't think that we are talking about some special prohibited substances...these are all officially approved supplements.
    Its just that Sadulaev does not want to take any supplements. Who knows, if he had listened to the doctors, perhaps the result would be different, he would have been stronger and more powerful, and would beat Snyder. But it came out the way it did.
    Its good Sadulaev lost now. This is just the start of the Olympic cycle. There is still time to understand and repair the mistakes.
    Anyway, the main thing I want to say about the bad performance in Paris is the following. Here, everything is important, even the smallest things...But now there is some kind of a confrontation in the Russian team -- Dagestan coaches, Mamiashvili, Tedeev...This all affects the wrestlers. They see all that and it affects them. When there is no good team spirit, this is not normal. At the training camps, one has to have a working atmosphere, wrestlers should not think about side things. Many of our wrestlers lost in the final seconds, by 1 point and I believe such losses are due to the unpleasant situation in the team. This shouldn't happen. Remember when Russia used to win 5 gold medals? This was when there was a great team spirit in the team. That is how it has to be.
    – Lets get back to Sadulaev. Arsen Fadzaev advices him to return to 86kg...
    – Fadzaev participated in 2 tournaments in a year -- worlds and Olympics and that was that. He didn't have problem cutting weight. If now, Sadulaev only participates in Russian nationals and the worlds, and the rest of the time he rests, then well, yes, he can stay at 86kg. But this will not happen. He will be sent to tournaments all over. Sadualev will be unable to physically constantly cut weight. Lets remember several wrestlers like Murtazalev, Isagadjiev, and that same Ketoev, all of which destroyed their bodies cutting weight.

    Sadulaev, after all, lost by 1 point, its not like he was losing by 10 points. So it means not all is bad with him in the 97kg class and we need to seek the reasons somewhere else, in particular, what I said above already. And also, ask Sadulaev himself, what does he want? If he loses again at the next tournament, then one can think of changing weight. So far, he only lost 1 tournament by 1 point. So we shouldn't hurry. Sadulaev will figure it out himself.
    – Should we say that the worlds are a failure?
    – Without a gold medal or Russia, who considers itself a wrestling country, yes , this is a tragedy. We had 3 finalists and if 1 of them won, we would be speaking differently. But what happened is a catastrophe. And I don't understand why Tedeev says that the worlds are not a principled tournament. How should I understand this?

    Here its important, here its not? One has to wrestle for 1st place everywhere. We were taught that way since we were children. I remember, what focus we had when we had to wrestle an american, this is a true war on the mat and we understood that we are wrestling for Russia, for its prestige. Look at how Americans and Iranians were celebrating when they beat a Russian wrestler in Paris. So, for them, this was a principled tournament, while for us, its not? 
    Right now we are seeing the consequences of what happened few years ago when wrestlers started departing from our country. The Russian coaches only took to tournaments their favorite wrestlers, forgetting the no.2's and no.3's.  It shouldn't be like that. When the no.1 has an injury there always has to be someone to replace them. There has to be few good wrestlers in each weight class. It shouldn't be the case that the head Russian coaches have their own personal students and pet wrestlers. Take, for instance, Sajidov. You think he doesn't get wrestlers who come to him to get trained by him personally? Of course they come, but he understands that as a head coach he cannot  have personal students, favorite pet wrestlers. In one word, we have problems and we need to solve these problems now.
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    quanon reacted to jerbufoon in Russian Coach Mairbek talks about 2017 WC   
    Google Translated from wrestdag.ru site


    Dagestan "exports" not only wrestlers, but also coaches. Mairbek Yusupov in March led the national team of Kazakhstan. We asked one of the most successful Dagestan trainers to speak out about the Russian team's performance at the recent World Championships in Paris and tell us how he works abroad.

    - You as a coach-consultant of the national team of Kazakhstan were at the World Championships, they saw more than those who watched him on Internet broadcasts. What do you think about what you saw?

