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  1. UNC is FCS in football. They play in the Big Sky conference. I believe football scholarships at that level are full ride only.
  2. I’d say like 184 if he had 3 legs.
  3. I’ll just go with what I’m looking forward to at the first event that I’ll be at, the Daktronics Open on Nov 4th. 125 Russell vs Moisey 133 Gross vs Lizak 141 Red vs McKee 149 Brayton Lee vs Alex Lloyd (hopefully they meet up) 157 Berger vs Bleise 165 Allar vs White 174 Skatzka vs Labriola 184 Venz vs Webster 197 Mueller vs Schultz 285 Gable vs the field
  4. Was it the mistress? I think Kristin is her name.
  5. Gophers get commitment from 51kg Cadet World Champ Matt Ramos. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6246821-cadet-world-champ-matt-ramos-commits-to-minnesota
  6. Yes, Cael will ultimately find better recruits.
  7. How does he convince 4 blue-chip recruits (Beard, Nevills, Lee and Brooks) to defer enrollment in their own best interest? My prediction is that Lee and Nevills never see the starting lineup at Penn State and that Beard is about 50/50 at best to be a 3 year starter.
  8. Can you admit that the exposure of Lee and what he did at NCAA’s helped jump start Iowa’s recruiting momentum?
  9. 125 Lee over Fix 133 Gross over Lizak (7 seed) 141 Yianni over Eierman 149 Leeth over Thomsen 157 Nolf over Hidlay 165 Joseph over McFadden 174 Valencia over Hall 184 Martin over Venz 197 Nickal over Miklus 285 Steveson over Dhesi 1 Penn State by 30 2 Iowa 3 Ohio State 4 Oklahoma State
  10. MSU, can you start a thread for this? I want to play, but don’t want to do it here.
  11. Martin Mueller of SDSU, moving up to 197 this year. Hahn and Simaz going to do wonders with this kid.
  12. I think you meant South Dakota State? Must still be obscure, you can’t even get the school name right.
  13. Should be a great training situation for Joles having Zillmer, Pfarr and Brandvold around.
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