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    rstrong reacted to JasonBryant in Who would win   
    More food for thought: May Bethea isn’t Jordan Burroughs.
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    rstrong reacted to Swayz in Silver Alert for Wrestling Legend Dan Hofge   
    Dan Hodge was the first person to come up to me after my first college match.  He talked to me for about 10 minutes and I was grateful.   His grandson's were teammates of mine in college and I appreciated a legend like that even saying hi to me let alone encouraging me to keep battling.  Great man,  hope he is able to relax and his family enjoy him in the latter part of his life now. 
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    rstrong reacted to GoNotQuietly in Some guys have something "special".   
    Electoral College Champ 2016
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    rstrong reacted to Peso in Some guys have something "special".   
    Some guys have a knack for finishing the deal, when it means the most.  I've seen them in wrestling, especially coaching, and I've seen it in pool rooms watching the short stops and the pros play.  Some guys just simply over perform when the cash is on the line.  Some guys find another gear...they have IT.  IT.   To me, it was John and Kenny, and Pat and Lee Roy, and Mike and Johnny Jake and the Kellers, and Fujita and Pat M, and Cael and the list goes on and on.  Penn State and Cornell certainly have their share, as do the Hawkeyes, and a few others.  Jordan Burroughs and Kyle Snyder are my heroes, but the job is still hiring.  I've seen all of them since 1972 I guess.  This team, as great as it is, will be in an all out battle with at least two other serious contenders...you can't make this stuff up.
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    rstrong reacted to Swayz in Heavyweight DI   
    I will get some good sleep and probably have some thoughts to you by tomorrow evening.   So...Ogdi has beat Andrews and lost to him I believe, and also has lost to Lance.  Colluci has a loss in his career to the back-up hwt at UNL who now may become the 3rd stringer.  Thomas wrestled at the Southern Scuffle (might be the first non-DI guy to do that)  and he lost to some backups.  He has a high ceiling, but we have seen NAIA guys try to make the jump and it isn't the same.  He will qualify I am sure, and probably be a round of 12  guy this year.   Andrews vs Miller could happen as they are Big12, and that would be a fun match-up, but I have seen Andrews in person...he's a beast.    Colluci and Lance may face each other in Big 10 action,  it will be interesting to see Lance is coming off an injury, but better partners in the room with him should help him if he is healthy.  When you hit the state of Pennsylvania and start heading Northeast through the rest of the US,  people for the most part have no clue what NAIA is (I had several athletes ask if it was DIII)....I think getting back to Thomas,  he will catch some people off guard early,  but it will be interesting to see how he does as people figure out his style.   I know Pitt faced Campbell last year,  and if that happens again this year, you will have two very different styles clashing with 2 former National Champs.  Lot of variables.  I do think Thomas is the 4th/5th best in this group though.   
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    rstrong reacted to Swayz in Little Rock names Head Coach.   
    Agree.  It is an exciting hire for many in neighboring states too.  Lot of folks in Kansas know and love Neil.  Kid is humble and busts his ass.  He has left a great impression everywhere he has been with his work ethic and likability.  Plenty of people in the Ark, Mo, Ok, KS belt will be more than willing to help him nab up bodies as well as studs in moving ahead.  He will be fine. 
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    rstrong reacted to justafan in Little Rock names Head Coach.   
    Pat was involved in the process and will be involved in the program.He will more then likely be a volunteer
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    rstrong reacted to BigTenFanboy in MN may have 3 Olympians   
    If you're a fan of NJ then yes. If not no.
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    rstrong reacted to BigTenFanboy in Too Many D1 Programs?   
    More D1 programs gives more opportunities to student athletes who want to wrestle in college.
    More opportunities to wrestle in college encourages more high school athletes to stick with the sport.
    More kids wrestling at the high school level encourages more middle school kids to wrestle.
    More kids wrestling at the middle school level encourages more youth level kids to wrestle.
    More kids at the youth level interested in wrestling encourages schools to add middle school and high school teams.
    More people wrestling encourages more weight classes.
    More weight classes encourages more weight classes at the world and Olympic level.
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    rstrong reacted to Tofurky in Division 1 Dual team Tournament Format for EVERY D1 Team   
    I was in St. Louis last week, hanging with this board's own killdozer (supremely excellent dude, by the way), and he mentioned an idea about changing the season and an idea about tournaments. He mentioned something about regionals and it had me thinking... what if the dual team national tournament included EVERY team in Division 1? How is that possible you ask? Well, let me tell you MY thoughts!
    1. Break the tournament up into four distinct regions. Instead of tying them to geographic locations, let's call them regions 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    2. Break the tournament up into two weekends. The first weekend would feature (using the 76 teams in D1 as of the 2017-18 season) four, 19 team tournaments. The tournaments would have four rounds on the championship side of the bracket and would be designed to find the two finalists from each Region. Those two undefeated teams would not compete until weekend two, bringing the top eight teams from the four dual tournaments to another site two weeks later. The rest of the teams would finish the tournament out, guaranteeing each team at least two duals on the weekend, and maybe more if the coaches wanted to find a way to make it happen.
