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  1. Couldn't agree more - Like the best of the best, Penn State has always come up big when it matters - but it's a new year this fall and the battles will begin all over again. Maybe we will have a new set of heroes... However it shakes out, in all likelihood, it's going to be one of the best seasons in wrestling history. Thanks for your post, Peso.
  2. I was thinking the (6) transfer guys
  3. Swayz - Care to take a swing at putting them in any specific order? I like Brian Andrews at WYO in particular at this point.
  4. Too Many D1 Programs = Having Too Much Money = Being in Too Good of Shape = Having a Girlfriend that is Too Hot I'm not saying there aren't problems associated with each an every one of the above - there absolutely are problems with every one of them. But I think most of us could agree that we'd rather have any of them than have the opposite. Although I don't know if we can accurately quantify exactly how much MORE = BETTER for wrestling, I think we can make a convincing argument that LESS = WORSE for wrestling. Count me in for the group that believes MORE wrestling is better than LESS.
  5. The same can easily be said for track practice for sprinters or middle distance - and for cross-country practice - or for marathon runners training, running 20 miles for a training run without stopping is damn near impossible for most everyone. I'm sure the same can be said for many sports - but I only include those I have personal experience with. Per the original post "Try a swimming practice and then come back and talk about how tough wrestling is." I'm back to talk about how tough wrestling is - and it's tougher for a number of reasons on a number of levels.
  6. I think this is a great idea - may need some massaging to make it totally viable - but a great starting point. We could all make excuses why it would/could never happen... or maybe we could all contact our local D1 team(s) and let them know we think its a good idea? I'm for the latter. When I look at Tofurkey's (4) Region lists, it's almost like it's a Final Four bracket waiting to happen.
  7. Wait a sec - so you're saying a 14' wall isn't going to control guns? I agree... let's go 18'. It'll only cost another billion or so. Build the wall and control guns. Problem solved. [sarcasm ^]
  8. I liked Spencer Lee for this award and felt he earned it. He really performed at a level that was OW worthy.
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