    - I read all the interviews after the performance at the championship - and the head coach of the Russian national team Dzambolat Tedeev, and the president of the Wrestling Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili. Of course, for them this performance of the national team became a shock, and not only for them. And when a journalist asks the head coach questions ... If Dzambolat had been asked the same thing today, he probably would have answered otherwise. He, I think, would not say that these were unprincipled competitions.

    Mamiashvili, in turn, said: "Of course, now we need to analyze each weight in each kind. If the athlete loses five seconds before the end of the bout, these are nuances, we will finalize them. " Well, listen, exactly the same picture was last year at the Olympics: they lost in the last seconds. Makhov, Geduyev, Boltukaev - all lost in the endings. In France and Uguev, and Kadimagomedov, and Gogayev, and Valiev, and Tsabolov, and Sadulayev, and Hizriev - all in the second period, they did not survive. Hence, this is not an accident, but some error in the preparation. Therefore, it is not necessary to shift the blame to the guys. Where is the work on the bugs? Team in the last year did not perform well at the European Championships. This year the situation has repeated, and not only at the continental championship - failed both at the World Cup and the championship in Paris.

    Today, the US and Iran occupy leading positions in the struggle, I think. Neither one nor the other does not hide: "Technically, it is difficult for us to compete with Russian fighters. But in the functional sense, in the psychological we are stronger. " So they are working on those aspects in which we have little. Iranians, for example, do not even try to take points in the first period. I saw at the Asian Championships. They just organize a total pressure - they press, they choke, they push. As a result, a technically strong athlete can not stand it physically.

    Americans have already bypassed us by adults, they have tightened up both in juniors and young men. And these positions, which we are losing, will not be so easy to return. Although Tedeev says that we have a young, renewed team, and we champions Russia drove to Paris. And when was it different - that the champions of the country should not be taken to international competitions? Did not the champions of Russia go to the Olympics? Unless he was injured or something else happened, the champion of Russia always had an absolute priority.

    Many debutants, says Tedeev, was in the national team in Paris. Uguev is a prize-winner of the European Championship. This is already an experience. Gogaev is the winner of the "world", the champion of Europe. Not a beginner! Tsabolov - world champion, albeit in a different weight. But he is also experienced! The same is with Sadulayev.

    While the regions were working, there was a result, Mamiashvili did not think about anything. He understood that the regions will still work, and this is water for his mill. Here and sat. The thunder will not come - the man will not cross himself. This crisis did not arise overnight, it creeped long ago.

    - Could it be that this failure at the World Cup was an accident and the next we take our own?

    - I admit it. But if simultaneously in none of the three styles - not in the "classic", or in the women's or freestyle wrestling - did not take "gold" - it is a signal, a serious signal. At us problems have begun, and they still will be.

    - In Russia, two leading schools of free-style wrestling are Dagestan and Ossetian. On this ground, it is not unusual to say that the coach of the Russian national team, Dzambolat Tedeev, in some way infringes on our fighters in favor of his Ossetian fellow countrymen. In the final composition of the team for the World Cup it's difficult to find any imbalance and partiality on the basis of nationality. You as a person who worked in the Russian team before, how do you feel about such suspicions?

    - This all does not deserve attention. Take the example with Bekbulatov, around which there is a lot of talk just in the context of alleged injustice from the coaches of the national team. If Ilyas did not fight at the Russian Championship, for all that he, no conversations, the best, - well, how to take him to the World Cup? What will other wrestlers say then? Once you make an exception, the wrestlers themselves will begin to speak: but then you made such a decision, why again it's impossible? I know what is it. Therefore, in this regard, I can not blame Tedeev.

    The coach weighs everything. In Russia, of course, the decision to take is harder. Because in any case they will think: Bekbulatova did not take it, because there are Ossetians ... These are all conversations, guys. I would not take Tedeev either.

