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  1. My apologies, for some reason I was thinking Nick Roberts and Courts came in as 4xers
  2. Very earlier on in Kenny's OSU career, freshman year I think, high up OSU brass referred to him to me as 'soft'. MUCH more was expected at OSU from a 4 time PA champ.
  3. Can't seem to find video of it, but Adam Coon did a backflip, I believe it was NCAA 2015 maybe after semi-final victory and I swear it shook the building when he landed.
  4. The difference between Nolf and Suriano at this point is that Suriano actually took the mat vs Lizak (90% sure on that, somebody will correct me if I'm wrong). Stopping early in a match seems much more serious than forfeiting prior to protect further injury. Nolf also has some separation between himself and the pack talent-wise, where an injury for Suriano even if he can go, likely drops him out of AA contention. Corrected: It seems Suriano did not take the mat
  5. They're cowards so I'll do it for them: the following are very sorry for consistently starting untrue rumors and generally having very little actual knowledge about the things coming out of their mouths. iGrandby Yes, Pletcher will likely sit against Micic. We all know why - sorry Tom. (Im a buckeye fan, but I also accept reality) If he does wrestle, Its a coin flip. Winner is my pick to get wrecked by Gross in the NCAA finals. Although, the result could obviously flip at Big Tens and/or nationals. My reply to iGrandby: You are clearly an idiot. Tell you what, if Pletcher sits vs. Micic I will come on here, bash Ryan for seed protecting, apologize to you, claim you a genius, and I will never post on this board again. But, when Pletcher does wrestle you should come on here and apologize, and admit you are an idiot, and in the future point out to others that Tom Ryan and seed protection is a myth.
  6. You are correct, Coon is much to large to go into space, but he is no idiot and knows this. He has stated that he wants to be a part of the engineering side. But, the kid has big dreams. I also heard he wants to see if he can play football.
  7. Yeah, I think that is obvious to everyone. Guess it is my fault that you felt you needed to point that out by the way I started the thread. I mean if I said JO was going to Cornell so Yianni can train better for x. That would be silly. My point was just that a world and Olympic champ/badass would be training at OSU to the benefit of many, but specifically Snyder and Moore. And as an aside, it would certainly help in hiÅ› preparation for Coon.
  8. If you're a small heavyweight like Kyle Synder how do you prepare for a giant heavyweight like Adam Coon? 1) You wrestle with and get coached by Tervel Dlagnev And 2) (from Snyder's Twitter) Big news! 2x World and Olympic Champion Taha Akgul will be training at the Ohio RTC for the month of February. Thankful for a coaching staff that does everything they can to provide the greatest training environment possible. @tahaakgul https://t.co/F92ZBrBcUK
  9. Was impressed when Dresser brought in an all-star coaching staff. My one question was if Metcalf had the temperament to coach. This one incident isn't enough for me to form a final opinion, but it does reflect poorly on him.
  10. Seeing that Tomasello had multiple win over Megaludis I would say it is easy to leave him out. Not that he wasnt great
  11. Last time I went to a Browns game we got 4 tickets on the fifty yrd line, just about the best seats in the house for $20, that's total, not per ticket. We got them from a scalper and I thought for sure they must be fake
  12. You are clearly an idiot. Tell you what, if Pletcher sits vs. Micic I will come on here, bash Ryan for seed protecting, apologize to you, claim you a genius, and I will never post on this board again. But, when Pletcher does wrestle you should come on here and apologize, and admit you are an idiot, and in the future point out to others that Tom Ryan and seed protection is a myth.
  13. T THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN!!! Only message board jockeys like yourself repeat it over and over. ZERO examples of actual seed protection by Ryan. People are just so used to seeing other people say it every time someone sits out that people assume it must be a thing. Zero people cries seed protection when Brands set out Kemmerer and Stoll this year. People from other schools sit out all the time, nothing is said. An OSU guy could get run over by a lawn mower and they are somehow dodging competition. There is not a single guy in tOSU current starting lineup that is afraid of anyone else in their weight.
  14. Kind of goes without saying, but it is so awesome. A couple of years ago in St. Louis I took a non-wrestling friend of mine. He had so much fun that this year he bought my ticket and we're going again. Something I recommend if you can get away with it, from time to time change seats, it is insane the people you come across. I could write a book about the conversations I've had in the stands at NCAA, legends, coaches of legends, families...one common thread--they all love wrestling.
  15. Wow, all Buckeyes predictors have chosen Nickel. Not making my own projections just yet, but based on the way the two have looked this season I'd certainly lean towards Martin who has won 2 of the last 3 and has looked much better against common opponents
  16. The dual following Penn St the Buckeyes wrestled Rutgers, Bo did not wrestle against Rutgers either. So, I try real hard not to do this, because sometimes even the brain damaged can add to the discussion, but congrats to you sir you now have joined the likes of 21guns and oldsuper as one of the three people whose posts hurt my head too much to read. You are now ignored.
  17. I would think parking will not be much of an issue. Events are held in the arena all the time with Indians games going on at the same time and even in situations like that I have always found parking. Park in the Tower City/Casino parking garage, buy something and you can maybe even get parking comped. Expect to spend around $40 on parking. Also becoming popular to park outside city and take train in
  18. Wait, now you too? WHAT,did Ryan do that was "wrong". Also, even being a Buckeye fan, I see nothing wrong with Penn State chosing to hold this in a smaller venue. Will it cost them money, yes. But, they are the home team and are trying to use that to their advantage, that is their right. It is the type of gamesmanship that happens all the time in sports. I get tOSU complaints, but again, this is Penn State's call.
  19. You inferred that Ryan mislead people. Is DeCarlo shown as the potential starter in the link I provided? I know it's asking to much for you to admit your post was wrong/stupid, but at least stop trying to argue a point that has been proven false.
  20. So Bo Jordan not wrestling due to injury "a lot of backups" But, don't worry about the truth, just like in the real world, you say something misleading and untrue and people still like your post. Here was the lineup Tom Ryan "begged" people to show up to see: https://www.landof10.com/ohio-state/ohio-state-wrestling-penn-state-time-tv-channel-watch-online-2017
  21. Yeah, I don't think you have to like the kid to believe that he would have given a boost to the Iowa lineup and made the 184 class at NCAAs more exciting. I'm always for creating excitement and publicity for the sport. Also PDIII takes a beating from fans on social media and message boards and while he might be asking for some of it I think people overreact at little. I mean he is far from being an Andrew Long type problem or several other recent stars that got chances after serious legal trouble (Ed Ruth, Andrew Campolattano, could go on)
  22. Just before the injury, watching the dual will my dad, I was telling him something very close to the above and that he, with his style, was putting himself in more danger than necessary. Maybe now he will stop toying with and trying crazy stuff on opponents that are beneath him, always bothered me. But, nobody deserves to be injured. I hope he comes back fully healthy and we can see two of the best teams ever throw down at NCAAs. I don't want an injury to give PSU fans an excuse, although I know there would be no excuses from coach Cael, or the athletes
  23. Neither do I. If you want my feelings about seed protection/dodging (I'm sure you don't) I did recently post about it. The gist, it is rare, almost never happens. Most wrestlers have to much pride and no fear.
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