    For an example of this, see the NWCA Multi-Divisional Dual brackets for everyone except Division 3.
    3. Not unlike the NCAA basketball tournament, teams in each Region will be seeded 1-16, with proper seeding and the top four teams garnering the top seeds in each of the four regional tournaments. In this case, seeding is based on point scoring from the previous year's national tournament (let's use 2018, for example: found here). As you can see, Penn State would face Fresno State out of the gates in Region 1. In Region 2, Ohio State would face Cal Poly. Region 3 would feature Iowa versus Binghamton and Region 4 would start off with Michigan vs. Oklahoma U.
    4. As I mentioned, since there are 19 teams per Region (as of the 2017-18 season), for those final 12 teams outside of the top 64, three teams are randomly drawn into each Regional site.
    5. Those top eight teams would convene in a centralized location, say, Chicago (selfish me) and determine the top eight teams for that dual year.
    What does any of this accomplish? Here are my thoughts:
    1. Every single team is now included and has a stake in the game. That makes programs, colleges/university ADs and the NCAA very happy.
    2. It (typically) breaks up the traditional powers. While that will change year to year, you see no more than four B10 teams in any of the brackets. 
    3. Who can be the "bracket buster" each year? Yeah, I know... this isn't basketball. That said, what teams wouldn't relish the chance at making the "Elite Eight" by knocking off a highly ranked team? Maybe a non-traditional power each year can take advantage of injuries or lack of a gas tank... maybe?
    4. Teams that might not normally face one another are now facing one another in this format. It's great for the sport's fan base. Here are some of the rat tail match ups that I came up with at random to give you an idea of what I mean (not all are sexy, if any):
    Region 1:
    Gardner Webb face Northern Illinois and feeds into Lock Haven
    Northwestern faces Citadel and feeds into the winner of Eastern Michigan and Bloomsburg
    Region 2:
    SIUE and Stanford go at it with Pitt waiting in the wings
    Bono's Wisconsin team duals Davidson, the winner then seeing Rider
    Cornell and Air Force go at it, with Franklin & Marshall on the receiving end
    Region 3:
    Oklahoma State goes against VMI, who then feeds into the winner of Michigan State and Brown
    SUNY Buffalo takes on Columbia U, the winner moving on to see Duke U.
    Region 4:
    Cleveland State face Iowa State and feeds into UNorth Carolina
    Sacred Heart duals Clarion, with the winner going up against South Dakota State
    Oregon State battles Ohio U and the winner takes on Utah Valley
    4. Each year is something new! It's not always the same old teams dualing one another and it offers (somewhat of) an element of surprise.
    My final thought on this is that you could even do away with conference tournaments and go to this exact same medium for individual tournaments. You place the top eight wrestlers with the one wild card per weight going to the last kid who lost to the young man who finishes seventh in each bracket. Though the teams in each region are based on last year's results, the individuals are seeded based on individual criteria.
    Here would be the example of the teams in each region (again, based on 2017-18 results):
    Region 1                        Region 2                         Region 3                           Region 4
    1.Penn State                  2. Ohio State                   3. Iowa                               4. Michigan
    64. Fresno State            63. Cal Poly                     62. Binghamton                 61. Oklahoma
    32. Virginia                     31. Pitt                             30. West Virginia               29. Purdue
    33. CSU Bakersfield      34. Stanford                     35. Drexel                          36. Edinboro
    17. Minnesota                DI. SIUE                          19. Wyoming                      20. UNC
    48. Chattanooga            18. Wisconsin                  46. North Dakota State      DI. Cleveland State
    DI. Gardner Webb          DI. Davidson                   14. Oklahoma State           45. Iowa State
    49. Northern Illinois        47. Rider                          DI. VMI                              13. Illinois
    16. Lock Haven              15. Lehigh                        DI. Michigan State            52. Bucknell
    9. Nebraska                    50. Appalachian State     51. Brown                          12. South Dakota State
    56. American                  10. Arizona State             11. Rutgers                       DI. Sacred Heart
    24. Northern Iowa           55. Indiana                       54. Old Dominion             53. Clarion
    41. Penn                         23. Kent State                  22. Duke                           21. Oregon State
    25. Northwestern            42. Army                           DI. SUNY-Buffalo             DI. Ohio U
    DI. Citadel                       26. Princeton                   43. Columbia U                44. Utah Valley
    40. Eastern Michigan      39. Northern Colorado     27. Maryland                    28. Hofstra
    DI. Bloomsburg               7. Cornell                         38. Central Michigan        37. Navy
    8. Virginia Tech               DI. Air Force                     6. Missouri                       5. NC State
    57. Campbell                  58. Franklin & Marshall     59. George Mason          60. Harvard
    DI = Drawn In (finished outside of top 64)
    The teams (and their strengths) in each region change from year to year, and it keeps the 
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    rstrong got a reaction from TobusRex in Who are the best former & current wrestlers to follow on twitter?   