    Huseynov was also blamed for not taking him to the World Cup in his time. I'm witness, there was an agreement: who does not win the European Championship, goes to the tournament in Poland to prove his right to place in the team. Bekbulatov and Gatsalov lost. Gadisov also became the third, but in his weight he and his competitors were not any. Gatsalov refused, and Ilyas did not go to Poland either. And now how: we do not take Gatsalov, but will Bekbulatov go? Both stayed at home. That's how it was. And if they took Bekbulatov, and Gatsalov was not taken, they would say: Huseynov is a nationalist. It's easy to talk, it's difficult to make a decision. Do you think Tedeev does not think that they will say about him? In this matter, I am entirely on his side. At the World Cup went to those who deserved. Although they say that we have in stock Makhov, Ramonov, Geduyev. Why do not they train then? Makhov was in our reserve in that Olympic cycle too. But you have to train! For example, for Kyl Snyder, who won from Sadulayev, the World Cup was the seventh (!) Start after the Olympics in Rio. And for Abdulrachid - only the second ... No matter how great you are, the struggle does not forgive: you do not train - you lose.

    - After the World Cup, some sports functionaries and some fans expressed their opinion that it would be better for Sadulayev to "dry out" and return to the previous weight category - up to 86 kg. Coach Abdulrashid Shamil Omarov believes that nothing to change his ward is not going to, will fight in weight to 97 kg and try to rehabilitate for the defeat of Snyder. Do you think that it is better for Sadulayev?

    - There are no athletes who did not lose. All the great ones were losing. And Saytiev, and the same Snyder, who after the triumph in Rio gave Alborov and Odikadze. And Sadulayev lost. There is no tragedy here.

    I would not advise Abdulrachid to return to 86 kg. Now the rules change. From next year we will be weighed every morning before the fights. I know what it is, fought by these rules. Sometimes, we went to weighing, not to eat, to "get" into the weight, and then had to immediately, again without breakfast, go out on the carpet, since the fights came out first by lot. Fought hungry and lost.

    Sadulayev is technically and psychologically stronger than Snyder. He just needs to seriously prepare. He also in the internal duel all time ahead of the American on points. Just it was not enough for the last seconds - summed up "funktsionalka." Let today Abdulrachid not underweight, tomorrow it may turn out that this is just his weight.

    Therefore, I do not think that Sadulayev will return to 86 kg. It is clear the desire to "return" it there - to have a guaranteed "gold" to have. But Sadulayev is a young guy, he is still growing physically. And every weight sgong - stress for the body.

    - For the national team of Dagestan the year was going well. At the "Yarygin" tournament showed the best result in the history of the team, they took half of all "gold" in the national championship, taking the first team place. And at the world championships in the Russian national team, Dagestan wrestlers suddenly lost their gold medals. How could it happen that there were no problems with the functional readiness in other competitions, but did they happen at the World Championship?

    - For internal competitions they were prepared by others - Dagestani - by coaches. On international - others. With what I can not agree: if Sazhid Sazhidov, the head coach of the national team of the republic, works with these guys, why he is not involved in the training of wrestlers, including his wards, to international competitions? He knows his children better, he works with them for 6-7 years already. Yes, the personal trainers of wrestlers go with the team, but they do not decide anything: they are not advised on the individual moments associated with their wards, and the training process is controlled by other people. Senior coaches of national teams of other regions are in the Russian team, but ours is not. A conclusion arises: because of some kind of personal dislike. When I worked in the coaching staff of the Russian team, there were disagreements with other coaches, but these were working, professional conflicts.

    - You are currently working with the national team of Kazakhstan. How is it going?

    - September 15 will be exactly six months, as I am there. Took me very well, the conditions created magnificent. Everything that we, the coaching staff, I asked for the development of the struggle, was provided - a separate room in the center of Alma-Ata was rented, opened a wrestling academy like the Hamidov school in Khasavyurt - with a hotel, a hall, a stadium, a canteen. It is evident that they want to develop the struggle there.

    Previously, Kazakhstan had occasional successes, wrestlers became champions of Asia. In the same year there was not one medal, but several, and all the merits. At the Islamic Games in Baku, the guys were well defended - they took the third place in the team event. The progress is noticeable, I'm not ashamed for the fight that the Kazakhstan team showed at the World Championships. They took a bronze medal and one fifth place. They took the eighth place in the overall standings, for the first time in the last decade they won the right to compete in the World Cup, ahead of the Iranians, who will not take part in it, and they have always won the last few years in these competitions.

