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  1. General Description: Fort Hays State University is a Division II in Hays, Kansas with a student population of 5,000 on campus. Positions are available in the areas of athletic administration, athletic training, exercise science, health promotion, intramurals, teaching, coaching (sport specific), sports information, recreation and wellness. All assistantships include some teaching requirement. The stipend for a graduate assistant position is $7000 for a 9 month contract. Tuition is paid for but not fee’s. College wrestling experience at the Division I or II level is required. Education Required: B.S. in Health and Human Performance or Related Field (Sports Management, Exercise Science, Sports Performance ect.) Applicants must be eligible for admission to the MS program in Health & Human Performance. Wrestling Responsibilities include: recruiting, running practice, editing film, individual work outs, assist in wrestling camps & running tournaments. Candidates please submit a resume with three letters of recommendation to Chas Thompson, Head Wrestling Coach, 1435 US 183 Alt, Hays, KS 67601 or at chthompson@fhsu.edu
  2. Grand Canyons people were running it with the help of a few others from what I understand so either someone will have to take it over or its done... I doubt who ever was doing it at GCU will continue to do so since they are on there probation period to move to Division I.
  3. Clark Glass was 21-5 as a RS FR for OU at 165. He could make some noise for the Sooners. Jordan Rogers isn't the man for sure at 184. I"m Guessing Kyle Crutchmer will bump to 184 and challenge since Perry has his SR year to go. Either one of these two could do good things next year for the Pokes.
  4. Why can't I post a picture!! Trying to get Thom Ortiz and Cain Velasquez! Resemblance is scary..
  5. That'd be a terrible consideration. Alberts has no business being an AD at any level. At least ones with schools that have wrestling. :| He didn't hesitate to pull the plug on UNO Wrestling the night of there 3 straight NCAA II title.
  6. Big Apple, Reed didn't beet Massa at HS Nationals.. Thatd be a phenomonal win for him. I agree Reed has tons of up side to him and will only get better as he gets older.
  7. Did Himmelman transfer from Northern Co to Boise State?
  8. Alex Dieringer will do well this year of OSU at 157. Kenny Courts - Ohio State 184
  9. I caught it too late clearly I know they are #2 and got 1 up on the previously named schools. Except for Penn State. My bad
  10. In my eyes Oklahoma State can make push on Penn State but they have big concerns at 125, 133, 149, 157, and 184. Seems like a lot of ground to make up but the other 5 weight classes are all considered locks to All American and Most of them have a legitimate shot at 141, 165, 174, 197, 285. Thoughts: 125- Its time to move Morrison up to 125. Looked phenom as a RS FR and got injured be for Regionals. This past year either he has peaked or its the weight cut. My heart says its the cut weight cut effecting his performance. Time to bump Morrison.. The Answer will be Can Laddie Rupp fill in and get it done. Dorell is legit to but Rupp has an edge. 133- It's got to be Morrison. I think he can make the jump and just needs to fill in. No more JO here. Time for Morrison to make his mark. Points need to get scored on some level at the 125-33 weight classes for Title hopes 141- Oliver fills in perfectly at 141 and should dominate most all 141 lbers across the nation. Top 4 can push him but a clear National Champ favorite here and for OSU to have any hope of a Team Championship they need him to come through with his individual one at 141. 149- They can bump Kindig or RS him. If Stephen Swan can get down he may be the answer but I don't even know if he is on the team this year. 49 may be the biggest hole on paper unless kindig can turn that corner. Anyone else have an answer for this hole???? 157- Stephen Swan or phenom frosh Alex Dieringer. I'm excited to see what Dieringer can do this year. Very technically sound and has the ability to be one of those rare Freshman AA's. 165- Tyler Caldwell is constantly over shadowed by Dake/Taylor talk. Caldwell is a beast and is clearly in the hunt for a National title at 165. Kid has the ability to beat Dake, Taylor or Howe. Most likely it will be DT standing in his way. Caldwell epotimizes the training and work ethic you want out of an athlete. Bailey is a great kid but lost his shot and will take a seat for at least a year. 174- Chris Perry another wrestler with incredible work ethic and is in the hunt for a National title, granted Ruth goes up. Steel sharpens steel here with Perry and Caldwell scoring BIG POINTS at 165-174. 184- ??? Chris Chionuma is what I'm hearing around the camp fire... Solid guy but will be interesting to see how he does DI. Do the pull their other phenom frosh Jordan Rogers?? Rogers is a monster but looks like a 174 to me and to me needs to adapt to the college style. Smashes HS kids with his power. that wont happen in College. 197- Baby Blake Rosholt is going to have his year. The kid beat Byers late and they still went with Byers which in the end didn't look so bad granted Byers took 3rd at NCAA's. I think Rosholt is a top 4 lock and Can go with the best. Blake had 2 older brothers that overshadowed him in HS but the kid has just came into his own and I'm excited to see what he can do. Top 4 finisher and hopefully can push for a title too. 285- Gelogaev biggest problem is being injury prone.. He clearly clowns on US HWTS and was a favorite last year before he got hurt. With Trice and Dom Bradley back there will be some heat and they won't fall for his throw where he threads his leg. Still a top 3 favorite non the less!! With that being said, clearly PSU has the best team on Paper and OSU will have to make up some ground but they are definitely in the hunt to do so. I've also gone through it in my head and Ohio State, Iowa, and Oklahoma have very similar teams. Meaning 5-6 AA on paper and 4-5 holes to fill.. 2-5th looks up for grabs!! I'm calling PSU goes down this year. :)
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