    I shouldn't laugh here - but I did.
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    rstrong reacted to TobusRex in Who are the best former & current wrestlers to follow on twitter?   
    That's where I keep up with my old HS coach! You may have heard of Mr Hastert....
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    rstrong got a reaction from teach in Sam Stoll- gunshot wound to the knee   
    Wait a sec - so you're saying a 14' wall isn't going to control guns? I agree... let's go 18'. It'll only cost another billion or so.
    Build the wall and control guns. Problem solved.
    [sarcasm ^]
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    rstrong got a reaction from MikePorcelli in Sam Stoll- gunshot wound to the knee   
    Wait a sec - so you're saying a 14' wall isn't going to control guns? I agree... let's go 18'. It'll only cost another billion or so.
    Build the wall and control guns. Problem solved.
    [sarcasm ^]
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    rstrong reacted to Motown98 in Blubaugh   
    We were attending the Dan Gable Classic in 1999. The USA was wrestling Iran. There was a large contingency of Iranian media, presa, and fans. The Iranian press saw Dan Gable at the end of the gym. A crowd of about 50 Iranians gathered around Gable. We went down to check out the action. We walked down with an older gentleman who we were sitting by. The older gentleman was Doug Blubaugh. As we stood with Doug watching the Iranian reporters interview/mob Gable. One of the reporters, probably about 30 years old, caught a glimpse of Doug Blubaugh out pf his peripheral vision. The Iranian reporter turned and said, "Blubaugh?" At that point every Iranian's ears perked up and turned to Doug. Doug nodded yes. The Gable interview/mob was over. They were so excited to see, meat, speak to the man that defeated their legend. The magnitude of their knowledge and appreciation for the sport and man was incredible. I will never forget this.
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    rstrong reacted to wrestlingnerd in Zahid Valencia   
    One of the reasons Ringer is such a beast with his signature near arm far leg TD is that he is a leftie and therefore hits it to the majority of opponents' lead (right leg). Zahid himself being a leftie took that edge away. Of course, there were other factors such as Zahid being quicker and a badass mofo, but I was curious to see how Ringer would respond to another elite leftie.
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    rstrong reacted to Lurker in Ric Flair: Is this a joke?   
    Jason Bryant and BigTenFanBoy:
    Spot on. Best posts in the thread.
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    rstrong reacted to TheOhioState in Separated at birth?   
    Tildy Swinson and Bo Nickal

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    rstrong reacted to RetiredPoster in Separated at birth?   
    That is un-real hilarious!!!  Cody, got ny of them french fried potaters?
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    rstrong reacted to JHRoseWrestling in Barry Davis   
    It was said on a prominent wrestling podcast he would work with Cornell College (IA, D3) as Coach Duroe battles cancer. No specifics were shared but I found the idea heartwarming. Here's to Coach Duroe, Cornell wrestling, and keeping the fight.
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    rstrong reacted to Medicine_Man in DeSanto to...   
    Wrong.  There is only ONE state and not "states".  DF is a "State Champion" not a "States Champion."  Nobody is a "Four-Time Big TENS Champ"  they are a "4-Time Big Ten Champ".     Randy Lewis is an Olympic Champ...not an "Olympics Champ."   Only cheerleaders call it 'states'.
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    rstrong reacted to Swayz in Arkansas Wrestling   
    They are SunBelt...but so is App State,  you may see them join the SoCon
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    rstrong reacted to JasonBryant in Snyder to WWE?   
    Dolph Ziggler (Nic Nemeth) has promos running on the arena video board prior to sessions. WWE superstar.
    There is ZERO wrong with any of our post-college or post-Senior level wrestlers going WWE. ZERO. I’ve had numerous conversations with most notably Brisco and Mark Henry about the tie-in for wrestling and sports entertainment. There is a synergy there. There are also a lot more wrestling people who love “rasslin” than you might expect. I don’t watch religiously, but I do subscribe to the WWE network - and I “root” for “our guys” - heel or no, I want Lesnar and Angle and Betts and Nemeth to be focal points because there’s always gonna be that chatter on TV, where millions more eyes are on Chas Betts than when he was wrestling Greco.
    Time to get over it. I love watching WrestleMania and listening to podcasts about pro wrestling from my youth. It can give me a welcome escape from some of the lunacy our sport has to deal with on a day-to-day basis - this very subject, for example.
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    rstrong reacted to repechange in You old timers remember how over the top this place was in the early 2000s?   
    Brother Morris was by far the best poster of the forums. No one else comes close.
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    rstrong reacted to RetiredPoster in You old timers remember how over the top this place was in the early 2000s?   
    Lest we forget the late, great, Morris Johnson.
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