    Before the World Cup for the first time at the gathering we came Kyrgyz, Belarusians. In addition, at the invitation of our coaching council and completely at the expense of Kazakhstan, eight technical, specially selected Dagestan fighters brought us to the gathering to help with the training. As a result, these guys themselves received satisfaction from the fact that they arrived, worked, we are satisfied with the work they have done, and the team's wrestlers are satisfied that they have learned the experience.

    In the plans - a two-week gathering in Khasavyurt with the subsequent participation on October 14-15 in the tournament of Umakhanov's memory. From there, from Khasavyurt, in the middle of the gathering, on October 7-8, we will go to Grozny to the "Kadyrov" tournament, where team competitions in the cup format "wall to wall". So it is very convenient and useful for us to work out this segment in Khasavyurt.

    - Many teams that do not have their top fighters, do not hesitate to invite strong foreign players. How is Kazakhstan in this sense?

    - Of course, it would be much easier for me if we could invite strong foreign fighters to the national team. They could train local wrestlers, training them with legionnaires. But at this stage the federation has a course only for its pupils.

    - Your invitation to Kazakhstan was due to the failures of the national team of this country?

    - Probably not without it. At the Olympics in Rio, the team failed. This obviously played a role.

    I had several job offers. One of them in the financial sense was even more tempting than from Kazakhstan. But I made my choice. In addition to me there are three Kazakh specialists in the coaching staff. Of course, personal trainers of the national team also help us. We alone would not have done anything. Very good mutual understanding between the coaches, and with the federation, and in general with the people involved in the struggle in Kazakhstan.

