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  1. I recall Retherford not "lighting" people up as a freshman and look how he turned out. Starocci will be scoring many more individual and team points in the future.
  2. RBY was not stalling. Why all of a sudden, is DeSanto not being aggressive? You do what you do got to win. If needed, RBY could have been a lot MORE aggressive. You need to feel your opponent out, and based off the last time they wrestled, RBY (who dominated) needed to see how DeSanto responded tonight. DeSanto wrestled completely different against RBY last year. He learned something. and now RBY is adjusting too. Not hard to figure out. A chess match ....
  3. RBY did something illegal with two cradles that DeSanto stepped into? Comedy hour??? PSU at full stength (Berge & Cassar) wins this no problem!!
  4. Great match and didn't see any controversy. All I saw was great freestyle wrestling especially defensively. Zain can medal at worlds especially if he keeps position like he did today. I learned not to underestimate Retherford his true freshman year at PSU when he upset Logan Stieber. Who saw that coming?
  5. Great match by Rivera who did back up most of the match, but absolutely did not stall. He did all of the shooting. As good as Lee is on top, he is also very good on his feet. Have no idea what's going on, but I did not expect Spencer to lose another match in his college career.
  6. Having confidence in one's ability is crucial to success, what Taylor did last night was put it on a microphone. Does he do that if his matches were in Lincoln or Bethlehem? Probably not, but I like the confidence and it would not surprise me at all if he wins a World title this year. In fact, it would not surprise me if he wins multiple world titles. And I would say that for a freestyler from any school assuming I thought he had the skills!! DT has the skills!
  7. A big win for Hall. Probably was trying to show some emotion based on winning after being behind (convincing win) plus fire up his teammates who had yet to take the mat (Nickal, Cassar & Nevills) and the fans. He was successful in every way.
  8. After two straight nail-biters, it's time for a break although both "games" went my way! PSU Iggles!! or We Are #FlyEaglesFly
  9. What a job well done even without Nolf and very questionable officiating! 133 & 141 were a joke!! ANTHONY CASSAR!!!! and Mark Hall .... and Bo Nickal!!!
  10. My pick is Lee. A ceiling that is so high I don't think the other strong contenders have that. They obviously have high ceilings too, but Lee is one of those that come around once in a VERY LONG time. Lizak was beaten mentally last night as well. Wrestling guys like Lee will do that to 90% of their opponents.
  11. Considered Suriano the favorite to beat Lee in a close match, but now not so sure. I think Lee is now the favorite although Suriano's style will keep it close. Have always thought Lee had the higher ceiling as he can score points in every way possible and very quickly - especially on top.
  12. I can vividly remember Rec Hall being very full in the early 1990s when I began going to PSU matches. I'm referring to the last days of the EWL for PSU and the early years of the B1G. I would be surprised if it wasn't full during the late 80s when Martin, Chertow, Flynn, Elinsky, Voit, Mayo etc. were competing.
  13. Suriano may win the match right now, but I think Spencer has the higher ceiling before it's all said and done. As for last year at PA states, we could easily see Spencer wasn't the same in the quarterfinals. I absolutely would not take anything away from DeSanto as I'm a huge fan and he's currently showing he's going to be a major factor in the collegiate game, but Spencer wasn't anywhere near 100% in that match. And I hope DeSanto becomes a 4-time All-American and possibly get a national title as long as he doesn't beat a PSU wrestler to do so. Hope Suriano and Lee go at it at the Midlands.
  14. Glad to see not one team is a clear favorite. The suspense and excitement kills me! It should be a fun year regardless of who wins it. Ohio State has put together a nice team and with PSU weak in some spots, it could be real close. As for Pantaleo's success against Nolf, it won't be any better or closer than it was with Retherford. He might be beaten in a different way, but there will be no doubt. With Nolf, you never know what offense you're going to see.
  15. Agree with all the posts regarding Kolat's international screw jobs. Never realized it to the extent it was until I watched the special on him on Flo about two years ago.
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