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    quanon got a reaction from GoNotQuietly in Possible Solutions for Greco?   
    You can accomplish the same thing by painting concentric circles on the mat.
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    quanon reacted to wfan24 in Sadulaev's coach interview   
    Here is an interview I translated for the forum from Sadulaev's coach after the Worlds:
    [source: http://wrestdag.ru/news/ru/news/shamil_omarov_abdulrashid_pozdno_vernulsja/]
    — On the way to the final, Sadulaev won 2 matches before the time expired, but in the matches with the Cuban and the Ossetian from Armenia's team (Ketoev) he won fairly modestly: 3:0 and 2:0. Did this create some worry?
    — Yes, we were worried after these results. The opponents and results basically told us that: Sadulaev does not feel in shape, and he himself feels not quite in shape,
    —So, before the final, there was worry about the result?
    — Yes, of course there is worry when you go up against a world and Olympic champion, especially a massive wrestler like Snyder. Just in the way Sadulaev wrestled up to the final, I felt the final will be difficult.
    Sadulaev started training late. If you want to beat wrestlers like Snyder, you have to go through a long training period. The conditioning has to be at a high level. However, after the Olympics, the preparation was short. Our guys, as usual, its hard to 'return' them to the mat after the games. One has to return faster, and keep in shape.
    - So you are saying he shouldn't take breaks? You think Sadulaev allowed himself to relax a bit?
    — Well, after the Olympics they pulled him around to this side, to that side...His body felt this and returning from these constant distractions from all directions is hard. After the Olympics, all our guys have this fault. Some rest for a year, some for 2 years. Sadulaev, thank God, we returned him to the mat a bit earlier -- we asked him to wrestle at the Russian nationals. But regardless of that, the time was just not enough for him to prepare for the worlds. One has to keep in shape for years. No conditioning means that there is no sense in going to tournaments.
    — Well, despite this, Sadulaev had a chance to win in the final.
    — Yes, there was a chance, but his conditioning was not there. I was hoping that he will win based on character. But look, even his draw was hard. Okidadze, Peres and Ketoev. Sadulaev had to wrestle them all. We were hoping he can recover during the tournament, but there was no chance for this. All of these guys were hard matches for him. While Snyder had 1 less match than Sadulaev, and the opponents were easier too, only 1 match was harder for him.
    Sadulaev, after the first 3 minutes with Snyder, came to the break already tired. I understood that it will be hard in the 2nd period. Because of that I tried to excite the fans, so they could support him. But this didn't help him. Once Sadulaev returns from the trip to Mecca, we will address the problem with conditioning.
    — So he was planning to go to Mecca after the worlds?
    — Yes, he even bought a ticket earlier. But because they stole his passport and money, everything got messed up. He found another flight the day after.
    — The match with Snyder, was the last one in the worlds. Before the match,  weren't there thoughts that this is the last chance for Gold for Russia? That all comes down to him?
    — People came by, and reminded us of this. This added more stress. Of course, Sadulaev thought about this which led to more energy spent. But as a captain he couldn't do anything else.
    — Sadulaev last lost in 2013. It was obvious that he was having a difficult time with this loss. Was he so upset earlier?
    — I've never seen him that way. Earlier he used react normally. It is hard for him now. Its OK though, he will think about it and about the things he did not do properly during the period since Olympics.
    — Tedeev said that Sadulaev will wrestle 1 more year at 97kg and then return to 86kg. What do you think?
    — We are not thinking to return to 86kg, or other weight classes. On the opposite, we are required to win the next match with Snyder. We don't want to leave this negative mark in Sadulaev's career. We will stay at 97kg and will try to win at the next worlds.
    — What happened to Uguev at 57kg? He lost in the 1st round? He didn't have experience?
    — This weight class is I think without much hope for Russia. Its a hard weight for us, there are not many great future prospects here. Uguev and the 27 year old Gerbekov. And that is it. Uguev doesn't have the weight for this class. So this didn't help him. So no its not the experience. Next year when they have the 2 weight cuts per day, his will be Uguev's class. I am sure he will be a leader here. 
    — Tedeev thinks that Rashidov, who won silver at 61kg, burned out in the final. However, he did win against strong opponents. Did he break under pressure?
    — He was fine. But during the training camp and at the worlds. But in the final he wrestled a 2x world champ., Aliev. who has a lot of experience. He did win against many strong top wrestlers, but in the final didn't go well.
    — Back to Sadulaev -- he had a full plate this year, not just on the mat. He got married, did  Hadj (mecca) with his wife, etc.
    — yes..also had nose surgery. He used to have problems breathing but now is fine. We will work hard. What can you say now, after the loss? This was our mistake -- that we couldn't get him back on the mat on time after the Olympics.
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    quanon reacted to Shiraz123 in welcome parade for Yazdani   
    Hassan Yazdani's dad is Reza Yazdani's cousin. That is their relation.
    "Cherati" means his family is from Cherat, which is a tiny village in the Savadkuh region of Mazandaran. This is the same area 2 X world champ Mehdi Taghavi is from.
    Hassan's family moved to the Juybar area at some point before he was born and he and his 3 brothers were born there.
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    quanon reacted to irani in welcome parade for Yazdani   
    Usually when people have a hyphenated last name in Iran, they are not related to people with the partial name.
    I have not heard anything about the two of them being related.  Although, when you are from such a small region, chances are everyone is related somehow 
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    quanon got a reaction from 2td3nf in Who U.S.A. lost to   
    Unless I'm mistaken, Makoev forfeited to another Ossetian in the first round of Russian nationals in 2016.  This tells me that he was way down the depth chart a year ago.
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    quanon reacted to cowcards in Explanation of Placement Points   
    I believe total scored is used initially then tie breakers go (class points given up, match points, match points given up). I'll look it up when i get better internet.
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    quanon reacted to jcjcjc in Joe Rogan Podcast with Helen's nutritionist   
    It was wild. I loved it. Anybody have some thoughts? 
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    quanon got a reaction from 2td3nf in Russia world team representatives   
    Bekbulatov is probably a world champion level guy, but the Russians typically send their B-Team to Euros.  Opan Sat was a good example of this, stuck behind Kudukhov but mauled everyone else.
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